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Кавалерова Кристина Сергеевна, КГБПОУ "Рубцовский педагогический колледж"
КГБПОУ « Рубцовский педагогический колледж»
Кавалерова Кристина Сергеевна
Специальность «Преподавание в начальных
классах» 4 курс
Руководитель проекта: Яровая Юлия
Educational institutions of Great Britain
University of Oxford
Queen's University Belfast
The University of Gloucestershire
Glasgow Caledonian University
The University of Manchester
Nice to meet you. My name is Kavalerova Kristina. I’m the last year student
of Rubtsovskii pedagogical college. In June 2016 I will have finished the
college and I will have got a diploma of a primary teacher. Of course, I want to
get a higher education. All four years I have been studying English. I enjoy
studying English. It was one of my favorite subject. It was always interesting
for me to know much about Great Britain and educational institutions of this
country. I know that Oxford and Cambridge are famous all over the world.
And I want to know more about them.
No doubt, that studying at such universities is very prestigious and if I have a
chance I would go the country to get a higher education, but first of all I’d like
to know more about educational institutions of Great Britain.
The oldest universities of Great Britain are Oxford and Cambridge. There are
about 90 Universities in Great Britain, the biggest one is London University.
The oldest is Oxford university. It was interesting for me that, Oxford was
founded in the 12 th century (1133) as an aristocratic University.
But unfortunately, the cost of studies in the university is rather high. Students
have to pay for using libraries and laboratories, as for taking exams. The
university is a collection of 35 colleges: two for women only, the rest are for
man and women. Each college gives students a specialized training in arts,
law, medicine, science. The largest college has over 500 students, the smallest
– 100 students.
University of Oxford is the oldest teaching in English higher education
institutions in the world and the first in the UK. Its Foundation closely
interconnected with the fact that England was forced to abandon teaching their
students at the Sorbonne. This University with a millennial history, training the
best graduates of schools. It still preserves the best traditions of the past
combining them with modern practices and technological developments.
Cambridge is the second oldest university in Britain. It was opened in
1284.1828-1831.In old times students of Cambridge were not allowed to play
games , sing, hunt, fish, dance. They wore special dark clothes and “squares” ,
the academic caps, they wear them in our days.80 Nobel Prize winners studied
in this University : 29 in physics, 22 in medicine, 18 in chemistry, 7 in
economics, 2 in literature, 2 World Nobel Prize.
Except Oxford and Cambridge there are some more prestigious universities.
Queen's University Belfast is a public research university in Belfast, Northern
Ireland. The university was chartered in 1845, and opened in 1849 as "Queen's
College, Belfast", but has roots going back to 1810 and the Royal Belfast
Academicals Institution. It offers academic degrees at various levels and across
a broad subject range, with over 300 degree programs available.
Queen's is a member of the Russell Group of leading research intensive
universities, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the European
University Association, Universities Ireland and Universities UK. The
university is associated with two Nobel laureates and one Turing Award
The University of Gloucestershire is a public university based in
Gloucestershire, England. It is located over three campuses, two in
Cheltenham and one in Gloucester, namely Francis Close Hall, Park and
The university is the recent successor of a large number of merged, namechanged and reformed institutions of further and higher education. Its history
is about two centuries. The university traces its earliest Civic history to the
Cheltenham Mechanics' Institute in 1934, and to the Cheltenham Training
College in its Church history, established in 1847, by the Reverend Francis
Close. Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education was created in
1990 from the two distinct strands. In October 2001, the college was awarded
University status.
Glasgow Caledonian University (informally GCU or Caledonian or Caley) is a
public university in Glasgow, Scotland. It was formed in 1993 by the merger of
The Queen's College, Glasgow (founded in 1875) and Glasgow Polytechnic
(founded in 1971). As of 2015 it is one of Scotland's largest universities with
nearly 20,000 students. It is regularly ranked among the UK's top 10 modern
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus was installed Chancellor of the
University in 2012, as the first non-British international figure to hold the
office of University Chancellor in Scottish history.
Independent research carried out that the University contributes over
£480m to Scotland’s economy each year with the quantifiable lifetime
premium of a one-year class of graduates estimated at around £400m, bringing
the University's total annual economic impact to around £880m in Scotland
alone. It was in 2015.
Another huge university is the University of Manchester The University of
Manchester (UoM) is a public research university in the city of Manchester,
England, formed in 2004 by the merger of the University of Manchester
Institute of Science and Technology .It was originated from Mechanics'
Institute established in the city in 1824.The Victoria University of Manchester
was founded by charter in 1904 after the dissolution of the federal Victoria
University (which also had members in Leeds and Liverpool. Manchester is a
member of the worldwide Universities Research Association, the Russell
Group of British research universities and the N8 Group.
The main campus is south of Manchester city centre on Oxford Road. In
2014/15, the university had 38,590 students and 10,400 staff, making it the
second largest university in the UK (out of 165 including the Open
University). The University of Manchester had an income of over £1 billion in
2014–15, of which £262.4 million was from research grants and contracts. It
has the third largest endowment of any university in England, after the
universities of Cambridge and Oxford
I analyzed a lot of information about the universities in Great Britain. I have
read about Oxford and Cambridge. I have known that Queen’s University
Belfast is also one the leading university in GB. All the universities are old
have their own long history and traditions. And of course I can’t decide and tell
you everything.
But preparing this presentation I’ve learned much information and now I’ll
know more about educational institutions of this country. It will be very useful
for me maybe I’ll have a chance to study abroad. I would choose on the
university I wrote about in my presentation.
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