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Виртуальное путешествие по Британии.

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Презентация о городах и обычаях Великобритании на английском языке.
ГБОУ СПО «Пензенский медицинский колледж»
Презентация на тему:
«Виртуальное путешествие по городам Британии.»
Тимонина Анастасия Витальевна
студентка 2 курса
Отделение: «Сестринское дело»
Руководитель проекта :
Дзигора Наталья Николаевна
1. Some facts about Britain
2. Let’s visit London
3. Liverpool and the Beatles
4. Oxford - is a university town
5. Cambridge and it’s boat race
Great Britain is the largest part of the United Kingdom. It is the birthplace of
ancient monarchy in Europe.
The head of the state at the moment is Queen Elizabeth II.
Let’s start our trip from
London !
It goes without saying that
London is one of the most
beautiful cities in the world.
It's one of the
largest cities and
is divided into 33
districts. It’s
population is 8,5
million people.
( in 2014)
Big Ben is really
the bell which
strikes every
quarter of an
It's a very beautiful church built over
900 years ago. The tombs of many great
statesmen, scientists and writers are
Picadilly Circus
is the heart of London. Also
you can see wide streets with
beautiful houses and many
parks, gardens and squares
in the West End.
One of the most beautiful
places is Buckingham Palace.
It's the residence of the
Queen Elizabeth II. Now it’s
opened for the tourists.
The colourful ceremony of the
Changing of the Guard before the
Palace is of great interest for visitors.
The English are proud of Trafalgar
In 1805 the English fleet defeated the
fleet of France and Spain in the battle
of Trafalgar.
It’s nice to walk along the streets. There are many streets in London
which are known all over the" world. Among them Oxford Street,
Downing Street and others.
If you are tired - let’s drink some tea !
The English are great tea-drinkers.
They have it many times a day.
Some Englishmen have tea
for breakfast, tea at lunch
time, tea after dinner, tea at
tea-time and tea with
If I had a chance to
travel to Britain I
would choose the city of
Liverpool has always been a
major port of England and
traded with the whole Europe
and West India.
The town is known all over the world
due to The Beatles.
This English rock
band was formed in
1960, and became
popular in the whole
The group consisted of
John Lennon,
Paul McCartney ,
George Harrison ,
Ringo Starr.
Even nowardays a lot of
their fans listen to and enjoy
their music.
Only Paul McCartney
and Ringo Starr are alive
This university town is
very beautiful. The first
of its colleges was
founded in 1249. There
were no women at Oxford
until 1878.
Now most colleges are
open to men and
Cambridge is
famous for its
university. It
was founded in
the 13th
century. And
there are more
than twenty
colleges in it.
Every year
thousands of
students come to
Cambridge to
study English.
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1. Англия ( England) [ Электронный ресурс ] ;- Режим доступа: Англия
2. Великобритания (Great Britain) [ Электронный ресурс ] ;- Режим доступа: Великобритания
3. Лондон (London) [ Электронный ресурс ] ;- Режим доступа: Лондон
4. Картинки [ Электронный ресурс ] ;- Режим доступа: .
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