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Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное учреждение
«Дзержинский индустриально-коммерческий техникум»
Презентация по теме:
«Интереснейшие места Лондона»
Выполнила: Орлова О.Н.
Группа: ОДЛ 01-15
Специальность: 380203
«Операционная деятельность
в логистике»
Преподаватель: Соколова А.В.
Дзержинск 2016
Plan (content):
3. Places of Interest London
4. Westminster Abbey
5. Oxford
6. City
7. Trafalgar Square
8. Buckingham Palace
9. Tower Bridge
10. Big Ben
11. Palace of Westminster
12. My opinion
13. References
Places of Interest
The capital of Great Britain,
London, has experienced a lot.
London attractions are so many
that see everything in a day as
does not work.
Yes, and London is very
large - the second largest city in
Europe (the first Moscow) and
the first in Europe.
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey - this is one of
the most remarkable specimens of the
English early-Gothic architecture. It was
founded by Edward the Confessor in
1065. Officially called the Cathedral
Church of St. Peter at
In the church more than 600 years of
English kings were crowned, it is also
buried most of them. They are
surrounded by the magnificent fireworks
burial of their fellow citizens: prime
ministers, artists, doctors, poets, artists,
writers, soldiers, sailors and politics.
Oxford - the world famous university town.
He became famous thanks to the beautiful
architecture and superb landscapes.
The decision to establish a university was
made in 1133, to the priests could receive a
complete education.
London City, also known as the Square Mile, is the
original and historic place in London. It is the
center of the city, from which grew the rest of the
area of Greater London, a city within a city, located
on the north bank of the River Thames, just east of
the center.
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is one of the most beautiful
and popular destinations in England. Being in
the center of the capital, it for many years
attracts tourists from all over the world for its
unique flavor and historical sights. No wonder
it is called the "Heart of England."
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace - the official London residence
of British monarchs and the main attractions of
London. It is located in Westminster. Palace for
official ceremonies, banquets and receptions, and is
a favorite tourist attraction.
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge - adjustable suspension bridge over
the River Thames in central London. Tower
Bridge is perhaps the main attraction of the
British capital. The name of this symbol of the city
comes from the nearby Tower of London.
Big Ben
Big Ben - is the most famous landmark of London. In
fact, Big Ben is the name of the biggest bell on the
clock, located in the northern part of the Palace of
Westminster in London, although the name is also
often used to refer to clock or the clock tower as a
whole. It is part of the architectural complex of the
Palace of Westminster.
Palace of Westminster
Hardly any other parliament building in the
world is so recognizable. Even if at the time it
disappears from sight, the media immediately fill
this gap. And it does not necessarily have to
happen something in the political life of the
My opinion
I guess London - one of the most beautiful cities in the
world. Everyone knows about it, but not everyone
agrees. I think that it perfectly fits everything you need
for a good and cognitive rest: ultramodern districts
and historical past, an abundance of attractions and
interesting tradition, a lot of fun for everyone. Its
parks, palaces, buildings, old-time fortress admire its
architecture. There is very frequently the rain, to the
same cold wind blowing strong. But despite this, I
would love to visit this wonderful city.
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