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Education in English-speaking countries

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Education in English-speaking countries
1. Education in Australia is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 15.
2. Most children (about 70%) study in state schools where education is free.
3. In several states of Australia there are "Schools of the Air".
4. "Schools of the Air" are situated in the areas far away from big cities and towns.
5. Students attending the Schools of the Air use a two-way radio or other means of communication.
6. By listening to the radio, watching TV and video the students learn about the world around them though they stay in their own homes.
7. There are also schools "Schools Through the Mailbox" for children who live far away from any school in the area.
8. Subjects are divided into one or two-week units.
9. Each unit including new material, illustrations, exercises and tests can be sent to pupils any time.
1. About 90% of all children in the USA attend state or public schools where education is free.
2. 43 million pupils and students go to public schools and another 6 million are in private schools.
3. In private schools parents have to pay for their children's education.
4. Most of the private schools have religious education too.
5. The relations between students and teachers in state school are democratic and friendly.
6. In American public schools students wear whatever they want.
7. Students can choose the subjects they study.
8. But some Americans believe that the quality of education is going down.
9. Some Americans think that the number of basic subjects is few and do too little homework.
Great Britain
1. Most of secondary schools in Great Britain are state schools where education is free.
2. Private (or public) schools in England and Wales are very expensive.
3. Private (or public) schools are attended by about 5% of the school population.
4. The education in public schools is of high quality.
5. The discipline in private schools is very strict.
6. Most of private schools are either for boys or for girls.
7. The private schools are famous for the right friends and contacts which are useful for a successful future.
8. In some British schools uniforms are worn by all the pupils, in others the children can wear what they want.
9. Harrow school is famous as the place where Winston Churchill was educated? As well as six other Prime Ministers of Great Britain.
1. In the Russian Federation the school education is compulsory.
2. Pupils begin to go to school at the age of six.
3. Every child starts going to school from the age of seven and till 16.
4. There are usual state schools in Russia, in addition, state and private lyceums and gymnasias.
5. Different additional subjects are also taught in gymnasias and that may be difficult for children.
6. Education in Russia is compulsory up to the 9th form inclusive
7. There are four holidays each school year in Russia.
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