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Виртуальное путешествие по Лондону

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Виртуальное путешествие по Лондону
Работа студентки 3 курса: Лебедь Ольги
Преподаватель: Киселева Татьяна Вениаминовна
Welcome to London!
Let’s start with a sightseeing tour on a double- decker bus.
Make yourself comfortable, please.
London stands on the Thames and is situated about 64
kilometers from the mouth of the river.
For almost 1,000 years London has been a capital city,
first of England and, since 1707, of the whole of Britain.
Now London is one of the biggest cities in the world. It’s a
large business and commercial centre.
Some twenty-five
bridges link North and
South London across
The Thames.
The Thames remains
Britain’s busiest
waterway, as well as
being a place
for people to relax, in
boats or on foot along
the banks.
Westminster Palace is the seat
of the British Parliament.
Most of the people knows this
building as the House of
Westminster is the
historical area in London.
Famous monuments and
buildings are there. One of
the most beautiful places is
Westminster Abbey.
There are two tall towers at the
corners of the building. One of
them is the is the Clock Tower
with the famous Big Ben. This
Tower has become a visiting-card
of the British capital as well as the
Tower or Westminster Palace.
Trafalgar Square is considered to be the very centre of London. In the
middle of it stands the monument to admiral Nelson. It is a tall column
with a statue of Nelson at its top. At the bottom of the column there are
four bronze lions.
London is rich in famous
palaces. Buckingham Palace is one of
the major tourist attractions in
Buckingham Palace
was built in 1705 by the
Duke of Buckingham. It is
the official residency of the
British monarchy. At the
moment British monarchy is
led by Queen Elizabeth II.
A small side-street Downing Street is quiet and unimpressive.
There is the official home of Prime Minister in this street.
The greatest of English
churches is St. Paul’s
Cathedral. It was built by a
famous English architect, Sir
Christopher Wren.
One of the oldest streets in
London is The Strand it means a
river bank and dates from the
times when the grey waters of the
Thames washed the sides of the
wide muddy road – the ancient
Strand. Now this street links the
City and the West End.
Piccadilly Circus with its
famous central fountain
on the top of which
stands a statue of Eros,
the Greek god of love, is
considered to be the
heart of the West End.
London is famous not only for its historical buildings.
It is famous for its street and squares as well. Fleet
Street is know for the newspaper offices situated
In the early
19th century
new docks
constructed to
the East.
The poor
districts that
the docks
became knows
as the East End.
Speaking about London it is
impossible to say nothing
about its museums. The British
Museum is one of the bestknown for its library, reading
room, the collection of
I am absolutely sure that London is one of the most
beautiful cities in the world. It has many attractions. I
would advice you to visit it. And my dream is to walk
along the streets of London and see the history in its
ancient. Buildings and monuments.
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