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Before reading
Step 1. Look at the picture and try to guess.
 We can see the town of Suzdal in the picture.
 It is an ancient tow.
 This town is famous for its monasteries and churches.
 I would like/wouldn’t like to visit this town.
Step 2. Match the words to their definitions. Give the Russian equivalents of
the words.
1 - c (княжество)
2 - g (крепость)
3 - a (приемник)
4 - f (хроники)
5 - e (храм)
6 – d (бедствия/невзгоды)
7 – b (вторжение)
III. After reading the text.
Step 1. Read the text to find out which sentences below are “True”, “ False”,
“Not stated”.
a) False
b) True
c) True
d) Not stated
e) True
f) False
Step 2. Writing. Make up the plan to the content of the text:
In 1024 Suzdal was first mentioned in the chronicles.
In the middle of the 11th century it reached its zenith and became the capital of the
Rostov-Suzdal principality.
In the 14th century the city had eight monasteries and at least forty churches.
In the end of the 15th century the entry into the Moscow principality.
The beginning of the 16th century brought a lot of tribulations to Suzdal land.
In 1608 and 1611 the city was twice occupied by the Poles.
In 1634 the city suffered devastating raids of Crimean Tatars.
In 1644 the devastating fire destroyed the entire western part of the dwelling.
In 1654-1655 the epidemic of “pestilence” turned the city into a wasteland.
In the 17th century the city saw intensive construction.
In the end of the 18th century Suzdal became the main town of Vladimir region.
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