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Бейбулатова Мария алексеевна

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Обычаи и традиции: мост от прошлого к будущему
Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное
«Нижегородский индустриальный колледж»
Презентация на тему:
« Обычаи и традиции: мост от прошлого к
Специальность: Конструирование,
моделирование и технология швейных
изделий. 2 курс.
Студентка: Бейбулатова Мария
Руководитель проекта: Ерина Т.Ф.
Plan of the topic “Customs and traditions are a bridge
from the past to the future”:
1. My choice of the topic.
2. Location of New Zealand .
3. The largest cities of the country.
4. Tā moko.
5. Tattoos.
6. Maori kapa haka.
7. Customs and traditions are a bridge from the past to the
My choice of the topic.
I want to tell about New Zealand exotic traditions. It is
different kinds of tattoos, which can narrate about history
and culture of the Maoris.
Location of New Zealand.
New Zealand is a state in
the south-western Pacific
Ocean in Polynesia.
It is located on numerous
much smaller islands and
two large islands. There
are North and South
4,596,700 people.
The country's capital is
The largest cities of the country.
Wellington is the second largest city in New Zealand.
State Languages of this country is English and Maori.
The largest cities of the country are
• Wellington
• Auckland
• Christchurch
• Dunedin
• Tauranga
• Hamilton.
Tā moko.
There are a lot of
interesting customs and
traditions in this country. The
Maoris are native people.
They are only 15 % of
population. The Maoris have
a face and body tattoo
tradition. This ancient
tradition of the Maoris
appeared in the early stage
of development nation. A
face and body tattoo is
called tā moko.
Tā moko.
Tattoos are a sign of high status.
People of higher status do tattoos
on his face. People of lower status
can not do a tattoo on his face.
But it is allowed to do on the body.
Women get tattoos on the cheeks
and lips. Men do tattoos on the face,
thighs and legs.
Tā moko.
Moko is now very popular.
It shows respect for the
ancestors and their traditions.
Moko is popular for other
ethnic groups in the country.
Tā moko.
Tā moko is the key to the knowledge of the views of the
Maoris. It shows about the possibilities and ways of
human development. Tattoo is the code drawing tattoos
is the energy structure. It continues to exist after death.
Tā moko.
Man and woman Maori tattoos
are different. Women do
tattoos less than men. Women moko
means a beauty. Men moko is a
bravery and a power.
Tā moko.
Moko means genealogy of parents,
number of marriages, affluence and
official position.
Maori kapa haka
The dance of the Maoris is unique
too. Kapa haka is a dance and
mimicry. They are accompanied
with the songs. Kapa haka includes
man dance and woman dance..
A man dance is called the Haka
(Haka). It became known for
Performances of the All Blacks
(National Team New Zealand
Rugby) before matches. A woman
dance is called the Haka Poi (Poi). It
is known as a kind of Juggling balls
on ropes.
Maori kapa haka.
Haka is used in all public
and state ceremonies
now. There are different
versions of hacks in the
sports clubs of New
Zealand. The naval and
military units of the army
of the country have their
own version of kapa
Customs and traditions are a
bridge from the past to the
I think customs and
traditions are a bridge
from the past to the
future. If the people
preserve their history,
culture, language such
people are strong nation.
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