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ГБПОУ «Кропоткинский медицинский колледж»
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Лечебное дело
Руководитель: Торопко Раиса
This year the Queen will be the occasion of her 90th
birthday. Events will be conducted in Windsor castle
from 12 till 15 May 2016. 1,5 thousand musicians,
dancers, singers and famous actors will take part in this
theatrical action.
Army's orchestras
and cavalier from
different countries
were also invited to
take part in this
event. Members of
British royal family
will visit all
Elizabeth II will
come on the last
holiday show, which
will be translated in
real time on ITV
Queen Elizabeth II came to the
throne on February 6, 1952 after
the death of her father, King
George VI. She was crowned in
Westminster Abbey in June,
Queen is the Head of State of
the United Kingdom. She is a
queen of 16 former British
colonies, including Australia,
Canada and New Zealand
and the head of the
The Queen carries out lots of
important duties on behalf of the
nation. She goes on official State
visits abroad and invites other
world leaders to come to the UK.
She is also the Head of the Armed
Forces and the Church of
England. She deals with
documents and reports from the
government ministers. The
Queen represents the nation at
times of celebration or sorrow.
The marriage of the young Princess Elizabeth to Philip,
Duke of Edinburgh took place in November 1947.
The Queen's heir is Charles, Prince of Wales, who was born in
1948, married Lady Diana Spencer and has two children, Prince
William and Prince Harry. The Queen's other children are Princess
Anne (born in 1950), Prince Andrew (born in 1960) and Prince
Edward (born in 1964).
April 29, 2011 in the ancient
Westminster Abbey was the
perfect wedding ceremony
grandson of Queen of Great
Britain, Prince William, his
chosen one, Kate Middleton.
In 2013 Prince William and
Kate's first child was born George Alexander Louis, and
daughter Charlotte Elizabeth
Diane was born in 2015.)
Elizabeth II is very
fond of jewelery. In
the Queen's collection
of more than 300
jewelry. All of them
are stored in the
vaults of her dressing
room, as well as in a
former bomb shelter,
which is located in the
basement of
Buckingham Palace.
Undoubtedly, this is
one of the most
expensive and rare
collections of jewelry
existing in the world.
1.The Queen was born at 2:40 am
April 21, 1926 in London's
Mayfair in the residence of Count
Strathmore on Brewton Street,
house number 17.
2.Princess Elizabeth was baptized
names of Alexander and Mary in
the chapel of Buckingham
3.Princess Elizabeth
became a scout when she
was eleven years old,
and then became a
Marine Ranger
5.The Queen is the only
person in the UK who can
drive without a license or
registration number of his
car. And it does not have a
4.Each speech was written
personally by Queen, each
has a strict religious
framework, reflects current
issues and often based on
her own experience.
6.Animal lover since childhood,
The Queen takes a keen and
highly knowledgeable interest in
horses. As an owner and breeder
of thoroughbred horses, she often
comes to see jumps to evaluate
what her horse in the race, and
frequents the equestrian events.
7.He brought a
new breed of dog
known as the
"road" when one
of the corgis was
mated with a
dachshund named
8.As they say people who spoke with a British queen, her great
sense of humor. She is able to perfectly mimic the American
accent. And her cousin Margaret Rhodes said in an interview
that when flying over Windsor Castle supersonic Concorde, the
queen start to imitate the sounds of these planes.
9.Of course,
everyone knows
about this item
Royal dress code,
like a hat. But it
turns out, when
Queen Elizabeth II is
going to visit a
nursing home, she
specifically chooses
structured brightly
colored hat, an
accessory that could
even see people with
low vision.
I think that the 90th jubilee of the Queen’s Elizabeth II is
the event of the century. The UK is preparing to the
celebrating is very seriously. It is the most important fact
in England.
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