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Областное государственное бюджетное
Профессиональное образовательное учреждение
«Новоспасский технологический техникум»
Автор: Студентка II курса
Елаева Зульфия Рамильевна
Руководитель: Мязитова Екатерина Ирфановна
Plan of presentation:
1. Biography of Rudyard Kipling
2. Rudyard Kipling bibliography
3. About his books and works.
Joseph Rudyard Kipling
Rudyard Kipling was born on 30 December 1865 in Bombay, in British India in the
family of professor of the local school of arts, John Lockwood Kipling and Alice
(McDonald) Kipling. The boy was named in honor of the English Lake Rudyard
where his parents met.
At the age of 6 years, as it was the custom in British India , Rudyard and his
younger sister were sent to study in England. They lived in a private school,
and on holidays they went to their relatives. He returned to Bombay in1882.
In 1886 he published a book of poems “Departmental songs”. It was followed by Simple
stories from the mountains - laconic, often rude stories about the life of British India. In 1887,
Kipling joined the newspaper "Pioneer" in Allahabad. His best stories came out in India, in
cheap editions, and were later collected in books Three soldiers and Wee-Willie-Winkie,
containing a picture of the British army life in India.
In 1889 Kipling traveled the world,
writing travel notes. In October,
he arrived in London and almost
immediately became a celebrity.
The next year was a year of
Kipling’s glory. Starting with the
Ballad of East and West, he went
to a new manner of English
poetry, creating songs barracks.
With the release of the first novel of Kipling light went out (1890) associated
bibliographic some difficulties because he appeared in two versions - one with a
happy ending, the other tragic. Due to the exhaustion of the writer's health
deteriorated, and most of 1891, he spent traveling around America and the British
dominions. Back in January 1892, he married the sister of the American publisher
U.Balestera, co-written with whom had no success Naulanka novel.
At the top of fame and fortune
Kipling shunned publicity,
ignoring the hostile criticism,
refused the title of poet laureate
and many honors. In 1902 he
settled in a remote village in the
county of Sussex. In 1901 Kipling
published a novel "Kim", his
farewell to India, in 1902 - a
delightful children's book "Tales
of just"
By the middle of the life of the
writer his literary style has
changed, now he wrote slowly
and carefully, carefully verifying
written. For two books of
historical stories Puck of Pook's
Hill and Rewards and Puka Fairies
have a higher operational sense,
some of the verses reach level of
pure poetry. Kipling continued to
write short stories collected in
the books of the Way and the
opening (1904), Action and
reaction (1909), All kinds of
creatures (1917) Debit and Credit
(1926) Limitation and update
In 1920 Kipling's popularity declined. The death of his son in the First World
War and persistent disease writer suffered stoically. Kipling died in London on
January 18, 1936.
"Fairy tales"
"The jungle book"
Rudyard Kipling won the Nobel Prize in '42. He was the youngest winner.
The reason for this extraordinary success is to be seen primarily
in its striking giftedness.
Yet Kipling's book value and now. And not only for their superior artistry. Equally
important is his message of personal responsibility of man to the world. His attitude,
he is best expressed in the brilliant "Commandments" - a poem written in the form of
treatment for his son.
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