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Лимонова Ольга Андреевна КГАОУ СПО "Пермский техникум профессиональных технологий и дизайна" Руководитель Кузнецова Ольга Михайловна
Лимонова Ольга
ых технологий и
дизайна (ПТПТД)
группа Д-15-9 I
Кузнецова Ольга
1) Dedication to my favourite detective
2) Arthur Conan Doyle
3)Sherlock’s character
4) Detective’s life
5) Interesting facts about Sherlock
6) John Watson
7) Irene Adler
8) Mycroft Holmes
9) Conclusion
10) Links
Holmes is a very
interesting person
 He's the best
detective in the
 I have known about
him at the English
 And I thought that
his mind is gold
Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his first
story about Sherlock Holmes in
 Many readers think that the
author of the famous detective is a
genius, though he did not share
their enthusiasm. Besides, he was
annoyed at readers’ opinion.
Finally, he decided to kill Sherlock,
but because of the great number of
requests he decided to raise him.
Sherlock was a very interesting and talented person. He played the
violin, he was a skillful actor, fond of chemistry , but he decided to
devote his life to solving crimes with his friend doctor John Watson.
Sherlock was impudent but very smart. He could cope with any task.
Holmes perfectly knew
about his city - London. He
liked being at home. Many
cases Holmes solved in the
living room.
 In everyday life Holmes had
some habits. We can not
describe him as a diffuse
person, but he never
minded neatness and order.
For example, when
conducting dangerous
chemistry experiments in
his apartment
It’s difficult to imagine Sherlock
Holmes without hunting hat but
there isn’t any mention about it
in Conan Doyle’s books
Holmes took cocaine and
morphine. But all of these drugs
were legal in England in that
Dr. Watson was a real person,
who lived in Baker Street . He
treated Conan Doyle’s teeth
Holmes was a single person and
he hated women
Watson was the great
detective's companion
and his friend. In many
stories, Holmes was
assisted by the practical
Watson, who wasn’t
only a friend but also a
writer. In some later
stories, Holmes
criticized Watson for his
writings because he
thought that Watson’s
stories were useless
Holmes was not
without feelings: he
was fond of opera and
classical music. He
did not like women,
because he felt that
they distracted him
from his work,
Holmes was
interested only in
Irene Adler and he
always called her «the
Mycroft Holmes was
Sherlock’s elder
brother. Both of the
brothers were smart
but Mycroft was
sometimes smarter
than Sherlock.
Mycroft called
himself Sherlock’s
enemy and also his
best friend.
Sherlock Holmes was one of the most popular
characters. He was a great detective and just a
genius. This person influenced the culture of the
whole world and he’s worth of your attention.
Thank you for watching
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