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Путешествие по городам Америки

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Виртуальное путешествие по Америке
Выполнила работу:
Кликавка Алина Евгеньевна
Студентка II курса
специальности «Дошкольное
Чегдомынский горнотехнологический техникум
Руководитель проекта:
Преподаватель иностранного
Бондаренко Елена Павловна
1. San Antonio
2. Detroit
3. Washington D.C.
4. Seattle
5. Las Vegas
San Antonio
San Antonio is a beautiful city on the South Texas Plains.
It is associated with fine art museum, interesting history
and plenty of amusement parks.
San Antonio feels like a small
town, but today its population is
over one million.
The culture and people are
vibrant and exciting. The
Hispanic atmosphere of San
Antonio makes it a truly
unique US city and very
riveting for tourists. There
are many places of interest.
Holidays, carnivals and
festivals take place in the
city. San Antonio is famous
for this promenade River
Alamo is reconstructed
Spanish mission, which
is situated in the heart
of the city.
There is a national park,
containing many cultural sites.
In San Antonio there is historic district La
Villita, where tourists spent the time.
Detroit is the most populous
city in the US state of
Michigan. It was founded in
1701. Detroit is one of the
oldest it is in the Midwest.
Certainly, in the heart of
Detroit there is many
skyscrapers. The famous of
them are Penobscot Building
and Fisher Building.
The Ambassador Bridge is
hanging bridge, which located on
the Detroit river . It is a symbol
of this city.
The bridge connects two
countries: USA and
It is especially beautiful at
Washington D.C.
Washington is the capital of
USA. There is presidential
residence named by the
White House. Washington is
a unique city, where huge
buildings combination with
wonderful landscapes. The
Washington monument is
the highest point of the city.
The National Cherry blossom festival. This
annual event is widely celebrated since 1912.
It's a beautiful fest attract many people.
The main attraction is
Capitol. It is situated in
the heart of capital.
Capitol is one of the
largest buildings in the
Seattle is the largest city in the state.
The city was founded in 1869. It is
commercial, cultural, scientific center.
Seattle has a developed economy.
There are many good universities. The
company Microsoft was founded in
Seattle. The Gum Wall is the most
unusual attraction. In Seattle there is
Lenin's monument, that is very
interesting fact.
The Space Needle is the
main symbol of the city. The
Museum of the history of
music is wonderful place for
a family rest. The most
beautiful natural attractions
is Cascade Range. Seafair is
a summer tradition since
1950. One of the most
popular Seafair festivals is
Dragon Fest in Seattle’s
Chinatown .
Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the largest
american city. it is the
center of gambling. Las
Vegas is located in the
central part of the Mojave
desert. There are many
casinos, hotels, daily
concerts, shows, countless
parks and museum. It is the
best city for entertainment.
Bellagio Fountains is the
best and free attraction. It
is accompanied by music.
Giant jets of water rise up.
Stratosphere Tower is
one of the favorite sites.
United States of America is very
interesting and attractive country. Cities,
which I have presented, are very popular
among tourists.
All cities have many beautiful places for
visiting. Especially, I like San Antonio.
There is quietly atmosphere. Holidays are
very nice, pleasant, wonderful in this city.
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