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традиция празднования шаггаа

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Министерство образования и науки Республики Тыва
Государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
Среднего профессионального образования Республики Тыва
«Кызылский транспортный техникум»
( ГБОУ СПО РТ «Кызылский ТТ» )
В номинации: Обычая и традиции: мост от
прошлого к будущему.
На тему: Традиция празднования Шагаа.
ФИО: Искендерова Гюльнара Ильхам кызы
Отделение: Экономико-правовое
Курс: ЮР-21
ФИО руководителя: Бахарева Бэлла Алексеевна
1.The concept Shagaa holiday;
2. Shagaa Tuvan New Year;
3. The tradition of celebrating Shagaa;
4. Events during the celebration Shagaa;
5. Bibliography;
6. The end.
Shagaa - this is a new year on the lunar
calendar, one of the largest festivals in the
calendar Tuvan. Celebration of the New Year
falls on the beginning of the White lunar
month (on the European calendar is the end of
January-February). The date of the holiday is
determined Lama.
New Year does not
begin at midnight, and
at sunrise on the first
day of the New Year.
The exact time of the
ancient Tuva
determined by own
hand: it was thought
that the change of night
and day is the moment
when it becomes
possible to see the lines
on his palm.
New Year in Tuva meet in the spring,
because only after calving cattle attributable to
early spring, could be considered a complete
annual cycle. the New Year time is perceived as
a special, sacred, when passing the gap
between the past and the future, accompanied
by a struggle between good and evil.
In celebration of Shagaa
intricately intertwined pagan
traditions and religious canons.
Shagaa meet at the bend of the
two arms of the Yenisei with
night shamanic cleansing fires; a
hundred meters from this action
at dawn, before the temple as
burning fire "san", but
pronounced Buddhist prayers
and good wishes, and no one
feels the inconvenience during
the transition boundaries of
different traditions.
A few days before the
Shagaa village territory or
alla thoroughly cleaned.
The dwellings inside and
outside cleaned of snow,
dirt and dust. Felt carpets,
leather pack bags,
bedding, clothing, shoes,
take out and clean the
snow, all the old thrown
away or burned. These
New Year chores
inherently - expulsion
ritual defilement and evil
spirits from the house.
On Shagaa even the poorest arats must show
hospitable, on holiday in each yurt take out
specially stockpiled products. In anticipation
Shagaa prepare a large number of treats for all
who will go on a holiday visit. In the old stingy
rich battered by the poor it is in step.
The night before Shagaa advisable not to
sleep, at least between 3 and 6 am the night - after
the new year begins at midnight and sunrise on the
first day of the New Year. It is believed that New
Year's Eve Buddha circles on his chariot land and if
he caught sleeping people, he accepts them for the
dead, and does not bless.
Usually, at this time
(not in the churches in the
church services) home
reading children stories,
play traditional games and
wait for dawn. At dawn the
men kindle san, "treat"
food of the fire and say
wishes for the coming year.
Mistress greet the first ray of the sun freshly
brewed tea, splashing it on the established
tradition in the direction of light parts. After
greeting the sun, earth, and most home - Tuva, be
sure to treat this tea children and anyone else who
is in the tent. In three steps away from the entrance
to the tent set "san" - the censer, which kindle
charcoal from the hearth.
Three days before the steps and within a
month after the New Year can not commit
indiscretions, including drinking alcohol.
During this period, a hundredfold increase
good deeds, and so the same - the reverse.
One of the most important components of
spectacular holiday in the old days were
"eaters" competition with a very significant
prize money. The strength and agility of the
men was confirmed not only in the
merrymaking, but his heroic appetite.
Rich Tuva exhibited horse and cut the
fattest sheep oholoschennogo - IRT. The huge
Chinese boiler (used only at funerals and
weddings) titled "Tanma tos", is determined
by its capacity (nine abysses), fit the whole
carcass. Defeated feast - pick up a horse.
In our time, the night before the arrival
step in Buddhist temples Tuva festive prayers.
All night working universal gym "Subedei"
open Music and Drama Theatre, where he also
held a celebratory prayer service.
Early in the morning on the mountain on
the outskirts of Doge Kyzyl performed the rite
of San Salyr. Happy on the Arata area arranged
street festivals, theater and philharmonic
festive concert of masters of arts of Tuva. The
first day Shagaa passes in visits to relatives and
exchange gifts.
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