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Polymer International 44 (1997) 403È404
Book Reviews
Nanotechnology : Molecularly designed materials
ACS symposium series no. 622
Edited by G.-M. Chow and K. E. Gonsalves.
American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 1996.
pp. ix ] 413, price, US$114.95.
ISBN 0-8412-3392-6
Nonlinear optical materials : Theory and modelling
ACS symposium series no. 628
Edited by S. P. Karna and A. T. Yeates.
American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 1996.
pp. xi ] 249, price, US$89.95.
ISBN 0-8412-3401-9
Molecularly designed nanostructure materials have been
investigated for more than a decade with a wide range of
experimental methods. The speciÐc research topics covered in
this book include retrophase synthesis, metal colloids, polymers and membranes, semiconductors, metals, nanocomposites, ceramics and solid gel derived materials.
The book opens with an introductory chapter laying out
perspectives of nanoscience and nanotechnology within the
context of chemistry. It is a good introduction to the subject
and rapidly brings the reader up to speed. The 36 articles are
organized into topics covering vapour phase growth (four
chapters) primarily concerned with inorganic materials ; metal
colloids, polymers and membranes (six chapters) ; semiconductor metals and nanocomposites (eight chapters) ; ceramics
and solids (seven chapters). Of these, ten chapters contain
material relating to the use of polymeric materials either in
stabilization of the formation of nanodispersion or as part of
the matrix in composite materials. The focus of this publication is on the synthesis of materials ; the important physical evaluation of the structures is not dealt with in any great
This is a rapidly emerging Ðeld with great signiÐcance in the
future. As such, this book will be a valuable reference to those
wishing to produce controlled nanostructures for investigation
and evaluation for potential applications, and is a valuable
resource for scientists, engineers and technologists wishing to
learn about nanotechnology.
Over the last two decades the study of nonlinear optical processes in organic materials has grown to a point where
detailed theoretical modelling has now become justiÐed. The
type of experimental phenomena observed through nonlinear
optical interactions is as diverse as third harmonic generation,
photoabsorption, electric Ðeld and second harmonic generation, intensity dependent index refraction and stimulated
Raman scattering.
This book reports papers given at the 208th ACS National
Meeting in 1994. It is composed of 13 chapters, which form a
fairly coherent survey of the theoretical principles associated
with nonlinear optical properties, grouped together into
general techniques used for modelling and their applications.
An introductory chapter by N. Bloembergen, one of the
founders of the Ðeld, is followed by three chapters focusing
on ab initio time dependent HartreeÈFock and post-HartreeÈ
Fock techniques and their application to the calculation of
molecular nonlinear optical materials. Chapters 5È7 discuss
HartreeÈFock based semi-empirical techniques in their application to the modelling of second and third order nonlinear
optical materials. Chapters 8 and 9 focus on development of
density function techniques and their application to prediction
of molecular nonlinear optical coefficients. Chapter 10 discusses time dependent perturbation theory for determination
of nonlinear optical properties of polymers. Chapters 11 and
12 are devoted to the nonlinear optical properties of polymers
and discuss model Hamiltonian methods and their applications. The concluding chapter describes experimental evaluation of nonlinear optical materials and, in particular,
resonant nonlinear optical phenomena which present a major
challenge to theoretical modelling.
The book is written for specialists and requires a knowledge
of the subject to understand the subtleties contained in these
presentations. The chapters are well written, supported by
extensive references and make a valuable contribution to the
literature. It is to be recommended to anyone interested in
nonlinear optical properties and, although it is a conference
proceedings, I am sure will be a landmark reference for a
number of years. It is printed on special paper to ensure that
it lasts ! !
R. A. Pethrick
R. A. Pethrick
Step-growth polymers for high-performance materials : New
synthetic methods
ACS symposium series no. 624
Edited by James L. Hedrick and Je† W. Labadie.
American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 1996.
pp. ix ] 469, price, US$125.95.
ISBN 0-8412-3394-2
This volume has been edited by two well-respected researchers
in the Ðeld of high-performance polymers. Most of the papers
contain recent research Ðndings, with short review articles
( 1997 SCI. Polymer International 0959-8103/97/$17.50
Printed in Great Britain
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