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Города США и их достопримечательности, Агазаде Раксана Махир Кызы

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«Страховое дело»
Агазаде Раксана
Махир Кызы
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Томск – 2016 г.
New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco
This is a district of Columbia. It has many attractions, but in my
work I will consider the White house and the Capitol Washington,
the capital of the United States of America, which is situated on the
Potomac River.
The White House
• The White House is the
official office and residence
of the president of the
United States of America.
Many years ago it was
known as the Presidential
Palace or the Executive
Mansion. It is situated in
Washington, D.C. at 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue,
facing Lafayette Square.
This is Washington
State Capitol. It
consists of
Legislature, meets in
into of the House of
Representatives and
the Senate of the State
of Washington. In it is
also the governor's
office and the vicegovernor of
New York
New York is the largest city in the USA and the biggest seaport. It is the
business centre of the United States. New York is situated in the mouth of
the Hudson river.New York is quite younger than Rome, London and
Moscow. It was founded in 1613 by Dutch settlers.
In New - York there are many beautiful and memorable places such as
the Statue of Liberty and Natural History Museum.
The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is
one of the main sights of
New York City and the
symbol of freedom of all
Americans. It’s the statue
of a graceful woman
with the flare in her
hand, which enlightens
the world.
Madam Tussaud's Museum
Madam Tussaud's
Museum is the
most popular and
talked about wax
museum in the
world. There are
wax models of the
famous and
infamous, both
living and dead,
from many
countries of the
Los Angeles
Los Angeles is situated in the south of the State of California on the bank
of.the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest on population in staff and the
second — in the country. It is one of the largest world cultural, scientific,
economic centers. Also the city is one of the largest world centers of
show business in the sphere of cinema, music, television.
I’d like to speak about the Tower of Bank of the USA in Los Angeles and
Towers Watts.
US Bank Tower in Los Angeles
The most
recognizable symbol
of the high-rise Los Angeles , US Bank
Tower rises 310
meters in the
downtown area . 72 storey skyscraper
which is surrounded
by other skyscrapers ,
but excellent stands
out against the
background because
of its unusual circular
section .
Towers Watts
Towers Watts — a
striking example of
the fact that in the
city of mirror
skyscrapers it is the
most interesting not
moreover — not
mirror, but collected
almost from
improvised materials.
Meeting from 17
reported towers up to
30 meters high.
San Francisco
San Francisco is very different from most American cities. It lies on a small
finger of land with the Pacific Ocean on one side and a huge harbour on the
other. It is America's most international city with newspapers in thirty
different languages. The city is known as "the Paris of the West". San
Francisco is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge and the Lombard Street
Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate
Bridge is the wellknown Golden Geyt
Bridge thrown through
the passage of the
same name. It’s one of
the most known
constructions in all the
Lombard Street
Lombard Street is one of the
most remarkable streets in the
world. It is known for the numerous
turns, one of favourite places for
visits of tourists
Philadelphia is situated in the east of the USA. It is one of the few large
cities in the United States to have an old and well-preserved city centre.
There are many places of interest in Philadelphia, for example, the
Independence National Historical Park. We can see many monuments
there. One of them is the Liberty Bell. Now the Liberty Bell is a symbol of
The national Historical Park of Independence
The national Historical Park of Independence was
created on June 28, 1948 and officially opened on
July 4, 1956. Since March 16, 1959, this park
included Old Philadelphian Customs (today it is the
Second Bank of the United States.
Liberty Bell
Liberty Bellis an ancient
bell in Philadelphia, the
State of Pennsylvania,
one of the most known
symbols of the USA. On
a legend, his ring reported
to residents about signing
of the Declaration of
independence of the
United States of America
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