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«Коррекционная педагогика в
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Edinburgh castle
Dunnottar castle
Loch Ness
Museum of childhood
Scottish National
Portrait Gallery
Loch Lomond
Isle of Mull
Edinburgh Zoo
Skara Brae
.beach luskentayr
Ben Nevis
Palace of
camera obscura and
world of illusions
Calton hill
Edinburgh castle
This castle is not for
nothing called the "key to
Scotland". For centuries,
the mighty walls, erected
on top of the Castle rock,
among other things, an
extinct volcano, Edinburgh
and protected, and the
whole country. The castle
is perfectly preserved
and still inspires awe for
its majestic walls and
ancient history.
Dunnottar castle
On the high bank of the North Sea, near
Aberdeen, is the most romantic of
Scottish castles, dilapidated castle
Dannotar. Each period of the history of
the country was connected the castle.
Surprisingly, the ruins of the castle look
different, depending on the weather.
Loch Ness
It is very deep and is one
of the largest lakes of
Scotland is famous for not
only numerous castles
built on its banks, and its
local monster - Nessie.
The fact that the Loch
Ness usual huge animal,
written by the Romans,
and today there are
more testimonies and
evidence. However,
scientists are skeptical
about the legend of
Nessie, that does not
prevent the tourists try to
see something in the
murky waters of the lake.
Museum of childhood
It was opened in the
middle of the last
century by Joseph
Murray for a better
understanding of human
socialization. In this
museum all steeped in
joy and gladness. It
constantly pulls both
adults and children can
have fun with toys and
pick them up if you want
to your home.
Scottish National Portrait Gallery
It preserves works that
revolutionaries, poets,
rulers, and other
historical figures. By the
way, the gallery
exhibited a portrait of
one of the best James
Bond of all time - Sean
Connery. Next to him writer Robert Burns and
philosopher David
Hume. In general, there
crept a good company.
Among such people to
be nice.
Loch Lomond
It is the largest lake
by area, not only
Scotland itself, but
also the UK. Loch
Lomond is a
traditional holiday
destination for locals.
It offers excellent
conditions for water
sports, and in the
south-west coast is an
elite golf club.
Isle of Mull
Isle of Mull is located
off the west coast of
The capital of the
island is a very pretty
town of Tobermory,
colorful houses which
provide the guests of
the city complacent
mood. Picturesque
waterfront, fishing
boats bobbing at the
quays, cozy cafes of
this tiny city attract
many tourists.
Edinburgh Zoo
It is an attractive place for tourists
is the local zoo. It's great to visit
with the children. As for the
southern animals, Edinburgh Zoo
in this matter the leader among
the northern neighbors. Diamond
collections are considered pandas
and koalas. Apart from these, the
tourists and other visitors can
meet here the lions, armadillos,
Amur leopards, monkeys and
many other animals.
Skara Brae
This unique monument of history
belongs to the Neolithic period
and is located on the west
coast of the Orkney Islands.
Skara Brae - a small village, in
which there are dilapidated
homes of the era. Archeologists
still find here unique items that
tell the history of Scotland.
Skara Brae is considered the
best preserved monument of
the history of the Neolithic.
beach luskentayre
This Scottish beach
has often been
compared to the
best corners of the
Caribbean coast.
Blue-green water
under the sunlight
looks no worse than
in the Bahamas, and
extremely fine sand
is more like talcum
powder. During low
tide, the beach,
nestled in a cozy
bay, is very nice and
Ben Nevis
The height of the mountain
Ben Nevis - 1344 meters, is
the highest point of the
British Isles. At any time of
the year on the mountain a
lot of sightseeing,
mountaineering and rock
climbing. In winter there
are skiing and
snowboarding. To get to
the mountain Ben Nevis
convenient to Glasgow.
Each year this summit climb
of about 150 thousand
tourists, although the whole
lift can take about eight
Palace of Holyroodhouse
Palace of Holyroodhouse is the
official residence of the Queen in
Scotland, where the state
ceremonies and official receptions.
The palace is located on the main
street in the center of the capital Royal Mile, at the other end of
which is Edinburgh Castle.
The Palace of Holyroodhouse lived
Mary Stuart
Edinburgh - home to many
thriving branches of
industry, services, district,
George Street Street - one
of Europe's largest
investment centers.
Old city consists mainly of
the High Street, which is
part of the Royal Mile, the
end of which is the
residence of the royal
family.To the west of
Edinburgh city center, in the
valley of the river Leith.
camera obscura and world of illusions
In this museum, you can plunge into
the world of optical phenomena
and various tricks. "Chip" of the
original device consists in the fact
that he, a beam of light projected
on standing in a dark room the
screen allows you to see all the
main streets and squares of the
capital of Scotland. The most
attractive point for tourists is the
fact that many of the exhibits are
interactive, which allows you to
visually examine the optical
properties of different objects.
Calton hill
Calton Hill is located in the
heart of Scotland's capital
city is protected by UNESCO
and included in the list of
places that are World
Heritage. Magnificent views,
opening here, often ceases
inspiration for creative
people of Edinburgh.
Another interesting feature
of Calton Hill is that it is
associated with a natural
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