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Polymer International 42 (1997) 346
Book Reviews
efficiency of initiators is less than 100% but efficiency varies
with the viscosity of the medium, decreasing with increasing
conversion : for styrene in toluene solution the efficiency of
azodiisobutyronitrile falls from 76% initially to 20% at 92%
conversion. Of course, it has been customary to con衝e
kinetic studies to very low conversions in order to minimize
the e?ects of such complications, but they will critically a?ect
the validity of modelling studies of plastics manufacture.
I had read a third of the text before I saw a publisher蟬 note
apologizing for the typographical limitations imposed by
reproducing the book from the author蟬 typescript : a tribute
both to the care with which that typescript had been prepared
and to the unimportance of these limitations (whatever they
may be).
This book is necessary reading for anyone concerned with
radical polymerization kinetics or computer modelling of
polymerization processes.
The chemistry of free radical polymerization
G. Moad and D. H. Solomon.
Elsevier Science, Oxford, 1995.
pp. xvi ] 408, price �.00, US$120.00 (hardback), �.00
ISBN 0-08-042078-8 (hardback), 0-08-042079-6 (paperback)
This book shows that there is much more chemistry in free
radical polymerization than is ever discussed in most texts on
polymer chemistry. Much of the detail now summarized is
attributable to the authors� research : references to their papers
in the author index outnumber those to other frequently cited
groups by a factor of four.
For example, they have shown that although 80% of the
benzoyloxy radicals from benzoyl peroxide do add on to the
methylene group of styrene monomer, 6% add to the methine
group and 14% substitute in the aromatic ring. This reduces
the thermal and photochemical stability of polystyrene prepared using benzoyl peroxide. It is generally accepted that the
A. S. Dunn
Polymer International 0959-8103/97/$09.00 ( 1997 SCI. Printed in Great Britain
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