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Winston Churchill
(1874 –1965)
Family and early life
 Military career
 Government
 Churchill in World War II
 Post-war Churchill
 My opinion and attitude
He has born in a rich
family. His father was
Lord Randolph
Churchill from famous
British family. His
mother was Jeanette
Jerome, daughter of
businessman. His
brother was John
Strange SpencerChurchill, who fought
in World War I, after
war he became a
Brothers were very
Early life
Churchill, aged seven
His parents hadn’t
enough time for cradle their
son and they took a
He became very close to his
governess. Winston learnt
badly in several schools and
he was sent to Harrow
School. Within few weeks, he
joined the Harrow Rifle Corps.
After school he tried 3
times to pass the exam for
the British Royal Military
College. He studied there
well. Up to this time
relationship with his parents
was distant, but he loved
them both. His father died
when he was 21 and
Churchill knew him by
reputation instead
Military Career
Churchill enjoyed
his short but eventful
military career in the
British Army. While in
Army, he wrote military
reports for newspapers
and wrote also 2 books
on his experiences. He
joined the Army in 1895
and left in 1899.
Later he worked as a war correspondent
for the Morning Post(newspaper). In this
time he was taken prisoner by the Boers
on the Boer War while on a scouting
expedition. When he returns in Britain, he
wrote the book "London to Ladysmith".
In 1900 Churchill
became a member of
Parliament in the Conservative
Party. He supported social
reforms. In 1904 Churchill did
change his party to the Liberal
Party, because he was
unconvinced that Conservative
Party wants social justice.
On the 12th of
September 1908,
and Clementine
Hozier were married
in St. Margaret's
Westminster. They
have got 5 children:
Diana, Randolph,
Sarah, Marigold and
Winston and his future wife before marriage
He was elected a member of
Parliament in 1908 and president of
the Board of Trade. Churchill was
on the side for reduce a military
expenses. Churchill became a
initiator of a law about minimal
wage. It was a first law, that makes
a rates of working day's duration.
At start of World War I
he was a first lord of
Admiralty and he was so
good at it. Later he rejoined
the British Army as a
commander. In 1917, he
was appointed minister of
munitions(war industry,
probably) and gave nice
results again.
In 1922 he
rejoined the
Conservative Party
and make some
reforms. In 1929 with
defeat of Conservative
Government he was
out of government.
Next few years he
spent for writing and
published A History of
English Speaking
Churchill in World War II
At start of War with Germany he was
appointed as Lord of Admiralty and member
of the war cabinet. Neville Chamberlain(prime
minister) worked so bad, he got so much critic
and later Churchill was appointed as prime
He made a good vibe in government
to get resistance to Nazi and created the
foundation for an union with the USA and
the Soviet Union. He wanted to make
social reforms after war, but he was
defeated in the election in July
Churchill in a post-war world
Next 6 years he was a leader of opposition party and
gave an impact on world relations. In 1951 he returned into
a government as a minister of defense and prime minister. In
1953 Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
He died on January 24, 1965 at
his London home at age 90.
One interesting visit
In January 1911, Churchill showed his tougher
side when he made a controversial visit to a police
siege in London. The house caught fire during the
siege and Churchill prevented the fire brigade from
extinguishing the flames, stating that he thought it
better to "let the house burn down," rather than risk
lives rescuing the occupants.
My opinion and attitude
I did not think seriously something like
“Stop, something is wrong with this
biography… The Man can’t be so perfect and
doesn’t make failures. ” Churchill gave to us
so much very useful quotes and I think we
must be grateful for this.
I think that need for your quotes is a
fastest path to make yourself better(but of
course not single). You can direct your
character in needed direction almost without
work, just using memory. But without people
like Churchill we couldn’t have it.
I really can’t understand how
politician from aristocratic family can be on
a side for social reforms and I think he was
a good ruler for Great Britain in this time.
Thanks you for attention, I was glad to share
this information with you.
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