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? the footsteps of "Sherlock" serial (...по следам сериала "Шерлок")

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Хлебникова Полина Вячеславовна
ГАПОУ «Международный
колледж сервиса»
Туризм 3 курс
Руководитель: Насибуллина
Гульнара Мансуровна
… in the footsteps of «Sherlock» serial.
My work plan:
1. First meeting
8. Belgravia
2. North Gower Street
9. St Mary Magdalene Church
3. Speedy's Cafe
10. Goldney Hall
4. Shad Sanderson Bank
11. St James’s Park
5. South Bank Skate Park
12. Wellington Barracks
6. St Bartholomew's Hospital
13. Leinster Gardens 23&24
7. Diogenes club
14. In conclusion
15. References
First meeting
Many people know the series about
Sherlock, which authors are Mark
Gatiss and Steven Moffat, and the
main actors - Benedict Cumberbatch
and Martin Freeman. They could turn
the Victorian Holmes into modern
Sherlock, for this reason he pleased
me. In this work I want to wonder
around the main places of shootings
these series. So, the game is on!
North Gower Street
We will begin with the most important place of
shootings – the street which authors of series have
made look like the real Baker Street. They have
refused from the idea of shooting on the real Baker
Street because of busy traffic. So, North Gower
Street was used instead.
Address: 187 North
Gower Street
Shot from series «A Study in Pink»
Speedy's Cafe
In the same house on North Gower Street
187, where Sherlock lives according to
the series, Speedy's Cafe is located. In film
its owner is Mrs. Hudson. Now, this cafe is
the favourite place of fans’ congestion.
Moreover, it is possible to have tasty and
not expensive lunch.
Business hours: since early
morning till 15:00.
Shot from a series «A Scandal in Belgravia»
Shad Sanderson Bank
Tower 42 had been constructed between
1971 and 1980 and it was solemnly
opened by the queen Elizabeth in June
11, 1981. The Tower 42 is the second
highest skyscraper in the London City and
the seventh in Greater London.
Address: 25 Old
Broad Street, City
of London
Shot from a series «The Blind Banker»
South Bank Skate Park
The space under Queen Elizabeth Hall was
chosen by skateboard lovers. It is always dry
there, the surface is smooth, its descents and
short flights of stairs are used for the
advanced skating. Skate Park walls from the
floor up to the ceiling are covered by
constantly changing graffiti.
Address: Queen
Elizabeth Hall,
Southbank side
Shot from a series «The Blind Banker»
St Bartholomew's Hospital
Here Sherlock spends much time, he
investigates proofs, makes experiments. The
tragic falling from the roof of the hospital in
the final series of the second season was
short there. St Bartholomew's hospital has
been founded in 1123, it was and it is still
used as medical institution.
Address: St Bartholomew's
Hospital, West Smithfield
Shot from a series «The Reichenbach Fall»
Diogenes club
According to the series in this building the
Diogenes Club is located. In really it is the British
Academy on Carlton House Terrace. The
academy exists under royal protection since
1902. In series this building is often visited by an
elder brother of Sherlock – Mycroft.
Address: The British
Academy, 10 Carlton
House Terrace
Photo from shootings of a series «The
Abominable Bride»
At the beginning this district was the bog. Starting
from the 19th century the Grosvenors drained it
and designed streets in the Italian style. Now
Belgraviya is the quiet district inhabited by the
rich and the famous people. In series there in 44th
house Iren Adler lived– the only woman who has
played Sherlock Holmes.
Address: 44 Eaton
Shot from a series «A Scandal In
St Mary Magdalene Church
St Mary Magdalene Church in Bristol was
used as the place for wedding ceremony of
John and Mary Watson. The church was built
in 1858 - 1883 on the project of the architect
John Norton.
Address: Mariners
Drive, Stoke
Bishop, Bristol
Photo from shootings of a series «The Sign
of Three»
Goldney Hall
In «The Sign of Three» the main events take
place during wedding reception, it was in a
greenhouse of Goldney Hall of University of
Bristol. The greenhouse is part of the building
which was built in 1724 by the Goldni's family.
Address: Lower
Clifton Hill, Bristol
Shot from a series «The Sign of Three»
St James’s Park
St James’s Park is the oldest of eight Royal
Parks. Its area of 57 acres is one of the
biggest open green zones in the central
London. We can see this place in the «The
Sign of Three» series.
Address: Horse
Guards Road
Photo from shootings of a series «The
Sign of Three»
Wellington Barracks
Wellington barracks is the house for
pedestrian guardsmen of an infanteriya,
Household Division of the British army.
Wellington barracks was built in 1833. Actions
which were short there are taking place in the
«The Sign of Three» series.
Address: 51
Petty France
Photo from shootings of a series
«The Sign of Three»
Leinster Gardens 23&24
Curious two houses - No. 23 and 24 on Leinster
Gardens Street have been shown in the third
series of the third season of "Sherlock". These
houses are actually the same as it is shown in
series: facades hide an open site of the London
subway between Peddington and Beyzuoter.
Windows are painted over by gray paint, and in
the doorway there is no crack for mail.
Address: 23-24 Leinster
Gardens, Bayswater
Shot from a series «His Last Vow»
In conclusion
In conclusion I would like to say that
London is not only Big Ben,
Buckingham Palace and Tower
Bridge. When you are walking
around London, try to go away from
the main places of interest. Every
building and every street hides its
own unique history. Look at them
closer and I promise you – you won't
Thank you for your attention!
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