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Royal Ascot

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Королевские скачки - Royal Ascot
Номинация – «Обычаи и традиции: мост от прошлого к будущему»
Выполнила: Плетнева Алена Юрьевна
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Лечебное дело
ГБПОУ «Кропоткинский медицинский колледж»
министерства здравоохранения Краснодарского края
Руководитель проекта : Ефремова Наталья Николаевна
The Royal Tradition
The Queen: a Passion for Horses
Royal Ascot 2015
Dress Code and Style Guide
Ladies Day. Dress to Impress
The Best of the Best at
Royal Ascot 2015
Royal Ascot was founded by Queen Anne
in 1711 and is attended every year by Her
Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and other
members of the Royal Family
From an early age Queen Elizabeth II has had a keen interest in
horses The Queen has owned 22 winners at Royal Ascot. In 2013
The Queen's horse Estimate, ridden by Ryan Moore, won the
prestigious Gold Cup at Royal Ascot. Her Majesty The Queen has
never lost her love of horses. The Queen is passionate about racing
and Royal Ascot is one of The Queen’s favourite weeks of the year.
This world famous annual five-day horse race
meeting is one of the most prestigious events in
the British Sporting and Social Calendar
The event attracts the best thoroughbreds,
jockeys and trainers with the most brilliant
racehorses, but it’s the fashion that really gets
all the attention – especially the hats!
The five-day meeting commences on Tuesday and each day begins
with the Royal Procession - the arrival of The Queen and the Royal
party in horse-drawn landaus. Gates open at 10.30am , but the Day
does not officially start until 2pm when The Queen and her
Procession arrive.
Parade ring: This is where the Royal
carriages arrive, where top jockeys
are introduced before the first race
and where racegoers can watch the horses
being paraded before riders mount to
Queen Elizabeth II at Royal Ascot 2015. The Queen is
known never to wear the same colour twice during
Royal Ascot week. Five days – five colours. Her colour
choice has become such an integral part of the event
that bookies take bets on the colour of The Queen's hat.
Guessing which colour The Queen will wear to Royal
Ascot is an increasingly popular betting heat.
The Royal Enclosure is at the heart
of Royal Ascot and is the most
prestigious of three enclosures
This is the invitation-only area and you
won’t get into without one of such
badges on your lapel
In the Royal Enclosure the dress code is
strictly enforced. Ladies have to wear hats or
a headpiece with a 10cm base and in the
Grandstand fascinators are permitted.
Men - black or grey morning dress with top
hat for the Royal Enclosure , a suit and a tie
in the Grandstand.
The Silver Ring has no specific
requirements but does restrict
specific types of clothing, like
sport replica shirts. Racegoers
there are still highly encouraged
to dress smartly.
The third day of Royal Ascot is traditionally
known as Ladies Day, where fashion and hats
come to the fore. It's one of the most
glamorous days in the racing calendar and
guests, enjoying Ladies Day at Royal Ascot
2015, certainly didn't disappoint in their
elegant dresses and eye-catching hats.
Choosing and wearing a hat for Ascot
is also an art. Taste and style can be
brilliantly or horrifically expressed
through your chosen adornment…
All eyes are on the ladies today and their quirky hats.
Ladies Day is all about the fashion and hats…
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II unveiled a tribute
statue to the undefeated racehorse five-time
Ascot champion Frankel in the winner’s
enclosure on the first day of horse- racing meet
at Ascot, England, Tuesday, June 16, 2015
The striking bronze statue to the
legendary racehorse created by sculptor
Mark Coreth overlooks the parade ring
facing the winners' enclosure at Ascot
Five best winners at Royal Ascot 2015
Solow - Queen Anne Stakes: Glenagles - St James's Palace Stakes:
Acapulco - Queen Mary Stakes: Time Test - Tercentenary Stakes:
Muhaarar - Commonwealth Cup:
Royal Ascot 2015 will be
forever remembered as the year
the best World’s jockey Ryan
Moore broke the post-war record
of eight wins – nine winners in
four days!
I have never heard about the UK event called Royal Ascot.
I was deeply impressed by such an unusual tradition.
Royal Ascot is an event where statement-making
hats are as important as betting on the right horse. To be
honest, hats of some racegoers look ridiculous. I love seeing
The Queen at Ascot. She always looks so genuinely happy to
be there - her Ascot smile shows how much pleasure she gets
from horses. Her passion for the world of horses is my
discovery. Royal Ascot is truly spectacular British tradition,
the tradition that is really Like Nowhere Else…
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