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2.Контрольные тесты по английскому языку

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Ярославский государственный университет им. П.Г. Демидова
Кафедра иностранных языков
Ярославль 2004
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ст. препод. Т.Б. Потехина
ст. препод. Е.В. Новожилова
Контрольные тесты по английскому языку / Сост. Т.Б. Потехина,
Е.В. Новожилова; Яросл. гос. ун-т. Ярославль, 2004. 24 с.
Предназначено для студентов 1 и 2 курсов всех факультетов для
проверки знаний по грамматике как самостоятельно, так и в качестве
контрольной работы.
специальностей, очная форма обучения.
Рецензент – кафедра иностранных языков
государственного университета им. П.Г. Демидова.
 Ярославский государственный университет, 2004
 Т.Б. Потехина, Е.В. Новижилова, 2004
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
1. Посмотрите, все ли отобранные авторами учебника элементы
отрабатывались на уроках.
2. Прежде, чем давать тесты учащимся, выполните их сами.
3. Прежде, чем давать тесты учащимся, выполните с ними
подобные задания, укажите на типичные ошибки.
4. После проверки тестов дайте анализ типичных ошибок.
5. Не разрешайте учащимся при выполнении тестов пользоваться
TEST № 1
I. В каком из слов звук, передаваемый буквой «о», отличается от
a) phone b) know c) sorry d) zero e) bone f) role
II. Выберите правильную форму глагола “to be”:
1. I …in the 10-th grade.
a) is b) are c) am d) were
2. He … at the theatre yesterday.
a) is b) was c) will be d) were
III. Выберите правильную форму глагола “to have”:
Mr. Smith stayed at his office very late because he… a lot of work.
a) has b) have c) will have d) had
IV. Укажите правильный вариант перевода:
1. The flowers are in the vase.
а) цветы в вазе б) в вазе цветы.
2. There is no telephone in the room.
a) Телефона нет в комнате б) В комнате нет телефона.
V. Укажите правильные варианты перевода:
1. Дверь открылась и вошла девочка.
2. Дверь открылась и девочка вошла.
a) The door opened and a girl came in.
b) The door opened and the girl came in.
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VI. Выберите нужное местоимение:
1. I invited my friend to … place.
a) me b) his c) my d) mine
2. It’s easy, you can do it …
a) you b) your c) yours d) yourself
VII. Выберите правильную форму существительных:
1. The … comes every morning.
a) postman b) postmen
2. How many … high is this house?
a) feet b) foot
VIII. Выберите нужное по смыслу слово:
1. We have … bread, please, go and buy some.
a) much b) many c) little d) few
2. I have …time, I can wait.
a) little b) many c) few d) much
IX. Укажите предложение с притяжательным падежом:
a) My mother’s friend lives not far from here.
b) She reads a lot.
c) The car’s stopped.
d) The Browns are my neighbours.
X. Выберите правильный предлог:
1. Let’s meet … 6 o’clock.
a) in b) on c) at
2. My brother works … school
a) to b) at c) in
3. Go …room and make yourself comfortable.
a) out of b) into c) from
4. I was looking … my gloves everywhere but couldn’t find them.
a) out b) at c) for
5. You must put …your coat, it’s cold outside.
a) out b) on c) off
XI. Завершите разделительный вопрос:
1. This is my school, …?
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
a) doesn’t b) hasn’t it c) isn’t it
2. We usually have dinner at 3, …?
a) don’t we? b) haven’t we c) aren’t we?
3. My father travels a lot, …?
a) doesn’t he b) hasn’t he c) isn’t he
XII. Укажите правильный артикль:
1. He was born in … small Russians town.
a) a b) an c) the d) –
2. … Petrovs are our neighbours.
a) a b) an c) the d) –
3. … ice-cream is made of milk and sugar.
a) a b) an c) the d) –
XIII. Составьте краткие вопросы с ответами.
1. Is it warm today? a) Yes, please.
2. Does he love her? b) Yes, she is.
3. Is she swimming now? c) Yes, he does.
4. Are you a student? d) No, I don’t.
5. Do you go to school? e) Yes, I am.
6. Was she asking questions? f) No, they won’t.
7. Shall I help you? g) Yes, it is.
8. Will they meet us? h) Yes, she was.
TEST № 2
I. В каждой группе слов отметьте то, в котором произношение
подчеркнутой буквы или буквосочетания отличается от остальных:
a) main
b) raise
c) fairy
d) daisy
a) maps
b) balls
c) books
d) seats
a) stopped
b) watched
c) waited
d) worked
II. Найдите нужное местоимение:
1. You can find … at work or home.
a) she b) her c) hers d) herself
2. Don’t take the textbook, it’s … .
a) me b) yours c) mine d) my
Ш. Какое из существительных надо употребить?
1. How many … are there in your team?
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
a) woman b) women
2. The baby has got two …
a) teeth b) tooth
IV. Найдите нужное местоимение:
1. X. – Is this room ten?
2. Y. – I don’t know. There is … number on it.
3. X. – Are there … students now?
4. Y. – Yes, there are … .
a) some b) any c) no d) not
V. Выберите нужное по смыслу слово:
1. She can’t wait, she has … time.
a) few b) much c) little d) many
2. We usually drink … water in hot weather.
a) a lot of b) many c) little d) few
VI. Употребите правильный артикль:
1. Rita is studying … English.
2. Don’t forget to buy … milk.
3. Look! … milk is boiling.
4. Last night there was … bird singing in my garden.
5. He was … tall man.
a) the b) a c) an d) –
VII. Выберите правильную форму глагола:
1. … you have written the letter to your friend?
a) shall b) will c) have d) having
2. All the questions of this test should …
a) answer b) to answer c) to be answered d) be answered
3. She is not in the library now, she … in her room.
a) is reading b) read c) was reading d) reads
4. They … a test just now.
a) is writing b) are writing c) will write d) wrote
5. Has Ann got her books now? – Yes, my brother … yesterday.
a) has given them to her b) gave them to her
c) gave to her them d) has given to her them
6. The students … in the country next summer.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
a) will work b) work c) worked d) works
7. These new houses …. two years ago.
a) built b) were built c) build d) were building
8. I … since morning and I am very tired.
a) translate b) was translating c) have been translating d) am
9. When did you discover that your car…?
a) was stole b) had been stolen c) is stolen d) stolen
10. Who … you that?
a) did tell b) does tell c) tell d) told
11. What … when I called you yesterday?
a) you were doing b) you did c) were you doing d) did you
12. The telegram … by the time you came.
a) had been sent b) was sent c) sent d) was sending
13. If you … hard, you will pass your exams.
a) will work b) works c) working d) work
14. Please wait for me, if I … late.
a) will be b) shall c) am d) be
15. She said that she … to Italy.
a) had never been b) was never c) never had been d) has never been
16. Charlie Chaplin was a comedian who was best … for his work in
silent movies.
a) know b) knew c) known d) knowing
VIII. Вставьте пропущенные слова:
1. Joe’s family … watching television for a month.
2. At first Joe felt bored and … .
3. Then his family …doing things together.
4. They played video … read and told … .
5. Now Joe is content to see one … a week.
a) stories b) show c) stopped d) angry e) began f) games
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TEST № 3
Выберите правильный вариант:
1. I know you … an advanced geography course now.
a) were taking b) is taking c) are taking
2. The nation’s income and productivity …enormously over the past
70 years.
a) rose b) has risen c) have risen
3. You are a good football-player. Since when … you … football?
a) have been playing b) did play c) had been playing
4. Perhaps in the future men … on the sea. away from the crowded
and noisy cities on land.
a) will live b) would live c) are living
5. What …you … at 4.30 tomorrow afternoon?
a) would be b) were do c) will be doing
6. Don’t call on me. I … for Kiev by noon.
a) should have b) shall have left c) left
7. In the year 1620, a ship named the “Mayflower” … 120
Englishmen to the rocky coast of America.
a) has brought b) brought c) had brought
8. Meanwhile in the village most people … to go skiing.
a) was preparing b) were preparing c) are preparing
9. By the 16-th century a new economic system … … feudalism.
a) replaced b) was replacing c) had replaced
10. The war broke out in 1914. the European ruling class … for it for
twenty years.
a) prepared b) had prepared c) had been preparing
11. America’s first college? Harvard, … in Massachusetts in 1636.
a) is being founded b) had been founded c) was founded
12. She says that American hotel managers … a very difficult job
a) have had b) have c) will have
13. She said that she … and could not work any more.
a) was tired b) is tired c) has been tired
14. She asked me what holidays … .
a) I liked b) have I liked c) did I like
15. The driver was requested … so fast.
a) not to drive b) don’t drive c) hasn’t to drive
16. The story of the first Thanksgiving feast … among the Americans.
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a) is well-known b) have been well-known c) would have been wellknown
17. In more than 200 years the USA Constitution …. 26 times.
a) is amended b) is being amended c) has been amended
18. The bridge … … by tomorrow morning.
a) will have been reconstructed b) is being reconstructed c) will be
19. These are just a few of the questions to which they … their
a) are devoting b) had devoted c) is devoting
TEST № 4
I. Выберите правильный вариант:
1. There were no buses to the village. So he … drive.
a) must to b) had to c) was to d) was able to
2. Go to the dining-room. Kate … there now.
a) sitting b) is sitting c) was sitting d) sits
3. The foreign languages … at our institute.
a) teach b) are teaching c) are taught d) taught
4. I don’t know … about cars.
a) nothing b) something c) anything d) any
5. It is so cold today. Why … put on your coat?
a) you haven’t b) haven’t you c) have you d) you have
6. Mike hoped that his friend … him.
a) will help b) would help c) helps d) help
7. Yesterday we … to the restaurant.
a) are invited b) were invited c) invited d) will be invited
8. This man is … that one.
a) tall as b) tallest than c) taller than d) taller as
9. You will … speak English in 2 months.
a) can b) must c) be able to d) ought
10. Plants die if you … water them every day.
a) won’t b) don’t c) wouldn’t d) didn’t
11. I am happy to see you. I … you since 1999.
a) hadn’t seen b) haven’t seen c) didn’t seen d) haven’t been seeing
12. Look! The school …
a) has repaired b) is been repaired c) has being repaired d) is being
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13. When … your arm?
a) you broke b) have you broken c) did you break d) you have broke
14. On the table I saw a book … at page 6.
a) was opened b) opening c) was opening d) opened
15. The student … the article asked me to help him.
a) translate b) translates c) translated d) translating
16. This was the … test I have done.
a) easier b) most easiest c) easiest d) easy
17. If it … sunny tomorrow, I will go out.
a) is b) will c) will be d) is going
18. I … play the guitar very well now.
a) must b) can c) could d) will be able to
19. An Englishman’s home … to be this castle.
a) thought b) are thought c) is thinking d) is thought
20. He knows … about economics.
a) many b) much c) few d) a few
II. Прочитайте текст и выберите ответ из предложенных:
After inventing dynamite, Swedish-born Alfred Nobel became a very
rich man. However, he foresaw its universally destructive powers too late.
Nobel preferred not to be remembered as the inventor of dynamite, so in
1895, just 2 weeks before his death, he created a fund to be used for
awarding prizes to people who had made worthwhile contribution to
mankind. Originally there were 5 awards: literature, physics, chemistry,
medicine and peace. Economics was added in 1968, just 67 years after the
first award ceremony.
Nobel’s original legacy of nine million dollars was invested and the
interest on this sum is used for the awards which vary from $30,000 to
Every year on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death, the
awards (gold medal, illuminated diploma and money) are presented to the
winners. Sometimes politics plays an important role in the judges’
decision. Americans have won numerous science awards but relatively few
literary prizes.
No awards were presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of
World War II. Some people have won 2 prizes but this is rare; others have
shared their prizes.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
1. When did the first ceremony take place?
a) 1895 b) 1901 c) 1962 d) 1968
2. Why was the Nobel Prize established?
a) to recognize worthwhile contributions to humanity,
b) to resolve political differences,
c) to honor the inventor of dynamite,
d) to spend money
3. In which area have Americans received the most awards?
a) literature b) peace c) economics d) science
4. In how many fields are the prizes given?
a) 2 b) 5 c) 6 d) 10
5. Which of the following statements is true?
a) The same sum of money is paid to the winners.
b) Ceremonies are held on December 10, which is the day of Nobel’s
c) Politics can play an important role in selecting the winner.
d) Many people have won two awards.
TEST № 5
I. Выберите правильный вариант:
1. My friend lives in Kiev. And where … you live?
a) does b) do c) will
2. … you read a newspaper yesterday?
a) do b) did c) are d) have
3. You … walk alone around the town late at night.
a) must b) mustn’t c) have to d) needn’t
4. I knew the town so I … advise him where to go.
a) will be able to b) could c) mustn’t d) needn’t
5. It’s very cold. … I shut the window?
a) may b) could c) mustn’t d) might
6. Hurry! The bus … . I don’t want to miss it.
a) came b) will come c) is coming d) didn’t come
7. Don’t buy these shoes. They … too expensive.
a) have b) are c) is d) does
8. It’s a nice town. It … a very nice shopping center.
a) have got b) has got c) are d) do
9. Philip lost his camera when he … about the city.
a) was walking b) walks c) will be walking d) will walk
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10. Don’t ring them up at seven in the morning. They … .
a) slept b) will be sleeping c) was sleeping d) sleeps
11. What … do last evening?
a) did b) do c) will d) was
12. How many cigarettes … smoke a day?
a) you did b) will you c) you was d) do you
13. The police … know about the stolen painting.
a) don’t b) aren’t c) doesn’t d) isn’t
14. All news … fast.
a) are traveling b) travels c) travel
15. We shall not begin the meeting until everybody … .
a) comes b) will come c) came
16. What … you … at 4.30 tomorrow.
a) were b) is ….do c) will … be doing
17. Unless they improve their attitude to work, they … the exam.
a) fail b) will fail c) was failing
18. What are you doing now? I … a test.
a) write b) am writing c) wrote d) will write
19. These houses … about twenty-five years ago.
a) were built b) is building c) will build
20. A lot of rice … in Asia.
a) is eaten b) was eating c) will eat
21. The children … watch TV last night.
a) were allowed to b) must c) will be able to d) can
II. Which question word to use?
22. Janet likes spaghetti very much.
a) Where b) When c) Why d) Who
23. We can start work on Monday.
a) How b) When c) Who d) why
24. Jane met her friends at a party.
a) Where b) Who c) What d) Why
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TEST № 6
I. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в нужном времени:
One night I …. (be) alone at home with my ten-year-old daughter. She
… (wake) me up in the middle of the night: “Mum, mum! There ….(be) a
man outside the house. He …(watch) me through the window! … (look)
out of the window. I ….(can) see the shape of a man outside. Who …(he,
be)? What ….(he, do) there? I …(must, get) to the telephone in the hall
and telephone the police, “ I ….(think). ….(go) downstairs hardly daring
to breathe, afraid that he ….(hear) my movements. I ….(reach) for the
telephone, ……(lift) the receiver and ….(dial) 999. The police ….(answer)
and I …explain what ….(happen). They ….(say) that they ….(come) at
Soon police car …(stop) in front of the house. I ….(hurry) downstairs
and …(open) the front door. A police officer ….(come) in. “What
….(happen)?” he ….(ask). After listening to my story he ….(go) out, and
after a while …(return). “It’s all right,” he …(say). “I …(just, see) that
man. He …(live) in the house opposite.”
II. Выберите правильный вариант:
1. Have you seen Mary’s boyfriend …..?
a) yet b) still c) just d) else
2. I wonder what our children …when we come back.
a) do b) will do c) are doing d) will be doing
3. I hate …. .
a) a rainy weather b) rainy weather c) the rainy weather d) rainy
4. Don’t be angry … me, please.
a) at b) about c) with d) for
5. I was very much surprised when Ann said that she … .
a) can’t to swim b) can’t swim c) couldn’t swim d) wasn’t able swim
6. I want …. me.
a) you to help b) that you help c) that you’ll help d) you helping
7. He was never been to … foreign countries.
a) some b) any c) no d) anywhere
8. …. a post-office near here?
a) Is b) Is there c) Where there d) There is
9. The police …. the criminal yet.
a) have caught b) didn’t catch c) didn’t caught d) haven’t caught
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
10. Charles Dickens is still …. popular today as when his first work
appeared, over 150 years ago.
a) as b) so c) such d) much
11. “Tom sawyer” …. by Mark Twain.
a) has written b) was wrote c) was written d) is being written
12. As far as I know he speaks neither Spanish ….Italian.
a) or b) either c) not d) nor
13. He said that he …. to Egypt.
a) never had been b) never was c) has never been d) had never been
14. When we arrived in Sochi, it was very hot and the sun …. .
a) was shining b) shone c) shined d) shining
15. The teacher made me … the exercise again.
a) to do b) do c) doing d) that I’ll do
16. You’ve made … mistakes in your dictation.
a) too many b) so much c) very little d) a lot
17. You’ve never heard this song, ….?
a) isn’t it b) haven’t you c) have you d) is it
18. Jane is afraid of …..
a) ours b) our c) us d) we
19. She was the sort of woman who was always bothering about … .
a) what other people would think b) what would other people think
c) what would think other people d) what other people think
20. It was … place I had ever seen.
a) more beautiful b) most beautiful c) the most beautiful d) the
21. I have made up my ….. to become a teacher.
a) brains b) mind c) head d) decision
22. Before we parted Wilson asked me … I would like to go and see
his house one day.
a) that b) which c) about d) if
23. I am sure that Jim is …. lies.
a) pronouncing b) telling c) talking d) saying
24. Would you like … piece of cake?
a) other b) another c) more d) others
25. …. Volga is the longest river in Europe.
a) - b) The c) A d) an
26. Peter is a bad driver. he drives …. .
a) careless b) careful c) carefully d) carelessly
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
27. This is ….. I can’t afford it.
a) cheap b) expensive c) bad d) good
28. I’ve never heard …. .
a) her to sing b) her sing c) she sings d) she is singing
29. My brother …. Ann Graves since childhood.
a) is loving b) was loving c) has been loving d) has loved
30. Jim’s …. sister wants to become an economist.
a) elder b) older c) old d) the oldest
TEST № 7
I. Выберите правильную форму
1. We expect them… us this summer.
a) to visit b) to have visited
2. We are glad … the summer in the Crimea.
a) to spend b) to have spent
3. It seems … outside.
a) to rain b) to be raining
4. She likes … tennis.
a) to play b) to be played
5. The vase … into pieces was carefully wrapped in paper.
a) breaking b) broken
6. She sat on the river … the setting sun.
a) watching b) watched
7. It was so hot in the … bus.
a) crowding b) crowded
8. … this text I found many interesting expressions.
a) reading b) having read
9. … my work I went out for a walk.
a) finishing b) having finished
10. She sat by the window looking at the boys … in the yard.
a) playing b) having played
11. … through the journals I put it aside.
a) looking b) having looked
12. I want you to come .
a) Я хочу прийти к тебе. b) Я хочу, чтобы ты пришел
13. We would like to join the party.
a) Нам бы хотелось прийти на вечер. b) Нам бы хотелось, чтобы
вы пришли на вечер.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
14. I hope to enter the institute.
a) Я надеюсь поступить в институт b) Я надеюсь, что ты
поступишь в институт
15. I believed her to be a good friend.
a) Я верила ей, хорошей подруге b) Я считала ее хорошей
16. Похоже на то, что пойдет дождь.
a) It is likely to rain. b) It is unlikely to rain c) It is sure to rain
17. Она обязательно придет.
a) She is likely to come b) She is unlikely to come c) She is sure to
18. Я не люблю читать вслух.
a) I don’t like reading aloud b) I don’t like your reading aloud
19. Она настаивает на том, чтобы я поехал туда.
a) She insists on going there b) She insists on my going there
20. Она не любит, когда ей задают такие вопросы.
a) She doesn’t like asking such questions b) She doesn’t like being
asked such questions.
TEST № 8
I. Выберите правильную форму:
1. He insists on the problem …. at once.
a) solving b) solved c) being solved
2. He referred to your ….. the work in time.
a) doing b) done c) being done
3. They rely on the work …. now.
a) doing b) being done c) done
4. Before … the theorem should be discussed properly.
a) using b) used c) being used
5. The teacher is surprised at his not …. the exam yesterday.
a) passing b) passed c) having passed
6. Students … exams next week should come up to the teacher.
a) taken b) taking c) being taken
7. You can measure the force …. upon the body.
a) acted b) being acted c) acting
8. The force …. to the body was measured.
a) applied b) applying
9. …. from the Institute he began to work at an office.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
a) having graduated b) graduating
II. Выберите предложения с герундием и переведите их на
русский язык:
1. His work resulted in solving many problems.
2. Making these experiments we can compare the weight of elements.
3. The substances tested were described in his report.
4. Newton’s having formulated this law was of great importance.
5. The idea of creating the method of coordinates belongs to Descarts.
6. When compressing a gas heat may be developed.
III. Выберите предложения, в которых действие, выраженное
герундием, относится к прошлому:
1. I am surprised at her having left Moscow.
2. They insist on studying this problem next term.
3. The teacher insists on our doing the work in time.
4. They rely on your having done the work properly.
IV. Соедините подходящие по смыслу части:
1. Having done his home-work …
a) he went to the cinema b) he made several mistakes
2. Having graduated from the institute ….
a) she became a good specialist b) she studied a lot of interesting
3. Writing a dictation …
a) … she will go skiing b) she was very attentive
TEST № 9
I. Соедините подходящие по смыслу части:
1. Doing exercise …
a) she left for the institute b) she learnt some new words
2. Studying at the institute ….
a) she was a good student b) she finished school
3. Having written the letter he …
a) post it b) always makes mistakes
4. Having done his home-work…
a) he went to the cinema; b) he made several mistakes
5. Having graduated from the university…
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
a) she became a good specialist b) she studied a lot of interesting
6. Writing a dictation…
a) she will go skiing b) she was very attentive
II. Выберите предложения с герундием и переведите их на
русский язык:
1. His work resulted in solving many problems.
2. Making this experiment we can compare the weight of the
3. The substances tested were described in his report.
4. Newton’s having formulated this law was of great importance.
5. The idea of creating the method of coordinates belongs to Descart.
6. When compressing the gas heat may be developed.
7. The meeting resulted in coming to an agreement on this problem.
8. Measuring the temperature of the body was necessary.
9. His having solved this problem is quite natural.
10. The method recommended was used by him.
III. Выберите предложения с независимым причастным
1. We have drawn a triangle, the measure of its altitude being 3 times
the measure of its base.
2. The experimental work being completed, they could publish the
results obtained.
3. The area of a circle is given by the formula, representing the radius.
4. Having multiplied both fractions by the same number we actually
did not change the value of the fractions.
5. When working with these signs one must be very careful.
IV. Выберите правильную форму:
1. It is necessary that the equation … studied.
a) were b) should be c) shall be d) was
2. He speaks about computers as if he … an expert on them.
a) was b) has been c) were d) would be
3. I insist that the reason for the failure of the experiment … carefully
a) should be b) was c) would be d) were
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
4. I wrote down the words lest I …. forget them.
a) did not b) would c) should not d) should
5. Could I speak to him now I … him my point of view.
a) should give b) would give c) should have given d) gave
6. His paper would have been read at the conference if it … in due
a) was sent b) had been sent c) would have sent d) would have been
7. If I … there tomorrow I should speak to him.
a) would be b) was c) were d) should be
8. It … rather unexpected if he finished the work so early.
a) should be b) would be c) were d) had been
9. I suggest that both operations …. designed with the letters A and B.
a) were b) had been c) be d) would be
10.I wish the problem … solved at once.
a) should be b) would be c) was d) were
TEST № 10
I. Выберите правильную форму:
1. The teacher was surprised at the students … this theorem.
a) not knowing b) not being known c) not known
2. He relied on his paper …… tomorrow.
a) discussing b) discussed c) being discussed
3. Do you insist on his …. the work?
a) doing b) done c) being done
4. … coordinates is the fundamental idea of analytic geometry.
a) introducing b) introduced c) being introduced
5. The dean will object to her … the exam next month.
a) taking b) taken c) having taken
6. … to the lecture, students usually make notes.
a) listening b) listened c) having listened
7. A … weight possesses potential energy.
a) lifting b) lifted c) being lifted
8. The energy … in this experiment was thermal energy.
a) transforming b) transformed
9. … the results he went home.
a) having obtained b) obtaining c) being obtained
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
II. Выберите предложения с герундием и переведите их на
русский язык:
1. The meeting resulted in coming to an agreement on this point.
2. Measuring the temperature of the body was necessary.
3. His having solved this equation is quite natural.
4. The method recommended was used by him.
5. By applying the method of coordinates we solve complex problems.
6. The engine tested required no improvement.
III. Выберите предложения, в которых действие, выраженное
герундием, относится к прошлому:
1. I am sure of his passing the exam successfully.
2. She knows of his having failed at the exam.
3. I rely on your having translated the article yesterday.
4. He is surprised at having been asked this.
IV. Соедините подходящие по смыслу части:
1. Doing exercise …
a) she left for the Institute b) she learnt some new words
2. Studying at the Institute…
a) she was very good student b) she finished school.
3. Having written a letter he …
a) … he post it b) he always makes mistakes
TEST № 11
I. Выберите правильный вариант:
1. I remember … your letter.
a) having posted b) posted c) posting
2. … a one-day Travelcard not only gives you a return to London from
your local station, it is also your passport to unlimited travel on London’s
trains, Tubes and most buses.
a) to buy b) buying c) having bought
3. Viewers … to object to the growing amount of violence on TV.
a) are not seem b) do not seem c) are not seeming
4. I hate him …
a) laugh at b) to be laughed at c) laughed at
5. He is expected … a report on Monday morning.
a) make b) will make c) to make
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
6. The inspector suspected him … the cop.
a) of having killed b) for killing c) in being killed
7. … her address I could not write her a letter.
a) not knowing b) without knowing c) not to know
8. If captured, the runaway slaves … to end up in slavery.
a) to be likely b) were likely c) have been likely
9. Today the Commission ordered five atomic power stations …
a) to shut down b) shutting down c) shut down
10. The holiday … Thanksgiving Day is now observed on the fourth
Thursday of November.
a) calling b) called c) to be called
11. I am afraid you … the point (I mentioned before that …)
a) seem to have missed b) are seeming to miss c) are seemed to have
12. I … see more organizations coming together to put an end to the
thereat of nuclear war.
a) will like to b) would like to c) would have liked to
13. Norman rule introduced Norman French language, feudalism and
administration, … on castles.
a) based b) being based c) having been based
14. Hellen …. to be a good story-teller.
a) turned out b) is turned out c) to turn out
15. The instructor had the students …. the experiment over.
a) to have done b) do c) to do
16. His career crashed when he … letting a girl die in a car crash.
a) should be accused of b) was accused of c) is accused of
17. James Watt patented his steam engine, …. mainly for pumping, in
a) using b) is used c) used
18. I like to watch the planes …
a) take off b) to take off c) to be taking off
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TEST № 12
I. Выберите правильную форму:
1. … plants and animals deep in the ocean, science may find a cure for
some of the most serious human diseases.
a) on studying b) by studying c) having studied
2. By the end of this century there will be 600 million people around
the world … in absolute poverty.
a) living b) having lived c) lived
3. The problem … is of great significance.
a) discussing b) being discussed c) discussed
4. He was considered … a good teacher.
a) to be b) to have been c) was
5. I have never heard him ….
a) to sing b) sing c) to have sung
6. He is said …. a novel for ten years.
a) to have been writing b) to have written c) to be writing
7. He is looking forward … to the country.
a) to going b) for going c) to having gone
8. William the Conqueror is famous for … England.
a) having been conquered b) conquering c) having conquered
9. The traffic made me … as if my head would burst.
a) to have left b) to feel c) feel
10. I saw her … the street.
a) crossed b) having crossed c) crossing
11. She is known … on a very important problem now.
a) to have worked b) working c) to be working
12. I believed him … the most honest person.
a) to be b) is c) be
13. I expected them … the problem in detail.
a) consider b) to consider c) considering
14. Did he deserve …?
a) praising b) having been praised c) being praised
15. While … the book I came across a lot of interesting facts.
a) studying b) study c) having studied
16. Do you want me … a new theory to the class?
a) to present b) to be presenting c) to have presented
17. The proposal is reported … by the committee.
a) to be approved b) to have been approved c) to approve
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Test № 1
I – c; II – 1 – c; 2 – b; III – d; IV – 1 – a; 2 – b; V – 1 – a; 2 – b;
VI – 1 – c; 2 – d; VII – 1 – a; 2 – a; VIII – 1 – c; 2 – d; IX – a; X – 1 – c;
2 – b; 3 – b; 4 – c; 5 – b; XI – 1 – c; 2 – a; 3 – a; XII – 1 – a, 2 – c; 3 – d;
XIII – 1 –g; 2 – c; 3 – b; 4 – e; 5 – d; 6 – h; 7 – a; 8 – f
Test № 2
1 - c; 2 – b; 3 – c; II – 1 –b; 2 – c; III – 1 – b; 2 – a; IV – 2 – c, 3 – b;
4 – a; V – 1 – c; 2 – a; VI – 1 – d; 2 – d; 3 – a; 4 – b – 5 – b; VII – 1 – c;
2 – d; 3 – a; 4 – b; 5 – b; 6 – a; 7 – b; 8 – c; 9 – b; 10 - d; 11 – c; 12 – a;
13 – d; 14 – c; 15 – a; 16 – c
Test ; 3
1 – c; 2 – c; 3 – a; 4 – a; 5 – c; 6 – b; 7 – b; 8 – c; 9 – c; 10 – c; 11 – c;
12 – b; 13 – a; 14 – a, 15 – a, 16 – a, 17 – c; 18 – a, 19 – a
Test № 4
I – 1 - b; 2 – b; 3 – c; 4 – c; 5 – b; 6 – b; 7 – b; 8 – c; 9 – c; 10 – b;
11 - b; 12 - b; 13 – c; 14 – d; 15 – d; 16 – c; 17 – a; 18 – b; 19 – d; 20 – b;
II – 1 – b; 2 – a; 3 – d; 4 – c; 5 – b
TEST № 5
1 – b; 2 – b; 3 – b; 4 – b; 5 – a; 6 – c; 7 – b; 8 – b; 9 – c; 10 – b;
11 – b; 12 – b; 13 – c; 14 – d; 15 – d; 16 – c; 17 – a; 18 – b; 19 – a; 20 – a;
21 – a; 22 – d; 23 – b; 24 – a
TEST № 6
1 - a; 2 – d; 3 – b; 4 – c; 5 – c; 6 – a; 7 – b; 8 – b; 9 – d; 10 – a; 11 – c;
12 – d; 13 – d; 14 – a; 15 – b; 16 – a; 17 – c; 18 – c; 19 – a; 20 – c; 21 – b;
22 – d; 23 – b; 24 – b; 25 – b; 26 – d; 27 – b; 28 – b; 29 – c; 30 - a
TEST № 7
1 – a; 2 – a; 3 – b; 4 – a; 5 – b; 6 – a; 7 – b; 8 – a; 9 – b; 10 – a; 11 – b;
12 – b; 13 – a; 14 – a; 15 – b; 16 – a; 17 – c; 18 – a; 19 – b; 20 – b
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
TEST № 8
I - 1 –c; 2 – a; 3 – b; 4 – c; 5 – c; 6 – b; 7 – c; 8 – a; 9 – a; II – 1,4,5;
III – 1, 4; V – 1 – a; 2 – a; 3 – b
TEST № 9
I – 1 - b; 2 – a; 3 – a; 4 – b; 5 – a; 6 – b; II – 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 ; III – 1, 2,
3; IV – 1 – b; 2 – c; 3 – a; 4 – d; 5 – b; 6 – b; 7 – c; 8 – b; 9 – c; 10 – d
TEST № 10
I – 1 - a; 2 – c; 3 – a; 4 – a; 5 – a; 6 – a; 7 – b; 8 – b; 9 – a; II – 1, 2, 3,
5; III – 2,3,4; IV – 1 – b; 2 – a; 3 – b
TEST № 11
1 – c; 2 – b; 3 – b; 4 – b; 5 – c; 6 – a; 7 – a; 8 – b; 9 – a; 10 – b; 11 – a;
12 – b; 13 – a; 14 – a; 15 – b; 16 – b; 17 – c; 18 – a
TEST № 12
1 – b; 2 – a; 3 – b; 4 – a; 5 – b; 6 – a; 7 – a; 8 – c; 9 – c; 10 – c; 11 – c;
12 – a; 13 – b; 14 – c; 15 – a; 16 – a; 17 – b
Контрольные тесты по английскому языку
Потехина Татьяна Борисовна
Новожилова Елена Викторорвна
Редактор, корректор В.Н. Чулкова
Компьютерная верстка С.И. Савинской
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