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Патошина Кристина Евгеньевна
Аутарханова Айна Билаловна
Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle. Life and creation.
1. Childhood and adolescense.
2. The beginning of literary career and creation.
3. The Sherlock Holmes Museum.
4. Last years and death.
Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born
on May 22 at 11 Picardy Place in the
Scottish capital city of Edinburgh in
well-respected family of English painter
Charles Altamont Doyle. As a child, Arthur
was fond of reading and had a bunch of
wide interests.
At the age of nine, Arthur was sent to
Hodder - preparatory school of Stonyhurst
College and then went to Stonyhurst. The
traditions of Doyle's family told him to
follow an artistic career, but instead of this
Arthur decided to study medicine. He
became a student of medical university
in October, 1876 .
Doyle began to write the novel,
which made him famous in March of
1886. Two years later the novel was
issued in the Beeton's Christmas
Annual entitled as "A Study in
Scarlet", which introduced readers
with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
In the early nineties of 19th century
one after another were issued the
collections of short stories "The
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes",
"The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes",
"The Return of Sherlock Holmes". The
highlights of Sherlock Holmes' image:
intelligence, irony and spiritual
Readers were demanded from the author
more and more pieces about beloved hero,
but Conan Doyle knew that his fantasy is
gradually fading and wrote several works
with other heroes - brigadier Gerard and
professor Challenger.
Sherlock Holmes Museum is
a London's house-museum,
dedicated to the legendary
detective Sherlock Holmes, the
literary character created by sir
Arthur Conan Doyle. The
Museum was opened in 1990
and now situated in Baker
Street, 221B.
The interior of the house
corresponds exactly to the
descriptions present in the
Doyle's novels about Sherlock
Holmes. The first floor of the
Museum take a souvenir
shop. Lounge and Holmes
room are located on the
second floor, and on the third
floor - rooms of Dr. Watson
and Mrs. Hadson.
There are many things in
House-Museum, that are
familiar to readers of the
stories about Sherlock
Holmes - Holmes' Fiddle,
hunting crop, Turkish slipper
with tobacco, chemical
equipment, Watson's army
revolver, and on the wall of
the living room under glass
flaunts Queen's Victoria's monogram "VR."
Visitors can inspect the
apartment of the famous
detective and his good
friend, to get acquainted
with their objects of
everyday life, to sit in a
chair in front of the fireplace
and take a picture. In
Museum sounds music
from Russian screen
version of Doyle's novel.
In last days of Master's life, he was
carried away by spiritualism. This
was a consequence of the death of
people, close to him. Doyle became
a spiritualist after meeting with Sir
Oliver Lodge in 1902 and reading a
book which named "Human
Personality and Its Survival of Bodily
After World War I was issued his first
spiritualistic works called "The New
Revelation" and "The Vital Message",
and in 1926 was published his major
book "The History of Spiritualism". The
following years Doyle spent in numerous
tours with lectures, which propagandized
his doctrine.
In 1930, already bedridden,
he made his last journey. Arthur
rose up from his bed and went
into the garden. When he was
found, he was lying on the
ground and clutching white
snowdrop. Doyle died on
Monday, July 7, surrounded by
his family. His last words were:
"You are wonderful."
He wrote his epitaph by himself:
"I have wrought my simple plan
If I give one hour of joy
To the boy who's half a man,
Or the man who's half a boy."
I think Arthur Conan Doyle's one of the most outstanding personalities of the
XIX and XX centuries. He lived a long and very interesting life, and truly
made ​a great contribution to English literature. If I could go back in time, I
would have met this wonderful man.
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