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English-speaking country. The tour of Washington

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Мальцев Константин
English-speaking country. The tour of
The interesting facts of Washington
The Capitol
The Library of Congress
The Washington Memorial
The Pentagon
The Jefferson Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
The National Museum of Air and Space
The National Museum of Natural History
The National Archive
The interesting facts of
Washington is the capital of the USA. It is located on
the Potomac river in the district of Columbia. The city
is named after the first President of America George
Washington. It is interesting that Americans never say
just "Washington" but always add "DC”.
The Capitol
Washington has many historical places. The biggest
and the tallest building in Washington is the Capitol,
where the Congress of the United States. This is a
very beautiful building with white columns. The
building reflects all the victories and defeats, the
struggle for democracy and freedom.
The Capitol
The Capitol in Satem who have already visited to
Washington in the Italian capital, Rome, once it
becomes clear that the Dome of the Capitol in
Washington is very much like the Dome of St. Peter.
Americans do not hide the fact that this magnificent
Roman dome became the prototype for the dome
of the Capitol.
The Library of Congress
Not far from the Capitol is the Library of Congress.
Here is 5the library of Congress — National Library of
USA, the largest library in the world. It’s the scientific
library of the U.S. Congress, serving government
agencies, research institutions, researchers, private
firms and industrial companies, schools.
The Washington Memorial
A few meters from the Capitol is the Washington
monument, which looks like a very big pencil. It rises
160 metres and is hollow inside. A special lift brings
visitors to the top in 70 seconds, and they can enjoy
the view of the city.
The Pentagon
This is the Pentagon, the seat of the Ministry of
defense. There are planning various military
operations - ranging from conflicts in the cities,
ending armed conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan,
Ukraine. There are planning security for U.S. citizens.
The Jefferson Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial was built in memory of the
third President, Thomas Jefferson, the author of the
Declaration of Independence.
The manufacture of construction of the Memorial
began on 15 December 1938; the first Foundation
stone was laid on 15 November 1939 by President
Franklin Roosevelt.
The Jefferson Memorial
The Memorial was inaugurated by President
Roosevelt on 13 April 1943, 200-th anniversary of the
birth of Jefferson. At this time, the statue was not yet
finished, it was finally established only in 1947.
Memorial entered in the national register of historic
places October 15, 1966.
The Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated to the memory of
the sixteenth President, which gave freedom to
Negro slaves in America.
Composite building symbolizes the Union. Around
the perimeter are 36 columns — so much of the
United States at the time of death of Lincoln.
The Lincoln Memorial
In the center of the memorial is a statue of Lincoln
created by Daniel Chester French, who used
photographs by Matthew Brady and portrayed a
sitting President with a thoughtful face, a look which
turned to the Washington monument and the
The National Museum
of Air and Space
It is one of the most fascinating and favourite places
of Americans and tourists. Here are collected the
most extensive collection of spacecraft and aircraft,
and almost all the displays are original copies and
some are the exact copy of the analogue. At the
entrance lies the real moon rock.
The National Museum
of Natural History
It is located in the capital, on the Main alley of
Washington and is included in the complex of the
Smithsonian Institution. The collection began to
gather in 1846, and the official opening occurred in
March 1910. Today in the collections contains 127
million different artifacts.
The National Archive
The National Archives is a kind of "memory" of the
country. Here are stored the great and important
state documents in the form of a unique exhibition.
Collection of the Archive has the originals of the
Declaration of independence, “Bill of rights", the U.S.
Constitution and others.
The National Archive
But unfortunately for visitors, it exhibits no
opportunity to touch, and to read them can be
difficult due to special lighting, which prevents
damage to the exhibits. However, to come here
and see with your own eyes the famous documents
is not only very informative, but also fun.
My opinion
I think, that this city is very important for the country
because it is the center of political and economic
life of the United States.
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