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125 volts
401,472 m
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Number GB401472A
EN Title
for sorting
[Class 117.] Apparatus for sorting articles, such as beans, according
to colour comprises means for moving the articles in succession past a
photo-electric cell, means controlled by the photo-electric cell for
positively displacing the articles from the moving means and means for
rendering the displacing means inoperative except when each successive
article is in functional relation to the photo-electric cell.
As described, the displacing means consist of a push rod 16 which is
actuated by a solenoid 17 to push out of the succession of articles
those of a colour darker than the standard The solenoid is in circuit
with a gas discharge valve 24, the grid voltage of which is controlled
by the photo-electric cell 12 through two cascade-connected amplifying
valves 22, 23 and a filter consisting of induction coils 38, high
resistances 37 and capacity 39.
The system is supplied with power from two sources 25, 26 of direct
current at voltages, for example, of 500 and 125 respectively, and the
filter acts to damp out the ripple variations of the alternating
current for heating the filaments of the amplifiers and discharge
In order to time the energisation of the solenoid and to interrupt the
current in the valve 24, a rotary switch comprising a cylinder 27 of
insulating material and conducting strips 28 co-acts with terminals
The switch is geared to the feeding device which consists of a hollow
disc 3 with peripheral apertures 10 and connected to a suction pipe 9.
The disc is rotated through a mass of the articles in a hopper 1, and
a stripper 20 detaches the standard articles.
', _ i, I 11-i r L1, W, F no. r L' i;_y Unit j (';, i'T/RX A.-z ' L k
Convention Date (United States): Sept 14, 1931.
401,472 m
Kingdom): Sept 14, 1932 No
Complete Accepted: Nov 16, 1933.
Improvements in and relating to Apparatus for Sorting Articles f We,
Tu E BRITISH Tiioms ON-I-l OUSTON COMlPAN LIMITED, a British Company
having its registered office at brown House, Aldwych, London, W C 2,
(Assignees of PIETER JUCHTE'R, of 349, Glen Avenue, Scotia, County of
Schenectady, Sgate of New York, United States of America, a citizen of
the United States of American, do hereby declare the to nature of this
invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, to be
particularly described and ascertained in and by the following
This invention relates to apparatus for i 5 sorting beans and the like
and has for its object the provision of improve-l apparatus for this
purpose which is simple, efficient and inexpensive to manufacture, In
the single figure of the drawing which illustrates an embodiment of
the invention, we have shown the hopper 1 having the funnel 2 into
which beans or other articles to be separated are poured.
The hopper is shaped to conform and to lie close to but without
touching the periphery of the disc 3 which serves to carry the beans
individually past the point at which they are observed by the
photo-electric apparatus to be described later Disc 3 is mounted for
rotation on the shaft 4 upon which also is mounted the driving gear 5
and meshinr with gear is the pinion 6 on the shaft 7 of the driving
motor 8 Disc 3 is provided with a plurality of peripheral openings
which are equally spaced and which connect by radial suction passages
with a central cavity A suitable exhausting pump, not shown, is
connected, as for example, by the suction pipe 9, with the central
cavity of the disc 3 so that as the disc rotates each successive
peripheral opening therein emerges from the upper end of the hopper
with a bean elinginz thereto In the drawing the beans thus clinging to
the disc are represented at 10 At a certain point opposite the
periphery of disc 3 there are arranged the two lamps 11 bv which the
successive beans are rio highly illuminated Opposite this same point
is the photo-electric tube 12 which by the conical shield 14 is
shielded from the 'direct rays from l-am's 11 and from' all light
reflected from the disc 3 the opening in the small end of the shield
preferably being somewhat smaller than the size of the smallest bean
Arranged at one side of the disc 3 is the ejector 16 by which a dark
or discoloured bean is knocked off the disc and caused to fall into a
receptacle, not shown, provided for the reception of such beans The
ejector is illustrated as comprising the solenoid 17 having plunger 18
which is normally retained in a retracted position by the spring 19
but which is caused to advance when the solenoid is energised to
strike the particular bean at that instant in front of the photo tube
At a point beyond, those beans which have not been knocked from the
disc by the ejector 16 are pushed off the disc by the memberand
allowed to fall into another receptacle, not shown, provided therefor
The terminals of the photo-electric tube 12 are shown connected to a
direct current amplifier comprising the cascade connected electron
discharge devices 22 andand 23, and the output circuit of the second
device connects through the filter F, to be F described hereinafter,
with the tvapour electric discharge device 24 By this device the
circuit of the ejector 16 is controlled, the arrangement being such
that if a bean has the proper colour, the ejector 16 will not be
energised but if the colour 85 is too dark, for example, the device 24
andi ejector 16 will be enerigsed to cause the bean to be knocked off
the disc and fall into the receptacle provided for rejected At beans
The photo tube, the several discharge devices, and the ejector are
shown supplied through a voltage divider from two sources of direct
current 25 and 26;. whose voltage, for example, may be 500 y volts and
125 volts respectively, -which sources having a common conductor
comprise in effect a three-wire system.
In order to avoid an improper operation of the ejector 16 due to the
effect of Ij shadows on either or both sides of a bean as it
approaches or leaves the position oi observation, we have provided
menusr which will now 'be described for rendering the ejector
inoperative except at such lo 5 times only as the bean is in such a
posia 401,472 tion that the shadows cannot affect the photo tube For
this purpose we have provided a contactor in the circuit of the
ejector and the plate of the device 24 which contactor is shown as
comprising the insulating drum 27 on the periphery of which are the
conducting segments 28 and bearing on this drum are the two contacts
29 connected in series in the plate and ejector circuit The number of
peripheral openings in the disc 3 and the contact segments 28 on drums
27 are so related that at the instant each successive bean reaches the
exact position at which j 5 it is directly in front of the opening in
the shield 14 the circuit of the ejector is momentarily closed If at
that instant the impulse received from the photo cell is that produced
as a result of a bean of inferior colour, the ejector is operated and
the bean knocked from the disc Otherwise the ejector is not operated
and the bean passes on to be pushed oft the disc by the member 20 The
above described contact device not only serves to close the ejector
circuit at the proper instant but also serves to open the plate
circuit of the vapour electric device 24 in order to stop the flow of
current therethrough.
heating of the filaments of each of the amplifiers 22 and 23
andthevapourelectric device 24 we have provided the alternating
current connections shown at 31, 32 and 33 by which alternating DW
current having a frequency, for example, of 60 cycles may be supplied
through the transformers 34, 35 and 36 to the respective filaments We
have found that as a result of the use of alternating current for
heating the filaments of amplifiers 22 and 23 and also if lamps 11 are
supplied by alternating current, that the grid potential of the device
24 has a slight ripple of a frequency equal to twice that of the
alternating current supplied to the filaments This is objectionable
inasmuch as the adjustment of the response of device 24 needs to be
very close, since there is a relatively small difference in the
response made by the photo tube when the same is exposed to a good
bean and when it is exposed to one which is only slightly off colour
To prevent the above mentioned ripple from reaching the grid i of the
device 24 we have inserted in the grid circuit the filter F comprising
resistance elements 37, inductance elements 38, and capacitance
element 39 whereby the voltage supplied to the grid is substanB 66
tially uniform.
We are aware that in a photo-electric sorting machine whereby a series
of objects carried, by grippers on an endless conveyor are selectively
sorted and delivered into separate bins or receivers 65 in accordance
with their colour differences or shades thereof, the setting of a trip
mechanism which determines the point at which each object shall be
delivered, is controlled by an electromagnet whose 70 circuit is
completed in timed relation with the presentation of the articles in
succession to the photo-electric device, and is opened at intermediate
Waving now particularly described and 75 ascertained the nature of our
said invention and in what manner the same is to be
1 performed, we declare that what we claim is:1 In bean or the like
sorting appara 80 tus, means for moving the beans individually past a
photo-electric device to be viewed thereby, means controlled by the
photo-electric device for positively displacing beans from the moving
means, 85 and means for rendering the displacing means inoperative
except when each successive bean is in functional relation with
respect to the device.
2 In bean or the like sorting appara 90 tus, means for mov-ng the
beans individually past a photo-electrice device to be viewed thereby,
electromagnetic means for positively displacing beans from the moving
means, a vapour electric discharge 95 device responsive to the
photo-electric device for controlling the electromagnetic means, and
means for closing and opening the circuit of the vapour electric
in accordance with the movement of each
successive bean into L O G and out of functional relation with the
photo-electric device.
3 In bean or the like sortin apparatus as claimed in Claim 2, an
connected to 105 the
photo-electric device and a filter between the amplifier and the
dischiarge device for removing frown the input to the vapour discharge
device ripple variations in the alternating current 110
4 In bean or the like sorting apparatus as claimed in Claim 2, an
electron discharge amplifier for the photo-electric device having an
alternating current actuated cathode, and a filter between the j Jv
amplifier and the input element of the vapour discharge device
constructed to damp out ripple variations of the alternating current.
Dated this 13th day of September, 1932. JOHN GRAY, Crown liouse,
Aldwych, London, W C 2, Agent for the Applicants. L Redhill: Printed
for Hls Majesty's Stationery Office, by Love and Malcomson, Ltd -1933
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