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Biography of Tolkien

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Руководитель: Калашникова Ирина Викторовна
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien creativity, and contribution to
the culture of the country
The plan:
1. Biography
• Childhood
• Youth
• Early career
• "Tolkien boom"
• Death
2. Designing languages
3. The work and heritage
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien – English writer, linguist, known
as the author of the books «The Hobbit”, «The Silmarillion”,
“The Lord of the rings", which brought together the legends and
the author of invented languages about a fantasy world. Tolkien
was an Oxford Professor of the English language. He is
considered "the Father of fantasy literature"
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien born 3 January 1892 in
Bloemfontein. His parents, Arthur Tolkien and Tolkien Mabel,
arrived in South Africa shortly before the birth of her son in
connection with the promotion of the head of the family.
February 17, 1894 born Hilary Arthur Reuel, brother of the
Mabel Tolkien
John with his brother
In February 1896, after Arthur's
death, the family returned to England.
Mabel is left alone with two children
and a modest income, but trying to find
a foothold in life, she dives into religion
and gives children a religious education.
As a result Tolkien life remains a
religious man.
Edith Brett
In 1908 Tolkien met Edith
Brett, who had a great
influence on his work. Love
prevented John to go to
College, and girl was his
senior by three years. Her
father took John's word that
he will not meet with Edith
until he was 21. Tolkien had
fulfilled his promise.
He wrote Edith a letter in which declared his love and
offered his hand and heart. The girl was engaged to
another man, but she returned the ring to the groom, and
agreed to marry Tolkien. The couple lived together for 56
years and raised four children.
Early career
In 1914, Tolkien enlisted in the
Corps military training, to delay
conscription and to obtain a
bachelor's degree. In 1915 Tolkien
graduated from the University and
went into the service; he was soon
called to the front and participated in
the First world war.
At the same time he began
writing the legends of middleearth, which would later
become "the Silmarillion". For
children he wrote, spoke, and
then wrote "the Hobbit". The
book is very popular and offer
Tolkien to write a sequel. The
work took a long time and was
completed in 1954.
In 1948 he finished work on the novel "Lord of the
rings". Along with trilogy, it was necessary to publish the
Silmarillion, but the Publisher didn't go for it.
And only after 2 years,
when "the Lord of the rings"
became popular, Director of
the publishing house agreed
to publish the whole novel.
After his wife's death in 1971, Tolkien returned to Oxford. In
late 1972 he suffered greatly from pain in the abdomen. 28 August
1973 Tolkien went to the other.
August 30, Sunday, he attended the event on the occasion of the
birthday of the wife of the friend. Felt good, but the night was bad
and he was taken to the clinic, where they found a stomach ulcer.
Despite optimistic forecasts of doctors, by Saturday, the
disease has evolved, and in the night of Sunday September
2, 1973, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien died at the age of 81
years. Spouses were buried in one grave.
Designing languages
In childhood John and his friends invented several languages to
communicate with each other. Passion for learning languages and
the creation of new stayed with him for life. Tolkien is the Creator
of artificial languages: Quenya – the language of the high elves,
Sindarin – the language of the grey elves. He knew several dozen
The work and heritage
The works of Tolkien have had an enormous influence on
world culture of the 20th and 21st century. They have been
adapted for film, theatrical productions. "The Lord of the rings"
was filmed, but the most famous version of the films are Peter
Jackson. Subsequently, Jackson took over the film adaptation of
the novel "the Hobbit".
The works of English writer John Ronald Reuel
Tolkien brought him fame during his lifetime and great
glory after death. The impact of his work on the culture of
English-speaking countries, it is difficult to overestimate.
Tolkien wanted to create for England a mythology, which
she was almost deprived.
Tolkien has influenced not only literature, but also to
other areas of the arts. It's music, visual arts. Themes from
Tolkien is presented in symphonic music. This is the
soundtrack to his film adaptations. Composer Howard
shore received the award "Oscar" for the soundtrack to the
film trilogy "the Lord of the Rings.
Howard Shore
Many well-known fantasy writers admit that they turned to this
genre under the influence of Tolkien's epic, such as Robert Jordan,
Nick Perumov, Terry Brooks. As well-known works of Tolkien's
"Children jurina", “The Road goes into the distance and into the
distance", “The Return of Beachton, son Beorhthelm" and others.
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