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Традиции и обычаи Великобритании

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Департамент образования и науки Кемеровской области
Государственное казенное профессиональное образовательное учреждение
Ленинск-Кузнецкий горнотехнический техникум
Обычаи и традиции Великобритании
Руководитель проекта: Червоткина Светлана Евгеньевна
Выполнил: Канищев Алексей Дмитриевич
Отделение ПРУМ
Курс 3
Номинация: Обычаи и традиции: мост от прошлого к будущему
Holidays of Great Britain
Christmas traditions in the UK
Culinary traditions of the UK
Musical British traditions
Wedding traditions in the UK
Royal British traditions
Tea traditions in the UK
Celebration of Easter in the UK
Holidays of Great Britain
On the 1st of January the British celebrate the New Year.
On the 17th of March the Irish are celebrating St. Patrick's
25th of December is Christmas and 26Th of December is
Boxing Day.
Also some other holidays are considered to be the
public ones :Good Friday and Easter Monday( the first day after
Easter, May Day, Spring Bank Holiday( the last Monday
in May or the first in June); August Bank Holiday
( the last Monday in August or the first Monday in September
During holidays almost all organizations do not work.
Halloween is celebrated on October 31th on the
eve of all Saints' Day.
St. Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 14
th of February. There is a tradition of
sending anonymous "valentines" on this
Unusual British traditions
Such traditions of Great Britain
and Russia are not similar. In
Russia there are no such traditions.
Cheese rolling
Pearly king and queen
Dancing around the maypole
The contest of posing faces
"Football in the mud."
Christmas traditions in the UK
•Christmas dinner includes
traditional dishes such as roast
goose (Wales, Ireland), stuffed
turkey or plum-pudding.
•Houses in the UK are decorated with the
branches of holly, symbolizing prosperity,
and mistletoe - meaning hospitality and
There is a tradition of hanging children’s
stockings by the fireplace on Christmas
and putting presents to them.
Culinary traditions of the UK
•The basis of any British snack is tea.
•Breakfast is the basis of the daily diet of the
English, as it is the energy for the whole day.
•More and more British families prefer lunch
rather than dinner. Usually for lunch the
British eat soup, sandwiches of a triangular
shape with white bread, a cucumber and
•There is a unique set of local dishes: turkey
from Norfolk, tender lamb meat, fried pies,
duck from Aylesbury.
Musical British traditions
The period between July and September is a busy time for music-lovers of
Great Britain as the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts –the Proms are usually
held at this time. The audience gathers at the Royal Albert Hall to listen to the
best examples of classsical music.
From London tradition of military music
festivals spread throughout Europe.
The most talented and famous
composers of contemporary life are
John Lennon and Paul McCartney —
the founders of the legendary group
“The Beatles”, whose music still
influences new generations.
Wedding traditions in the UK
Bride and groom prepare for the wedding, the
wedding ceremony is conducted with
The bride’s outfit usually includes
“something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue.
Weddings traditionally are held in the
afternoon, after which guests are welcome for
lunch, which is called the "wedding
Wedding tradition that exists to this day - bride puts a coin into a
shoe under the heel for the welfare of the new family.
Royal British traditions
•The queen is the official head of the United
Kingdom and the British Commonwealth of
•The ceremony in memory of those killed
during the two World Wars takes place at the
Whitehall on the second Sunday in November.
More than 30 thousand people attend
receptions at the Royal garden every
Awards are given to the British people by
the Queen at Buckingham Palace 20 times
a year.
Tea traditions in the UK
•In accordance with English tea
etiquette, the choice of teas cannnot
be limited to one kind of tea.
Typically a choice of teas is from 8
to 10.
•British are famous for their tradition
of 5 o’clock tea.
•Tea table is placed near the fireplace in the living room. The tablecloth is
usually blue or white.
Celebration of Easter traditions in
the UK
•Easter in the UK - is one of the most
important holidays of the year. At dawn
on Easter Sunday, people organize in
churches concerts of organ music and
•On Easter day the locals in the streets
hand out candies and toys to children.
•Celebrations last until dawn on Easter
Outdoor Play
This day for many people is a more
important religious holiday than
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