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Mary Poppins

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Инсценировка для учащихся 5х классов(по материалам журналов «ИЯШ в школе», книг для детей)
Путешествие Мэри Поппинс и её друзей
Инсценировка для учащихся 5х классов
( по материалам журналов " ИЯШ в школе", книг для детей )
Mary: Good afternoon, children! Good afternoon, guests! Glad to see you at our party. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Mary Poppins. What are you names? P.1: My name is Olga.
P.2: My name is Marina.
P.3: My name is Kiril.
Mary: Thank you, children. Let's sing a song. (Everybody sings the song "What is your name?" .
Mary: Children, the weather is so fine! Let's go out and play in the yard. Look! The children are making a snowman.
P.4: Sing a song of wintertime
Another freezing night,
And all the ruffly, ripply pond
Is hard and crystal bright.
P.5: Winter! Winter! Winter!
The snow is falling,
The wind is blowing,
The ground is white
All day and all night.
P.4: Sing a song of snow and ice,
Rhyme a dozen rhymes,
Happy, snowy wintertime
Is best of all the times.
P.6: Nothing is quite, so quiet and clean
As snow that falls in the night,
And isn't it jolly to jump from bed
And find the whole world white?
P.7: When the snow is on the ground,
Little Robin Red-breast grieves,
For no berries can be found,
And on the trees there are no leaves.
P.8: See the pretty snowflakes
Falling from the sky,
On the walls and housetops
Soft and thick they lie.
P.4: Do you know, do you know
Why I walk upon tiptoe?
All my gardens gone to sleep,
That is why you see my creep.
Flowers are in their flower-bed,
Every seed is a sleepy head.
P.9: Come to the garden "What a nice snowman",
And play in the snow, The children will say. Make a white snowman "What a fine game And help him to grow! For a cold winter day! (All the children sing)
We have made a snowman
Big and round,
Big and round. We have put a snowman On the ground,
On the ground. P.10: On winter day
When clouds hang low,
I made a snowman
In the snow.
He stayed with me
All next day:
The sun came out:
He ran away.
P.1: Now look at the New Year Tree! It is beautiful, isn't it? P.11: It is time for Santa Claus to come to our party. What has happened to him?
Where is he?
(Music. A pigeon appears.)
Pigeon: Good afternoon, children!
Good afternoon, Mary!
I am a carrier pigeon. I have a letter from Santa Claus. Take it, please.
Mary: Thank you very much. Let's read the letter.
P.3: "Dear boys and girls! I wish you a Happy New Year! I can't come to your party. Come to England. I will be very glad to see you. I have many presentsfor you.
Santa Claus."
P.1 Oh, look at the map! England is so far. How can we get there? We have no ship, we have no plane. Mary: I know. I have a magic umbrella. Here it is. But it is black. I need a painter. Is there a painter in the hall? Painter: I am a painter.
Mary: Painter, help me, please. Colour my umbrella.
Painter: All right. I'll help you.
(He takes the black umbrella, leaves the scene and comes back with the coloured umbrella).
Mary: The umbrella will become magic if you name the colours. What colour is it?
(The children name the colours).
Mary: Thank you, children. Let's begin our journey. (She spins the umbrella). P.1: Close your eyes. Sleep. 1, 2, 3... P.2: Fly, umbrella, with children and me!
Wind: The south wind brings wet weather. The north wind wet and cold together. The west wind always brings us rain, The east wind blows it back again. Hush, children, I am the wind, the magic wind. I help only kind people. I'll take Mary and her friends to England, but not at once. They will stop for a while to rest. Blow, blow, winter wind Heigh ho, say heigh ho Into the green holly, Then, heigh ho the holly! The life is most jolly! P.3: Children, wake up! Let's sing the song "Dear John". (The children sing). Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Dear John, dear John?
Christmas bells are ringing, Christmas bells are ringing, Ding, ding, dong!
Ding, ding, dong!
Mary: We are on the island "Circus". Look at the clown. Clown: Look, look, see the clown! He is jumping up, He is jumping down. He is rolling over, like a ball, He doesn't seem to care at all. He holds a plate upon the stick, He is dropping it, "Oh, catch it quick!" He is dancing with a baby bear, He is blowing bubbles everywhere. He makes us up, He makes us cheer, He's gone, "Good bye, Come back next year!" Mary: Children, it is a very merry island. Make a circle, we shall play. P.1: Nick and Andy, Sugar and candy, I say: run! P.2: Nick and Andy, Sugar and candy, I say: jump!
P.3: Nick and Andy, Sugar and candy, I say: fly! P.1: Nick and Andy, Sugar and candy, I say: cry! Clown: And now it's time to do our exercises! Hands up! Hands to the sides, Hands on hips. Hands down! Bend to the left, 1,2,3, hop! Hands on hips, Bend to the right! 1,2 3, hop! Sit down! 1,2,3, stop! Mary: Let's continue our journey. (Spins the umbrella). P.1: Close your eyes. Sleep. 1,2 3... Mary: Fly, umbrella, with children and me! Wind: (Repeat the same words). P.3: Children, wake up! We are on the island of fairy-tales. The young actors are going to show us the fairy-tale "Turnip". Mary: Thank you. It was very interesting. Good bye, it's time to continue our trip. (Spins the umbrella). P.2: Close your eyes. Sleep. 1,2,3... Mary: Fly, umbrella, with children and me! Wind: (Repeat the same words). P.2: Wake up, children! We are in a very dangerous place. It is the island of robbers. (The robbers play cards and sing the song "Clementine"). In a cavern, in a canyon, Excavating for a mine, Lived a miner forty-niner
And his daughter Clementine. Oh, my darling, oh, my darling, Oh, my darling, Clementine, You were lost and gone for ever, Dreadful sorry, Clementine! R.1: Somebody is here. Who is that? R.2: Children have come to us. R.3: Who are you? R.4: You money or your life! P.1: Have mercy on us! Mary: I am Mary Poppins. We are going to England. Santa Claus is waiting for us. Allow us to leave your island.
R.1: O.K. But answer our questions. R.2: Yes. Answer our questions. I am orange. I live in the forest. I can climb, I cannot fly. I can jump and I can run. I like hares. What am I? Children: A fox. R.3: I am grey and very little, I live in the house, I am a little... Children: mouse. R.4: I can jump and jump and swim, Cold water is my dream. I cannot walk and cannot fly. Tell me, children, what am I? Children: A frog. R.4: You are very clever. What shall we do? R.3: What shall we do? P.1: Answer our questions.
Two little golden horns
Are sitting on the cloud,
Floating slowly in the sky,
Looking very proud.
(A young moon)
R.1: We don't know Ты видишь в небе два рожка?
Что это отгадай тогда?
А это месяц молодой
Плывёт на облачке домой.
P.2: Little Nancy Etticoat
With a white petticoat,
And a red nose;
She has no feet or hands,
The longer she stands
The shorter she grows.
(A candle)
R.2: We don't know. P.2: Нэнси, Нэнси, кто ты, кто? Ты бела, как молоко.
А нос у Нэнси красный,
Горячий и опасный.
Чем дольше, Нэнси, ты стоишь,
Тем ты короче: ты горишь!
R.3: You are so clever! R.4: You are so good! R.1: You are so polite! P.3: Do you go to school? R.2: No, we don't. P.1: Do you read books? R.3: No, we don't. P.2: Do you help people? R.4: No, we don't. We are so bad! What shall we do? P.3: You must be good. Do you want to go with us to England? R.1: It's a good idea. Take us with you, children. Mary: O. K. It's time to finish our journey.
P.1: Sleep, close your eyes. 1,2,3... Marry: Fly, umbrella, with children and me! Wind: (the same words) P.2: Wake up children, we are in England. Where is Santa Claus? Hostess: Come, children, gather round my knee;
Something is about to be.
Tonight's December twenty fourth
Something is about to burst.
Hark, it's midnight, children, dear,
Father Frost will soon appear.
Everybody: 1,2,3! Santa Claus, come to me! Mary: Santa Claus is coming,
Christmas is near,
Hang all the stockings
We can't wait till he is here.
Santa: I've done many things for Christmas,
I've tied each present with bow,
But there is one other thing
I wanted to tell you,
How much I love you,
But I think you know.
Happy Christmas, my friends!
Happy Christmas today!
Let us dance hand in hand,
I will show you the way!
Claus Mary: Santa Claus, let's play the game "We are not afraid of you!" (Children are in a circle. When Santa says "I shall freeze you", the children stop. Mary throws "a snowflake" and the children start moving again) . P.1: Santa Claus is old. He is tired. Sit down, Santa, we shall recite poems.
With Christmas years behind us
And Christmas years ahead
I tie my love with ribbons
In the shade of Christmas red
P:In the glow of Christmas candles
And the stars that shine above
I bring you season`s greetings
With my ribboned gift of love.
P:In the joyous sound of voices
Singing carols in the snow,
I take your hand and tell you
Of my love that seems to grow.
Santa Claus: Thank you, children. I have presents for you. Mary, help me. (They give children twelve pictures illustrating the poem about Christmas days. The children recite the poem). P.3: Christmas Day, happy day! We are glad and very gay. We all dance and sing and say: Welcome, welcome, Christmas Day! Everybody: We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year.
Mary: Thank you, Santa, for your presents. Our journey is over. Good bye! 1,2,3... Fly, umbrella, with children and me! We'll fly home! (The children sing the song "Jingle Bells" and "For Auld Lang Syne"). Ахмедова Р.Н.
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