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Presentation plan
1.History of football.
2.Top 5 of the best English clubs .
3.Best players clubs in England .
4. My opinion about the project .
5. Список использованной литературы
The history of football in England is
full of dramatic twists. On the British
Isles ball game brought the Roman
legionnaires. For a long time it was
considered a pagan fun and was not
approved by the church. In 1314, King
Edward II issued a decree banned the
"madness with a great ball." Over the
next two centuries, ball games and
their members persecuted, many
English monarchs. "Amnesty" was
followed only in 1603 by Queen
Elizabeth I.
Football becomes an integral part of folk festivals
on Shrove Tuesday and Easter. These days, residents
of English villages staged a kind of football, where
all the men involved. The game was held in all the
streets and squares of the village, without being
subject to any rules. Sometimes it lasted the whole
day, as the gates could be at a distance of 3-5 km
from each other. It was believed that those who
cause the most harm to the ball, the whole year will
be spared the misery and disease.
But the real flourishing traditions of English
football came in the reign of Queen Victoria.
British Victorian era sought to add comfort
and practicality to all - from the tea table
etiquette for rules to sports. A range of
opinions in the interpretation of certain rules
was then so great that often matches
frustrated just because of the fact that the
representatives of the teams, even after a
stormy debate could not reach an agreement.
"Arsenal" is the most successful football club is. England and its fans are not just
admired the success not only in the national championship, but also in the
international arena. Sami fans proudly call themselves the "Gunners".
Coach of the team is the French specialist of Arsenal Wenger. Mentor club he
speaks for twenty years. Wenger - the most successful coach in team history. With
him, "Arsenal" has three times won the national championship five times and
became the owner of the FA Cup. Overall, in its history, the club has taken the
championship thirteen times and eleven Cup.
"Manchester city"
England's oldest football club, "Manchester City" appeared a long time ago,
namely in 1880. At the time of founding the team wore a completely different
name. His familiar name of the club was only in 1894. The history of "citizens" is
very diverse. They beat both ups and downs. "Manchester City" managed to play
not only in the first division of the country, but in much lower leagues.
Special lifting the club came with the emergence of wealthy sponsors. The team
has got many famous players and has declared itself not only in the National Cup,
but international. Coach "citizens" is Manuel Pellegrini.
Top football clubs in England can not be imagined without this grant as "Chelsea".
There was a team through Mears brothers who came up with the idea of creating
his own team. On the emblem of the club suffered a blue lion with a stick, called it
Throughout its history the club was able to win more than twenty different titles.
On the way the team was not only white stripes with the achievements and cups,
but also black. In the past century the club faced with serious financial problems,
which is why he had to descend to a lower division.
"Tottenham Hotspur"
Most of the UK teams formed in the XIX century. No exception and performs
"Tottehem". Founded the "Spurs" were in 1882. The first official game held
against London "Arsenal". It was the club later became the principal rival
. During its long history the team has achieved very significant results. He has
more than twenty different trophies on the domestic and international arena. In
recent years, the team can not achieve significant progress. Today, like all football
clubs in England,"Tottenham" is trying to get into the most prestigious European
Among the football clubs "spurs" are located at the twenty-second place.
"Liverpool" - the most titled football club in the history of England. Established team
was back in 1892. He began his speech, "Liverpool" in the second division. The power of
the team was amazing. In less than ten years since the founding of the club was able to
get the first league, and soon won the gold medal.
The greatest success of the team came in the 70-80s of the last century. While
seventeen seasons, the club was able to become a champion eleven times and the FA
Cup five times accrue to them. We should also mention the international team
performances. UEFA Cup get "mersisaydtsam" three times, bent under Champions
League five times, the UEFA Super Cup - three times.
Despite these great achievements in recent years, the team is doing no better. Last time
the club managed to win the championship back in 1990. However, the team has a huge
army of fans, who will support her at any moment. In the ranking of "Liverpool" is
located on the forty-sixth place.
Alan Shearer
English football last striker and
England captain. Top scorer in the
history of the English Premier
League - 260 goals. Officer of the
Order of the British Empire. The
legend of the club "Newcastle
United" plays at number 9. After his
retirement in 2006, Shearer joined
the BBC television expert. In 2009,
Shearer briefly left his job at the
BBC and took over as head coach,
"Newcastle United", trying to save
the club from relegation from the
Premier League. However, it was
not possible to him - "Newcastle"
left, and Alan returned to the BBC.
Wayne Rooney
English footballer of Irish
descent, the captain of the
football club "Manchester
United" and the England national
team. Performs a striker under
the 10 number. Many recognized
the best English player of his
generation. In February, 2003.
Rooney made his debut in the
match against Australia,
becoming the youngest player in
the England team.
Steven Gerrard
English football club midfielder MLS
«Los Angeles Galaxy." Most of the
club career spent in the "Liverpool",
playing as a central midfielder, has
also performed at the reference
position, flank midfielder; an
attacking player at number 8. Long
Gerrard was named as one of the
most promising world-class
midfielders, when finished the
Academy with Michael Owen. In 2001.
He cemented his reputation by
winning with "Liverpool" for the year
just 5 trophies in a row.
David Beckham
English football player. Throughout
his career played for the club
"Manchester United", "Preston North
End", "Real Madrid", "Milan", "Los
Angeles Galaxy" and "Saint-Germain
Paris" and defended the colors of
England, in which he He holds the
record for the number of matches
played among the field players.
Especially it is known for its high
standards of performance skills and
free kicks. In 2011 he was recognized
as the highest-paid player in the
Joe Hart
Joe Hart - Goalkeeper
"Manchester City". Born April 19,
1987 in the English town of
Shrewsbury. Youth career Joe
held at the Academy of the local
club "Shrewsbury Town" in which
he studied until until he was
invited to the first komandu.S
2005 to 2009, the goalkeeper
took part in 26 matches between
England youth 19 and under 21
years. Since 2008, Joe was in
favor of the national team.
England national football team - professional team represents the
country at the international level. It is one of the strongest in the world
and in any international competitions always appears in the status of
one of the contenders for the victory.
England national football team
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