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Famous significant projects of Norman Foster

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Волченкова Алёна Игоревна
Бахчисарайский колледж строительства, архитектуры и дизайна
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Famous significant projects of
Norman Foster
Norman Foster is
one of Britain’s
most prolific
architects of his
He was born in
Manchester, England
in 1935. He received
his architectural
training at
University School of
Architecture, and
Yale University. In
1967 the company
Foster + Partners
was founded.
The company maintains
an international design
practice in more than
20 countries.
The British architect
became famous worldwide
as a pioneer of the
high-tech style.
His projects always
distinguish themselves
due to the plentitude
of glass and netlike
covers. In 1999 he was
awarded the Pritzker
Architecture Prize.
The Expo MRT
Station performed
in the “space”
style was opened
in Singapore in
January of 2001.
The basic
materials were
glass, steel and
The Expo MRT
Station is a part
of the Mass Rapid
Transit system
in Singapore.
Hearst Tower, New York,
United States
The modern complex of
“Hearst Tower” consists
of two parts – office
building constructed in
art-deco style back in
1928 and the 46-stored
tower erected in 2006.
This skyscraper is one
of the “greenest” in the
world having been
awarded with the golden
certificate by the
direction of the LEED
Ecological Projecting.
The Conference-Hall
Clyde Auditorium in
Glasgo, Scotland
The Conference-Hall
situated in the Royal
Docklands on the
banks of the river
Clyde was built in
1997. This complex is
an example of the
architecture of the
future. The acoustic
system of the hall is
one the best in the
It is interesting to
know that many people
compare this complex
with the famous Opera
Theatre in Sydney.
The skyscraper MaryAxe in London, Great
The skyscraper "Mary
Axe " widely known
informally as The
Gherkin was opened in
2004. It is situated
in London's financial
district, the City,
and is considered to
be one of the most
skyscrapers in the
world. The building
uses energy-saving
The most of the Gherkin
area is occupied with
office premises. The lower
floors are opened for the
visitors and the higher
ones are home for
expensive restaurants and
cafes with panoramic view
on the city.
The Millennium
Bridge in London,
Great Britain
The steel footbridge
suspended over the
river Thames reaches
370 m in length and
4 m in width. The
bridge is easily
recognised because
of its appearance:
it consists of two
“Y-like” frames,
aluminium deck,
stainless steel
supported by cables
to each side.
Philological Library of the
Free University in Berlin,
It was designed in the
shape of a human brain and
opened in 2005.
Plenty of critics express
dissatisfaction with the
mismatching of the library
architecture and the
architecture of the
surrounding square-angled
buildings. Another
specialists consider that
this mismatching can be
neglected, because the
super modern library
complex symbolizes the
architecture of the
The Museum of the
American Air Force
in Cambridge, Great
The building located
in the British city of
Cambridge was
constructed in 1997.
The front elevation
performed in the modern
style reminds a huge
airshed with its shape.
In the inner space of
the museum you can see
the legendary American
aircrafts of the war
time, most of which are
suspended in the air
with special cable
wires, that creates an
effect of complete
complex "KhanShatyr" in Astana,
The structure of the
modern complex
reaching 150 m in
height reminds a
giant marquise
serving as a place
for meetings,
entertainment and
relaxation. The
complex includes
different centers,
clubs, bars and
restaurants. There
are also a beach
where you can sail
in the boats along
the shore.
Stadium in
London, Great
“Wembley" Football
Stadium situated
in London was
opened in 2007 on
the place of the
old stadium. The
modern stadium can
contain 90
thousand seats. It
is the second
largest in Europe.
It is famous first
of all because of
its netlike
“Wembley arch”
which reaches 134m
in height. This
steel arch is the
longest singlespan roof
construction in
the world.
“City-Hall" in London,
Great Britain.
Leaning from its
vertical axle modern
complex of “CityHall" was opened in
2002. The building
has protuberant shape
which enables to
reduce the real
square of the surface
saving the energy
The Holiday
Hotel Mriya
Resort Cr
The philosophy
statement of
his company
Foster and
Partners says
is a public
art, and each
project "is
sensitive to
the culture
and climate of
its place“.
Norman Foster is one of
the creators of the
modern architecture.
This year he will be 81
years old, however in
such an age he keeps
surprising us with his
incredible projects.
He advises the young to
live “every living
second of your life
doing what you love”.
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