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«Нижегородский Индустриальный Колледж»
Специальность: Конструирование, моделирование и
технология швейных изделий. 2 курс.
Презентация на тему:
«Жизнь коротка, искусство бесконечно! »
Выполнила: студентка Ванина Виктория Алексеевна.
Руководитель проекта: преподаватель иностранных языков
Ерина Татьяна Федоровна.
I want to tell about American folk
music and musical instruments .
The first professional musical
whistles, flutes, rattles. These
tools were used by Native
American Indians. The main
feature of that music was a
parody of the voices of nature. It
religious significance.
Since the 17th century
immigrants from different
countries began to arrive in
America. New styles and
instruments appeared in this
time. Immigrants brought
something new in American
The first US religious hymn was
written by a semi-professional
musicians. The most wellknown authors were Francis
Scott Key, John Stafford Smith.
It was usually performed in
large - up to 20 thousand
people at religious gatherings.
At the same time it evolved
tradition of brass bands.
The first publication of the verse.
17 September 1814,
«The Star-Spangled Banner»
Black slaves created spiritual
music. It was a unique original
phenomenon of Afro-American
music culture. African
Americans played on the new
American instruments. They
were drums and a banjo.
In the late 18th and early 19th century topclass performers dominated
among the
European masters. They were professional
musicians, church organist, music teacher. This
time was the formation of professional music.
«Genteel amateurs» who were wealthy
residents listened to such music. The first
professional orchestra "The Metropolitan
Opera” appeared in 1883 in New York. At same
time opera houses began to work in New
Orleans, Boston, Chicago.
In the early 20th century a
characteristic feature of the music
was a mixture of different styles
and the use of folk motifs. Center
of the music industry is New York.
At this time the music begins to
develop actively in the cities of
Midwest and California.
The Roaring Twenties is the era of jazz,
musicals and the "Country Music“. Jazz was
born in New Orleans, where the great
Louis Armstrong was born. First jazz was
performed only by the blacks. American
writer Scott Fitsdzheraldm called the 1920s
"jazz century“. But jazz was developed later
in the 1930s.
In the end of the Second World
War the era of jazz came to the
end. A new fashionable style
which was called "bebop"
became in 1940s. In the next
decade there were genres of
"hard bop", "funky“, "cool“ later
Rock and roll appears in the 1950s.
It was based on blues, country,
folk, swing and others. Famous
singers of this direction were Elvis
Presley and Tony Bennett.
Elvis Presley
Tony Bennett
Pop music appeared in the
1960s. It expresses protest
against the "consumer society".
In the 1970s pop music became
a commercial art. One of the
greatest examples of pop music
was an American actor Michael
Michael Jackson
Jim Morrison
The new "black" genre turned up in
the 1980's. Hip hop is music of the
streets, the black neighborhoods of
New York City. But this genre
achieved popularity only 10 years
later. The famous artists were 2Pac,
Notorious B.I.G. At the beginning of
the 21st century hip-hop became a
part of American popular music.
All the known direction in music
develop in the 1990s. There is
rock («Blink 182», «Green Day»,
«The Offspring», «Nirvana»), rap
(«Dr. Dre», "Snoop Doggy Dogg»)
or borderline genres («Cypress
Hill», «Korn», «Limp Bizkit»).
Pop music has a new trend.
(«Backstreet Boys», «NSYNC»,
«new Kids on the Block»).
Limp Bizkit
Music of the United States is listened to
all over the world. Genres mixed. In our
time the USA
music reflects the
multinational people of the country. It is a
music of the West African, Irish, Mexicans
and Cubans. The famous artists are
Rihanna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Lady
Gaga. Many popular musicians and
composers are known in the modern
I think today music of the United States is
diverse. This music is listened to all over the
world. Due to the wide ethnic membership of
the population and the influence of other
countries the United States had a special way
of development of music. The USА music can
be characterized with a variety of rhythms
and melodies. Music reflects the wide
geography and sense of personal freedom.
Listen to misic life is short art is infinite!
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