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was refreshing to be pushed back up the scale again. I read this
book over the Christmas holiday period. I reflected on the
contrast with my other holiday diversion—the Mensa membership application IQ test. Cells, Tissues and Disease was
definitely the preferred experience.
J. MC
Department of Pathology
University of Manchester
Atlas of Tumour Pathology. Tumours of the Heart and Great
A B and R V.
This is the 16th fascicle of the third series of the Armed
Forces Institute of Pathology atlases. It is substantially more
detailed than its companion volume from the second series and
is an encyclopaedic guide to every type of tumour that occurs
within the heart and great vessels! It is a timely publication, for
the most detailed textbook of cardiovascular pathology, edited
by Silva in Toronto, came out in 1991. Since that time, there
have been substantial advances in clinical methods of detecting
intracardiac pathology and these are well summarized in the
second chapter of this fascicle.
Fourteen of the 16 chapters in this volume discuss specific
cardiac and vascular tumours. All are magnificently illustrated,
with an excellent balance between black and white and colour
prints. The references are laid out with helpful sub-headings
and for most chapters there are well over 50 separate citations.
This volume is an invaluable source of data on these rare
lesions. In some fascicles, interesting non-tumorous conditions
and malformations are sometimes included in the text. This
volume would have been of more value to practising pathologists if sections on hypertrophic and congestive cardiomyopathies, including right ventricular cardiomyopathy, could also
have been included. Of course, these are not tumours, but
they are conditions that puzzle practising pathologists quite
P J. G
Southampton General Hospital
Mast cell distribution, activation and phenotype
in atherosclerotic lesions of human carotid arteries.
Jeziorska M et al. Journal of Pathology Vol 182 (1997)
The Editor regrets that due to an error on his part, the
original colour illustrations provided by the authors of
? 1997 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
this paper were not used for reproduction. The colour
photocopies that were used instead were not intended
for this purpose. This explains the inferior quality of the
printed illustrations, for which the Editor wishes to
  , . 183: 242–248 (1997)
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