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Prezentatsia Microsoft PowerPoint Liverpool

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III Всероссийский конкурс мультимедийных презентаций на иностранном
языке «Страны изучаемого языка – вчера, сегодня, завтра»
Номинация : Виртуальное
Тема презентации:
Проект выполнила:
Екимова Виктория ,студентка 1
ГБПОУ "Южно-Уральский
государственный колледж"
,специальность “Экономика и
бухгалтерский учет (по
Руководитель: преподаватель
английского языка
Липенкова Галина Васильевна
• Great English city
• Transport in the city
• Liverpool -city of sport
• Sights of the city
• My dream
Liverpool - this is a great English city
Liverpool - is a great English city,
located at the confluence of Mercy
River into the Atlantic Ocean.
Liverpool is the third largest city
in England.
The population is more than 450 thousand
people in the city.
• The city is worldwide-known as a city of sport and music. It will surprise and please its
guests, and a visit to this amazing city you will remember for a long time.
Transport in the city
• Liverpool is one of England's most important ports. You can cross the river Mersey,
which divides the city into two parts, on Mersey Ferry. One Liverpool band Gerry &
The Pacemakers sings about this ferry in the song.
• In Liverpool, you can travel by ferry, buses,
trains, taxis. One of the symbols of the
town is its railway "Mersirail"
• The city has an airport named after the
musician John Lennon.
Liverpool -city of sport
The majority of football
fans, of course, aware of
the fact that it was in
Liverpool where there are
two well-known and
professional clubs:
• "Liverpool“
/ founded in 1892/
• "Everton“
/founded in 1878/.
The two teams appear in
English Football Premier
Sights of the city
Liverpool Cathedral
• Liverpool Cathedral is one or the largest cathedrals in
the world. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was the architect.
From the
towers of the
Cathedral you
can enjoy the
view of the city.
You can get
absolutely free
of charge.
• It is one of the greatest places of interest in Liverpool.
St. George’s Hall
St. George’s Hall is the most beautiful building of
Liverpool, to my mind. It is situated in Lime
Street. St. George’s Hall was built in 1838-1854.
There are the Civil Court, the Ball Hall and the
Concert Hall. During the 2000s a major
restoration of the hall took place and it was
officially reopened on 23 April 2007.
Liverpool Stadium
Liverpool Stadium is one of the
most famous stadiums in the
world. Every day every hour the
exhibitions are held here. 50 lucky
persons can visit locker-rooms,
gyms and walk along the football
pitch. The Stadium’s museum you
can visit any time you wish.
• Albert-Dock is the most important place of interest in Liverpool. It was opened by
Prince Albert more than 150 years ago. Nowadays in the buildings of Albert Dock
there are various shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and museums. Tate Modern Art
Gallery and Merseyside Maritime Museum are along them.
• Cunard Building (19141917). The general office
of Cunard Steamship
Line was located in this
• Town Halt is the place where the
town Council meets. The building
was erected in the 18 century.
• An art museum in Liverpool. It
contains one of Britain’s largest
collections of European painting.
There are exhibited the greatest
masterpieces of the world created
from the 8 century till now.
Liverpool peculiarity
• English city of Liverpool is known all over the world for famous
artists of «the Beatles». Due to this fact a great number of
tourists from all over the world come and want to visit the city to
see the home of musicians, as well as to visit «the Beatles»
My Dream
• My Dream is to visit different cities and countries. I would like
to visit and see Liverpool as well. I want to see the way of life
of those people. I know it differs from ours greatly. And I want
to see and feel it. I’d like to visit and enjoy the beauty of every
part of this English town and keep the memories in my heart.
Thank you for your attention!
Good bye!
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