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Geoffrey Chaucer

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Geoffrey Chaucer
Санкт-Петербургское государственное бюджетное
профессиональное образовательное учреждение
«Электромашиностроительный колледж»
Выполнил: Рогачев Алексей Владимирович. 2 курс
Руководители: Иванов А.Ю. –сценарий и идея
Фуршенкова И.Ф –английский язык
Plan of this presentation
Conquest of England
Critical battle
French language became official in England
The “father” of English poetry
Russian and English cultures
• The conquest of England by
the Normans began in 1066
with the battle of Hastings ,
where the English fought
against the Normans. The
conquest was completed in
• Normans were Vikings or
“Northmen”, men from the
North. About 150 years
before the conquest of
England they came to a
part of France, opposite
England, which part we
now call Normandy .They
took the Christian faith, the
French language and the
Roman law`s in their new
home. They became
Battle of Hastings
• The fight began at about
9 am on 14 October 1066
and lasted all the day.
The king Harold and two
of his brothers were
killed, and some
thousands of perfect
English soldiers left lying
in the battlefield. The
Battle at Hastings
became a key point in
the history of England.
• The Normans brought to
England the French
language. After the Norman
conquest there were three
languages in England:
Latin, the language in which
all learned men wrote and
Spoke, Then there was
French-the language which
the kings and nobles spoke
Finally, there was the
English language which remained the language of the
masses of the people.
• Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London
sometime around 1343. He was an
English author, poet, philosopher,
bureaucrat, courtier and diplomat.
• Chaucer is sometimes
considered the source of the
English vernacular tradition.
Chaucer was the first who
began to write on his native
language and prose, not in
Latin. He uses the national
language is consciously to
express better and more
precisely their thoughts, as well
as of patriotic feelings.
• In the works of Chaucer already
has all the main features of the
English national poetry: the
wealth of imagination, linked with
common sense, humor,
observation, everything that later
meet in an even more perfect as in
Shakespeare, Fielding, Dickens et
al. England gave to the world a lot
of great authors , but Chaucer
gave completeness of English
verse and brought to a high
degree of grace to literary
In Russia also was a
scientist who has made
such a literary
achievement - Mikhail
Vasilyevich Lomonosov.
The man, who discovered
the law of conservation of
matter , the atmosphere
of Venus , restored mosaic
art, founded the Moscow
University , who created
"the science of stiles" laid the foundations of
Russian philology and
Russian literary language.
Russian and English literature are the treasures of
European culture. We walked to the our tops different, but
so similar roads ...
Thanks for Reading
Rogachev A.
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