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Государственное бюджетное профессиональное бюджетное учреждение Республики Крым
«Симферопольский колледж радиоэлектроники»
Остров рождества
« Обычаи и традиции: мост от прошлого к будущему.»
Автор работы: Дикаленко Игорь Андреевич,
Студент группы 3КС-4
Руководитель проекта: Зуева Наталия Сергеевна,
преподаватель английского языка
г. Симферополь
The content
2.The main body:
-There is no place like it!
-The history of Christmas Island
- Nature pardons no errors
-So many countries, so many customs (Am., Br.)--Schooling and education
-Seeing is believing
-Red crab migration
-Marine life
3. Conclusion
4.A list of information sources
Have you ever heard about Christmas island? I
have. I always dream about Christmas Island
trip. It is a great place for nature lovers.
I would like to describe the most
incredible , wonderful and amazing place
in the world!
There is no place like it !
Christmas Island is
a territory of Australia in the
Indian Ocean. It is quite
unthinkable, but Christmas
Island was uninhabited until
the late 19th century! So,
this isolation and a minimal
human disturbance makes
the nature of this place
untouched .
The history of Christmas Island
It was named "Christmas Island" because it was discovered on Christmas Day (25 December
Flying Fish Cove is the main settlement of Australia's Christmas island. It was the first British
settlement on the island, established in1888.
Nature pardons no errors
In my opinion the most awful and terrible fact of
this island that it used to carry out nuclear tests
The first l British hydrogen bomb dropped
near Christmas Island in 1957
So many countries, so many customs
Despite the cultural
diversity residents of
this wonderful place
are tolerant, respectful
, friendly and happy.
The spider grams show the
mixture of races and religious
The majority of the population is
Chinese Australian
mixture of races
religious beliefs’
They work in harmony, sharing and
borrowing from each others culture.
Schooling and education
English is the official language
Children study English in primary and secondary schools.
Despite isolation and small student population, Christmas Island has attractive buildings
Seeing is believing
Hugh's Dale waterfall is a popular
The Dales is a rainforest and consists of
seven deep valleys.
Walking trails, surrounded by extravagant flora and
fauna are also very legendary and fabulous.
There are 42 caves on the island
Red crab migration
Christmas island is known for red crabs
migration to lay their eggs in the ocean.
The crab bridge is built in order to stop the
crabs from getting crushed on the road.
Park rangers set up «crab fences» along traffic
roads in order to provide crab’s protection.
Marine life
Marine life includes tropical fish, dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays. Wherever you swim you
will be surrounded by beautiful marine life
Snorkeling and diving are main free time activity for tourists
Christmas island is a wonderland far away from reality world! In my opinion it’s a gorgeous
tropical paradise with peaceful lagoons, colorful marine life. Christmas island is the most exotic
and breathtaking place in the world!
A list of information sources
1)Официальный правительственный веб-сайт [Электронный ресурс] [Сайт]
2)Официальный сайт Национальный парк острова Рождества [Электронный
ресурс] – [Сайт]
3)Статья в Википедии о Острове рождества [Электронный ресурс] –Остров_Рождества_(Кирибати) [Сайт]
4)Статья на сайте Остров-мира.ру [Электронный ресурс] – [Сайт]
5)Поисковая система «Яндекс.Картинки» [Электронный ресурс]Остров%20Рождества&stype=image&lr=
146&noreask=1&source=wiz [Сайт]
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