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презентация по английскому языку об университетах Великобритании
Черемховский техникум промышленной индустрии и сервиса
Берденникова Евгения Олеговна
Группа П – 15
I курс
Руководитель проекта:
Преподаватель иностранного
Полякова Екатерина Эдуардовна
University of Bath
University College London
University Of Exeter
University Of Warwick
University Of St Andrews
University Of Durham
London school of Economics and political science
Imperial College London
University Of Cambridge
University Of Oxford
University of Bath
City: Bath
Founded: 1966
Founded in 1966 the
University of Bath has a
strong base for research and
an experienced, highly
qualified teaching staff
University College London
Type of school: State
City: London
Year founded: 1826
The English newspaper Sunday
Times has named this College as a
great generator of minds. He gave
the world 26 Nobel prize
The main feature of this institution lies in its democratic acceptance of
students regardless of their religion, nationality, political views. While
University College London is considered a leader in the field of innovation.
Here for the first time, learning English has become an independent subject.
University Of Exeter
Type of school: State
City: Exeter
Founded: 1855 After the unification of the educational
institutions belonging to the counties of
Cornwall and Devon, formed a University,
which became in 1955 the University of Exeter.
Today, Exeter is one of the ten best higher
education institutions in the UK, he was
repeatedly awarded the title of University of the
year. This is one of the most prestigious
universities in the country attracting students
from many countries, offering research and
educational programs. Studies of this University
are in demand on a global level.
University Of Warwick
Type of school: State
City: Coventry
Founded: 1965
Warwick is on the 7th place among
all universities in the UK, the results
of independent research. It was
found that approximately 65% have
high academic performance. Warwick
University has 25 positions in
research rankings. The structure of
the University is 44 core faculty and
University Of St Andrews
Type of school: State
City: St Andrews
Founded in: 1410
The oldest Scotland University of St
Andrews was founded according to the
bull of Pope Benedict XIII in 1413,
soon after its Foundation studied here
the king of Scotland James II.
Aristocratic traditions in our days, was
supported by Prince William, who here
met his future wife Kate Middleton.
Graduated from the University and
mathematician, introduced into
circulation the logarithm – John Neper.
University Of Durham
Type of school: State
City: Durham
Year established: 1832
University of Durham was founded in 1832
and is one of the oldest in England, behind
only Oxford and Cambridge. The title of the
"third-highest" is disputed by the London
University, some units of which were
founded earlier but did not possess at the
time University status.
Currently, the University is a Trustee of
Durham castle and Durham Cathedral –
historical monuments included in the
UNESCO list.
In 2005, the institution was headed by bill
Bryson. It is a well-known traveler and
author of the incredibly popular guides.
London school of Economics and
political science
Type of school: State
City: London
Founded: 1895
London school of Economics and
political science is one of the
structural units of the University
of London, founded in 1895.
Since 1922 and currently operates
under the motto of "know the
cause of things".
Imperial College London
Type of school: State
City: London
Founded: 1907 Imperial College London - this school, which is
one of the best not only in Europe but in the
world. The University is renowned for its
scientific figures and works. Main topics of
educational programs – medicine, biology and
Imperial College is located in the southern
Kensington (London). Picturesque landscapes
and beautiful parks attract students from
around the world, and the opportunity to gain
invaluable research experience and an
internship at one of the best universities in the
world, will be the best help for your future
University Of Cambridge
Type of school: State
City: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Year established: 1209
One of the most prestigious and
respected universities in the world
and the richest University in
Europe, Cambridge consistently
ranks highly in University
rankings. Rich history, high level
of education and a diploma that
opens doors, made Cambridge one
of the most popular universities in
the world.
University Of Oxford
Type of school: State
City: Oxford, UK
Year established: 1096
Oxford is one of the “most-most”
universities in the world. Age it is
second only to Bologna, and in
the UK and the English speaking
world it is the oldest institution
of higher education. To do here is
not easy, study hard, and to have
a degree from Oxford, one of the
best universities in the world, a
very prestigious.
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