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New Orleans

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Горшкова Дарья
Ханты-Мансийский технологопедагогический колледж
«Информационные системы», 2
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Преподаватель: Федина Мария
New Orleans
Mysterious houses
Ghost sity
New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana,
USA. The population of the city, consisting of European and
African culture, was 484,674 before 29.08.2005.
Americans appreciate Orleans for the unusual mix of local
dishes, jazz, and sophisticated romance of famous French
People there believe in voodoo, practice black magic,
and communicate with ghosts, which is why it’s called the
city of dead men.
The New Orleans is often visited by ghosts.
Therefore, cemeteries are sacred there.
Many mysterious places exist in the French Quarter and in
New Orleans in general.
You can to meet the ghosts in places such as Lalor's
mansion, hotel Provincial, Bourbon Orleans, and ect.
Mysterious houses
Lalore’s mansion. This hours belonged to Marie Delphine
Lalor - one of the most famous serial killers. She tortured
and killed a lot of African slaves in this mansion.
It is said that there are still wandering souls of her
and her slaves.
Hotel Provincial. During the Civil War hospital was in
place of the hotel. In some corridor guests have seen the
ghost of a doctor with an amputated leg.
Also, blood stains mysteriously appear and
disappear in guard’s room…
Bourbon Orleans. This hotel is considered to be the most
haunted place. Within the walls of this hotel was a monastery,
an orphanage, and a ballroom.
Here strange sounds are heard, the lights go out, some
people see the ghosts of girls and soldiers from Civil War.
Ghost city
After the devastating hurricane Katrina and the destruction
of the dam have turned half of the city into a “Ghost City”.
It’s population was reduced to 311,853.
80 percent of it’s territory was under water, the magnitude
of the damage amounted to tens of billions of dollars.
It destroyed 300,030 homes, killed over 1,500 people
and 800 000 were forced to flee their homes.
It was one of the biggest disasters
in the history of America.
It is thought that New Orleans is the city of ghosts and dead
men. It is true, indeed…
In any case, this city is the most mysterious place on earth.
Sadly, it could never be fully restored to its original state.
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