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Computer Aided Surgery 2:1–2 (1997)
Welcome to Computer Aided Surgery
We are pleased to bring you Volume 2, Number
1 of Computer Aided Surgery, formerly the
Journal of Image Guided Surgery. This change
in our name reflects our new association with
the International Society for Computer Aided
Surgery (ISCAS). I want to take the opportunity
of this announcement to discuss our plans
for the publication in the coming year, and
the changes that will occur due to this affiliation.
The International Society for Computer
Aided Surgery, headed by Dr. Pierre Rabischong
of Montpellier, France, was recently created by
uniting two societies with similar names based in
Japan. The society is truly international, having
a board consisting of equal numbers of representatives from Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The
first meeting of ISCAS will occur during the
Computer Assisted Radiology (CAR) conference
in Berlin this June.
The formation of ISCAS, and the affiliation between it and this publication, comes at
an opportune time. The primary goal of the
Journal of Image Guided Surgery has always
been the timely delivery of peer reviewed and
accepted research in the field of surgery performed with the assistance of imaging. The first
volume of the Journal was completed recently,
and has been listed in Index Medicus, a notable
honor given the relative youth of the publication. The affiliation with ISCAS will now insure
Computer Aided Surgery a steady stream of
manuscripts and subscribers.
We anticipate that the affiliation with ISCAS,
a Society whose mission parallels our editorial
goal, will strengthen both the Journal and the
Society. We hope it will, for example, facilitate
communication between engineers and clinicians
representing the entire spectrum of medical specialties investigating the use of image- and com-
puter-aided surgery. The Journal will benefit from
having a truly international subscribership and
Editorial Board and the Society will gain from
having both an established Editorial Office and
peer reviewed publication. Ultimately, computer
aided surgery as an emerging set of technologies
and techniques will benefit from having a highly
visible publication supported by a unified professional society.
Starting with the second volume, there will
be many changes arising from the affiliation with
the society as well as from advances in electronic
publication. Of primary importance is the expansion of the editorial board to cover all the clinical
subspecialties exploring the use of computers
and image guidance to treat patients, as well as
the diverse fields within engineering developing
these applications. The structure of the editorial
board has been changed as well to consist of
four clinical and three engineering components.
The clinical components will consist of neurological, craniofacial, skeletal, and thoracoabdominal sub-boards. The engineering boards
will consist of robotics and instrumentation, systems and communications, and image modeling
and analysis. Although these divisions are by
necessity arbitrary and therefore subject to revision, they embrace the spectrum of clinical applications currently under research, with the craniofacial sub-board covering otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial and
plastic surgery; the skeletal sub-board including
orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation; and the
thoraco-abdominal sub-board covering urological, gynecological, fetal, and vascular surgery.
Each component will be led by an associate editor conducting autonomous reviews within their
areas of expertise. The editorial process will be
conducted almost entirely through a dedicated
editorial server, which will unite this diverse and
q1997 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
/ 8103$$0ED1
04-10-97 09:05:49
2 Bucholz: Welcome to Computer Aided Surgery
talented board. Finally, changes in the electronic
edition will make finding articles of interest, and
responses to these articles, easier to find for our
These are truly exciting times. We embrace the changes occurring with our publication, and ask for your patience during this
time of transition. We are thankful for your
support in the past, and look forward to ex-
/ 8103$$0ED1
04-10-97 09:05:49
panding our readership under our new name.
With the strength and breadth of ISCAS providing a stable source of world class research and
readership, it is our conviction that Computer
Aided Surgery will become the premier international scholarly journal within this exciting
Richard D. Bucholz, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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