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1 L
distance of about 40 metres
Number GB403046A
Title Improvements
projectors combinations
[Class 75 (iii).] In spectacles provided with light projectors to
facilitate reading and c., the spectacle frame carries at each side a
sleeve 1 forming a bearing for a pin 3 provided with a collar 4 having
a transverse boss 5 carrying a pin 6 on which is rotatably mounted
with frictional restraint a fork 7 to which the light projector 12 is
The projector can thus be angularly adjusted about any axis.
Application Date: July 28, 1933 No 21,233/33.
Complete Accepted: Dec 14, 1933.
greater than - greater than _k ' j L'k 4039046 Improvements in or
relating to Spectacles and Light Projectors Combinations.
ANNA AB Ruzzo SAVERIO, of 50, Boulevard de la Madeleine,
Marseilles, France, an Italian Subject, do hereby declare the nature
of this invention and in what manner the same is to be per formed, to
be particularly described and ascertained in and by the following
This invention relates to spectacles and light projectors combinations
of the type in which two small projectors provided with electric
incandescent lamps are mounted on either side of a pair of spectacles,
so as to project light forward to permit reading or lighting one's
path, in darkness It has for its object an improved device of the type
referred to, in which, instead of being fixedly mounted on the frame
of the spectacles, the light projectors are mounted so as to be
independently adjustable in direction, so that it is possible to
direct the two projected beams in any direction, as desired, and, for
example, to cause them to converge towards any desired point.
According to this invention, I provide a spectacles and light
projectors combination, of the type described, characterised by a
support adjustable in direction, for each light projector, constituted
by a sleeve, fixed on each side of the frame of the spectacles, in
which sleeve turns with friction the end of a cylindrical rod provided
with a transverse boss carrying' a pin on which is adapted to turn
with friction a fork on which is mounted a small electric projector.
Referring to the drawings left herewith, which represent, as an
example, a particular manner of carrying out the invention Fig 1 is a
front and a side view of the pivoted support according to the
invention; Fig 2 is a longitudinal section of the support; Fig 3 is a
perspective view of a pair of spectacles and light projectors
combination provided with supports according to the invention.
In the drawings, 1 is a sleeve adapted to be secured to the frame of
the spectacles by a small bracket 2, and in which is l przee adapted
to turn a rod 8, provided with a collar 4 carrying a transverse boss 5
pro 55 b vided with a pin 6 on which turns with friction the shank 7
of a fork 8 carrying a mounting 9 in which is fixed an electric lamp
socket 10 with a small incandescent lamp 11, enclosed in a projector
12 The 60 lamp socket 10 is detachably connected by flexible
conductors 13 to a source of current, such as a pocket battery by
means of a small plug and socket connector of the usual type The
projectors may be 65 provided with a reflector on their inner surface
The projectors are so designed as to project the light to a distance
of about 40 metres .
Besides its use for reading and writing 70 by night, the device,
mounted in the manner described, allows to light the ground in front
of a pedestrian and constitutes lights which indicate to drivers of
vehicles the position and the movements 75 of pedestrians, and
therefore prevent accidents.
The mounting of the projectors 12 is such that they can easily be
brought out of their operative position against the 80 frame of the
spectacles, thereby considerably reducing the bulk of the device in
the folded position, so that it can be inserted in the pocket.
of 85. very light
materials;,6their {forms and dimensions may be varied according to
requirements to suit the various applications to which the device may
be put, without changing the general disposition 90 described above
and without departing from the spirit of the invention, as defined by
the claims.
Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my
said inven 95 ' tion, and in what manner the same is to be performed,
I declare that v-hat I
claim is:1
A spectacles and light projectors combination, of the type
described, char 100 ' acterised by a support adjustable in lirection,
for each light projector, constituted by a sleeve, fixed on each side
of bhe frame of the spectacles, in which sleeve turns with friction
the end of a cylin i M 5 drical rod provided with a transverse boss 1
-1 t is -:, W-3 1 1 L 12 = 2 2 4 f 3,046 arrying a pin on which is adapted to turn with
friction -a fork on which is Dated this 28th day of July, 1933 mounted
a small electric projector. 2 The combination of spectacles and M E J
GHENRY)E 9 BRAY, go electric light projectors, substantially as The
Imperial Patent Service, described and as illustrated in the accoms
First Avenue House, High Hfolborn, panying drawings London, W C 1.
Redhill: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office, by Love and
Malcomson, Ltd -1933,
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