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1.Rules of entering to higher institutions
of the USA
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
3. Harvard University (Harvard)
4. Princeton University (Princeton)
1.Right admission to higher educational institutions of the USA
In the US, there are no uniform requirements for applicants. You can apply to
several universities. There are no age restrictions for entering . Depending on
the type and the prestige of the university, competitive examinations,
interviews, testing are applied. It is necessary to assign the certificate of
secondary education with the list of subjects you have studied
Institute of
Technology was
established in 1861.
The philosophy of
the institute sais that
the highest degree of
recognition is the
student's ability to
graduate from this
Motto: With head and hands
Since 1914 the beaver is chosen as the symbol of
MIT because of its ability to be "natural engineer".
The students have the opportunity to receive education at the
Faculty of Architecture and Design, Science, Engineering,
Humanities, Medicine, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the
Arts, as well as in the business school. In 2004-2005, The
Times awarded MIT the 2nd place among the top of 200
universities in the world and 2nd place - in the research and 1st
place in the engineering.
Training cost (per year):
Undergraduate: 43 thousand dollars The
cost of training at MIT undergraduate
considered not for the calendar year, and
for the first nine months, during which
the classes are.
Graduate and post-graduate courses: in
contrast to the bachelor, the school year
is usually the same for the duration of
the calendar, so the training comes out
more expensive. Nine months of study
for post graduate students will cost 43
thousand. USD. But if students are
eager to the master's degree and postgraduate they will have to add 14
thousand dollars for the summer
Harvard University
Harvard University was founded in 1636
Originally it played the function of college, therefore, was
called - New College or College. It is obliged to his name to
John Harvard, the British Minister, who bequeathed to the
College his library and half of the accumulated property.
The benefits of choosing
A study at Harvard prestigious and honorable. Since 2003,
this institution is headed by Academic Ranking of World
Universities (ARWU).
The university administration takes seriously the selection
of teachers. Only the best specialists are here. Training
programs and courses are carefully prepared.
The serious and responsible attitude with respect to
learning are required for the students. And this approach is
bearing fruit. Harvard brings successful people. Among its
graduates are more billionaires than in other universities.
 Sports team of the University "Harvard Crimson" involves
20 teams competing in different sports.
Only the people with the first higher education may
enter to Harvard today . To get into Harvard, you
. to go through a rigorous selection process. For
example, according to official data, in 2005, only
9% of the applicants entered to Harvard
Cost of education
Harvard University is a private educational institutions. Education is paid. It
is not cheap - 43 292 dollars a year, and if you add the extra cost that will be
60 000. extra cost include:
Board and books - from 3500 to 5115 $;
Living- $ 8500;
Medical insurance - $ 2366;
Transport costs - up to $ 5200;
Registration in the e-University Network $ 50.
Princeton University
Princeton is one of the oldest
universities (the fifth founded
university) it was founded in October
Princeton - is not only a recognized
leading center for training
undergraduate and graduate students,
It is one of the world's major
research centers.
Created in 1893, "Code of Honor" of the University - is
policy of good faith, which is required to adhere to all
students after admission to Princeton regardless of
faculty, specialization and diploma, which they want to
Entry competition in Princeton is
very large: only 10% of applicants
become students. In addition to the
excellent performance of
candidates, the university also
takes into account personal
qualities and academic talents and
abilities of potential students.
Applicants must assign the
certificate of secondary education
with the list of subjects studied,
teachers recommendations, they
also write two essays, take SAT
and TOEFL tests, and give any
information that can improve their
chances for admission.
Cost of training at the University in the year 2014-2015
$ 41,750
Living: $ 7,500
Board: $ 6,045
Other expenses :$ 3,525
Total cost: $ 58.820
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