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Polymer International 39 (1996) 1
Editor ia I
As part of the continuing development of Polymer International this issue
embodies a number of changes and improvements. Immediately noticeable
is the change of the cover from the traditional black and yellow which has
been used for the 26 years that Polymer International has been in existence.
This change is not change for the sake of change but heralds the introduction of a new major feature of the Journal-Special Topic Issues.
Special Topic Issues will be published from time to time, as part of the
regular subscription issues, with a view to providing readers with information focused upon current important aspects of polymer chemistry. Special
Topic Issues will contain original research articles and review articles which
will be assembled under the guidance of an invited Guest Editor who will be
an expert in the field covered. The coverage of a Special Topic will be broad
within the boundaries of polymer chemistry, but will not extend to articles
on materials, engineering or processing aspects of polymers. The subjects of
Special Topic Issues already planned include : Biopol-polyhydroxybutyrates,
High-performance polymers, Polymer surface analysis, Dendrimers, and the
first of these is expected to appear in the March 1996 issue. Readers are
invited to propose subjects for further Special Topic Issues.
This issue also marks the appointment of Professor Hyoe Hatakeyama of
Fukui Institute of Technology, Japan, as the new Editor in Japan. Professor
Hatakeyama, formerly of the National Institute of Materials and Chemical
Research, Tsukuba, Japan, has a distinguished career and excellent reputation in polymer chemistry and technology. He will focus on receiving
papers from authors in Japan and will be happy to advise any prospective
authors in that country.
Professor Kenji Kamide, who is succeeded by Professor Hatakeyama,
becomes Emeritus Editor in Japan for 1996. The Executive Editorial Board
sincerely thanks him for all the successful effort he has put into building up
the awareness and acceptance of Polymer International in Japan, and is glad
he is willing to give further advisory and refereeing services to the Journal.
As always, the Executive Editorial Board of Polymer International is
willing to consider for publication all papers of high quality dealing with
polymer chemistry, and I have pleasure in inviting you, the readers, to
submit your papers to us. All submissions should be in accordance with the
revised and improved Instructions to Authors which may be found inside
the rear cover. Our goals are to provide a quick turn around with refereeing,
and a minimisation of production and publishing time, giving authors the
satisfaction of seeing their work in print within six months of acceptance.
John F. Kennedy
Chairman, Executive Editorial Board
Polymer International (39)(1 9 9 6 b o 1996 SCI. Printed in Great Britain
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