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Презентацию выполнила Малышева Карина
ГАПОУ «Набережночелнинский колледж искусств»
II курс отделение «Дизайн»
Руководитель: Посохова В. В.
1) Saint Patric`s day in the Northern
2) The International day
3) St. Patric
4) Trifoliate clover
5) leprechaun
6) Carnival in St. Patrick's Day
7) The parade
9) The traditional dish
10) Gift for St. Patrick's Day
11) Russia and the holiday
12) Сonclusion
13) PS
Saint Patric`s day is an Irish holiday, which is celebrated in
honor of the patron of Ireland, Saint Patric. This saint
according to the legend helped to clear Ireland from
paganism and made the country Christian and also
expelled snakes from Ireland.
This holiday has become an international day of
Ireland. It is celebrated in the large cities such as
New York, Buenos Aires, Melbourne and others.
The St. Patric is considered to
be a man who brought
Christianity onto the Emerald
Island. There is official says
of St. Patric. It biography,
that in 373 BC in Britain in a
family of roman citizens was
born a boy, who was named
Mavin Sukkat.
A lot of legends are
connected with the
name of Saint Patric.
He explained to
people the meaning
of the Holy Trinity.
That is why there is a
tradition zin Ireland
to fix trifoliate clover
on the clothes. It
symbolizes the Saint
Cross and the green
color of it symbolizes
the color of the
But the day of Saint
Patric also has some
paganism motives.
Some indispensable
heroes of the day
are leprechauns.
They have a hidden
pot of gold.
More than 20 years Saint Patric`s day has been
celebrated with cheerful carnivals in parks and bolivars
of the capital. Thousands of people regardless of age
put on bright costumes, green hats, paint their faces in
colors of Irish flag.
Irish musicians and actors lead the parade. Due to
their help it turns into bright carnival. Every year
thousands of people take part in it.
The moto of the holiday is one word – Craic which means
cheerfulness and enjoyment. Everybody drinks beer and
dance Irish folk dance «Kaily»: when the upper part of the
dancer stands still and the lower one moves with knees as
high as possible.
It was thought that
all meat which
people put into a pot
turned into fish by
Saint Patric. The
traditional dish was
thought to be
broccoli and
What can be given as a gift on the Saint Patric`s day. In
Northern Ireland it is still in fashion to visit each other
caring a pot of clover.
On the 17th of March the World becomes a little bit Irish.
Russia decided to join to this society In 1992.The first
parade devoted to the day of Saint Patric took place in
Saint Patric`s day means a lot to the people. This holiday
is interesting because of its traditions and dances. More
and more countries celebrate this day with the same
sweep as Northern Ireland. That is why I decided to
describe this tradition in my work.
PS: I can dance «Kaily» a little.
Thank you for your attention.
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