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Vita brevis, ars longa
ФИО: Васильев Илья Вадимович
ОУ:БУ "Нижневартовский политехнический колледж”
Отделение:Программирование в комп.системах
Курс: 3 - й
ФИО Руковод.проекта: Молчанова Ирина Георгиевна
2. Music
3. Foals
4. The most popular songs of the group Foals
5. Movie
6. James Bond
7. Art
8. Bibliography
Vita brevis, ars longa is an aphorism coming from Greek. I am
absolutely agree with it. When we speak about art we mean such
directions as music, cinema. pictures. I would like to start this
presentation with such kind of art as musiс.
At this moment in Great Britain there is a considerable interest in
such direction of art as music. Great Britain became one of the few
countries where the beginning musicians could prove their skills
and in a consequence to become a popular musicians.
The first and one of the most interesting
examples of musicians, who have reached
considerable heights in this direction is a
British indie - rock band Foals.
The group which literally gathered on pieces has made
absolutely improbable for this direction of music. Having
managed to let out currently already 4 albums and
about ten a single – songs. Which were strongly fixed in
British the priest – a chart.
The most popular songs of Foals
1.My number
 2.Night Swimmers
 3.Snake oil
 4.Spanish Sahara
 5.What Went Down
 6.Heavy Water
 7.Electric Bloom
 8.Cassius
Another interesting kind of arts cinema. Great Britain has managed
to present to us many interesting characters who for a long time
will remain in our memory. In particular it is necessary to mark out
famous James Bond or better known as the Agent 007. And also
much famous representative of silent cinema Charlie Chaplin.
The most famous representative of the English cinema
nowadays is such character as James Bond. History of
the Bond has begun even with 60 – x years and
proceeds till the present moment. "the agent
007:Spectre” became the last film of this series james
Also you shouldn't forget about what
contribution Great Britain has made in
the fine arts. A huge number of the wellknown pictures, the foundation by which
it has been laid in the 19th century..
The leading place among the English
impressionists belongs to Walter Richard
Sikkert to the talented painter and the
The talent of the young Painter began to
be shown since the childhood when he
has tried in theater, and was admitted to
Art school later.
Sikkert's picture, Boredom. 1913 – 1914
London, gallery, Tate.
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