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the Dark Side of Winston Churchill

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The Dark Side of Winston Churchill
What do we know about
Winston Churchill?
Was Winston Churchill a
Churchill and USSR
Operation Unthinkable
Fulton speech
What do we know about
I am sure for the most
people the image of this
man is linked only to that
of the famous photo
from the Yalta
Conference of 1945
Or another no less
famous photo of
imposing man with a
cigar in his mouth :
According to the BBC
survey , conducted in
2002, Churchill was
named the greatest
“English man” in
British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill , of
course, is one of the
most revered figures in
the West. Historians
called him a "knight of
democracy" and " the
prophet of freedom and
humanism ."
"A noble spirit , a sense
of justice, faith in the
human race - that's what
guided in his policy that
the greatest leader of the
XX century , won a
victory in two world
wars," - writes
biographer of Churchill,
Sir Martin Gilbert.
Worship before the person of
Churchill was widespread in
Russia in the early postSoviet period . However ..
the image of Churchill as a
prominent Democrat, a
fighter against tyranny and
for the ideals of humanism to
the real British politics has
little to do .
"I do not recognize, for
example, that a great injustice
was committed in relation to
the red Indians of America or
the black aborigines of
Australia. I do not
acknowledge that injustice
was committed against these
people, because a stronger
race, a highly developed race,
wiser race, so to speak, came
in and took their place"
Was Winston Churchill a racist?
What do you think - who
said these words? Hitler?
Goebbels? No, you’re
wrong. It was a Winston
Has anyone heard this
quote - "If the death of
one person - it is a
tragedy, a million people
are killed - it is a
statistic"? Some people
like to ascribe it to Stalin,
but.. No, it is again
Winston Churchill .
Churchill and USSR
Yes, during the war, Churchill
worked with the Soviet
Union , but he treated
Russians much worse than,
for example, the leader of the
United States Franklin D.
Roosevelt . Let us not forget
that by helping the USSR ,
England saved its
independence and
sovereignty, to protect
themselves from fascist
enslavement .
In alliance with the USSR
Churchill viewed as "a sad
necessity“. Since the official
position obliged Churchill to
be more restrained, the father
of the views expressed by his
son Randolph Churchill ,
who said : " The ideal
outcome of the war in the
East would have been such,
when the last Germans
would have killed the last
Russian and stretched out
next to the dead "
Operation Unthinkable
Tell me, if you have ever
heard about the plan
"Unthinkable" ? No? The
British, too, did not know
then what it is now known in 1945 Churchill ordered
British military training
operation "Unthinkable": the
plan of the war with the
Soviet Union , which was to
begin in July 1945 .
According to the Operation
Unthinkable plan ordered by
Churchill and developed by
the British Armed Forces,
the Third World War could
have started on 1 July 1945
with a sudden attack against
the allied Soviet troops.
Fortunately for us, the plan
was rejected by the British
Chiefs of Staff Committee as
militarily unfeasible.
Fulton speech
It was Churchill , which has
long assured Stalin of his
allied feelings, became the
main inspiration behind the
"cold war“.
March 5, 1946 at
Westminster College in
Fulton (Missouri , USA),
Churchill said, became
famous Fulton speech, which
is considered to be the
starting point of the "cold
So, no matter what is
now Western historians
write, "the prophet of
humanity" Sir Winston
had never been. In my
opinion, Sir Winston
Churchill was a shining
example of «double
standards» of Western
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