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Выполнила: Кравцова Виктория Владимировна
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Ханты-Мансийский Технолого-Педагогический
Отделение «Экономики и управления»
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 The location of the city
 Foundation of the city
 Town history
 Sights of Manchester
Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough
in Greater Manchester in England. It has a
population of over 500 thousand people.
Manchester is fringed by the Cheshire Plain to
the south, the Pennines to the north and east
and an arc of towns with which it forms a
continuous conurbation. The local authority is
Manchester City Council.
Manchester is situated in a
bowl-shaped land area
bordered to the north and
east by the Pennines, a
mountain chain that runs the
length of northern England,
and to the south by the
Cheshire Plain. The city
center is located on the
east bank of the River
Irwell, it’s near
confluences with the
Rivers Medlock and Irk.
Manchester was built as a wooden
fort by the Roman army on a
plateau about 1 mile south of the
present cathedral about 80 AD.
The Romans called it Mamuciam
because the plateau resembled a
breast. The fort was rebuilt in
stone about 200 AD. Soon a civilian
settlement grew up around the
fort. In 407 AD the Roman army
left Britain and the civilian
settlement disappeared. The stone
fort at Manchester fell into ruins.
The city has been connected with an island
gained by Romans. First agriculture, trade and
industry were developed here. Economic
development of Manchester has begun in the
fourteenth century thanks to the Flemings (the
people of the German language group) who lived
here to have negotiations on an exchange of
wool and flax.
One of the main sights in
Manchester is Town hall. It was
built in 1877 by Charles Beri's
project. Created in neogothic
style, the Town Hall became a
symbol of association of the
working people. The Victorian
Town Hall is Manchester's most
impressive building. It is
crowned by an 85m-high tower
and features an especially
ornate interior.
The Manchester
Cathedral is a historical
sight of the city. It was
twice reconstructed
during the Victorian
times and during World
War II after bombings.
However it has the
magnificent shape in a
gothic style.
Whitworth Art Gallery is
a wonderful art gallery.
There is a fine collection of
British watercolours and the
best selection of historic
textiles outside London.
Galleries are devoted to the
work of artists from Dürer
and Rembrandt to Lucien
Freud and David Hockney.
The Manchester museum is one of fascinating sights of
the city. Today it is a part of the Manchester university.
It is a museum and a research center. It has galleries
devoted to archaeology, archery, botany, ethnology,
geology and zoology. The real treat here is
Egyptology section and its collection of mummies. One
particularly interesting part is devoted to the work of Dr
Richard Neave, who has rebuilt faces of people who
have been dead for more than 3000 years.
In my opinion Manchester is a beautiful city. I
wish I were there. I would like to visit this city. I
would like to visit museums. There are many
sights in the city where one can have a good
time. I dream of going there.
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