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Даниил Сергеевич
ГБПОУ СО «Екатеринбургский техникум отраслевых
технологий и сервиса»
Профессия «Слесарь по ремонту авиационной
Марина Викторовна,
A dream come true
Wilbur Wright
Orville Wright
Small toy
Direct flight
Search solutions
First Engine
The Wright brothers and the media
First Patent
Demonstration flights
The conquest of public
Flights with passengers
The first commercial flight
Wright Brothers company
Formidable force
Post Scriptum
My opinion
Internet resources
Wilbur Wright
was born on 16 April 1867
“…short life, full of accomplishments. Immutable
intelligence, unflappable nature, combining great faith
in yourself with an equally great humility, clearly seeing
the truth and following it, he lived and died… «
(from the diary of his father)
Orville Wright
was born on 19 August
Orville took to the skies for the last time in
the year 1918. He left the business and
became air officer, coming in various official
Board and committees, including the
National Advisory Committee for
Aeronautics (later NASA)
Small toy
Interest in flying objects manifested itself through
the small toy helicopter, which gave them the father
after one of the trips. Brothers were parted with a toy,
while that is not broke. Aviation before Orville and
Wilbur Wright were engaged in the publishing business,
repairing, and later bicycle production under own trade
A toy helicopter
The brothers did not have special technical
education. They studied books, articles in newspapers
about physical phenomena, devices, machines, engines,
watched the flight of birds to understand what allows
them to change the trajectory of flight. They did the
calculations, drawings, embodied ideas on models of
kites, experienced and refined them.
Direct flight
 During the first flight the pilot lay on the lower wing,
rather than sitting, as we are accustomed to seeing now.
It was necessary to reduce air resistance.
Search solutions
The first Wrights "Flyer" were wooden, made from
spruce. A significant achievement has been the
development of propeller. The basis for its
establishment were marine propellers. However, Orville
and Wilbur Wright could not find detailed calculations
and descriptions. They have decided a variety of
different designs, tested them and improve.
First Engine
In the year 1903 in his bicycle store brothers
produced a gasoline engine for the new Flyer
It is believed that engine, created by the brothers
Orville and Wilbur is a prototype injection systems. In
order to reduce the weight of the engine was made of
aluminium, which in those days was considered
expensive and rarely used.
The Wright brothers and the media
Orville and Wilber did not try to present their
accomplishments, shunned reporters and even
witnesses their flights. They feared disclosure of ideas
and developments competitors in building aircraft. So
the first mention of their flights in newspapers
appeared in the year 1903 due to the interception of wire
communications, sent by the father.
First Patent
United States Patent No. 821,393 for flying machine has
received the Wright brothers May 22, 1906 year. Later, it
was won by many trials. The patent was based on the
1902 glider flights a year (without engine). The
significance of the patent-registration control method a
flying machine, regardless of the engine.
Demonstration flights
In 1908, after the official signing of the contract
with the French company and United States air force
aircraft was presented with the passenger seat (one of
the binding contract). Wilbur flew demonstration
flights from August 8, 1908 year in France, and Orville
in the State of Virginia in the United States
since September 3, 1908 onwards.
The conquest of public
In New York on the anniversary of the opening of 300
holiday Hudson River Wilbur in the presence of nearly
one million spectators flew around the statue of Liberty
and a 33 minute whirl in the air above the river. Flights,
especially flight technique (turns, climbing) shook of all
Flights with passengers
Only once the brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright
flew a joint flight (to avoid a double tragedy, do strictly
forbidden). They needed the permission of the father.
In the 82-year-old Milton Wright (father) became a
passenger aircraft. Passengers were also officers,
journalists and statesmen, their sister Catherine
The first commercial flight
In November 1910 year airliner company the Wright
delivered 2 rolls of silk from Dayton to Columbus. 105
kilometers distance was overcome in one hour 6
minutes. Silk in the form of small patches was used as
Wright Brothers company
The company registered November 22, 1909 years,
taught pilots how to demonstrations and for the United
States air force. General Henry Arnold, later
Commander of United States air force, was one of the
cadets of the company.
Formidable force
During World War I, it became clear that the aircraft
are turned into a formidable force if they have to carry
weapons and bombs. After the war airplanes started to
apply for the carriage of freight, primarily mail. Later
appeared as passenger planes.
Post Scriptum
Wilbur Wright died in 1912 of typhoid. He often
represented the interests of companies in various
jurisdictions, due to frequent travel. And, most likely, in
one of them he got infected.
Orville Wright died in 1948 at the age of 77 years. We can
say about him: "he created the first aircraft and saw the
first supersonic»
My opinion
Through take-off and downs, through the joy of victories
and injuries the Wright brothers were step by step to the
I think that personal qualities: persistence, diligence,
curiosity, determination – qualities, that are inherent in
full the brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, the need
for professional growth, career, achieving dreams.
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