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Конкурс "Viva, academia!" Головина

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Презентация для конкурса "Viva, academia!" Головиной Юлии
Viva academia! «Виртуальная экскурсия в высшее учебное заведение страны
изучаемого языка»
на тему: «Экскурсия по Оксфордскому университету»
Смоленский колледж телекоммуникаций
(филиал) федерального государственного
бюджетного образовательного
учреждения высшего образования
«Санкт-Петербургский государственный
университет телекоммуникаций им.
проф. М.А. Бонч-Бруевича»
Очное отделение
3 курс
Специальность: «Сети связи и системы
Группа С-31-14/15
Выполнила: Головина Юлия Викторовна
Преподаватель: Исакова Галина
1. Introduction
2. The University of Oxford
3. Wide choice of universities
4. History of the University
5. The first officially open university
6. Architecture of the University of Oxford
7. The National emblem
8. The Chancellor
9. Education
10. Dedication to the students
11. Free time for students
12. Dream for everybody
13. Famous graduates
14. Interesting facts
15. Leading position in the world
16,17. Conclusion
English is one of the popular
languages in the world. I finished
school with deep studying of
languages. English is my favorite
language in spite of difficult
The University of Oxford is my
dream. That's why I decided to
choose this theme.
The University of Oxford
I would like to present you one of the oldest and the most
popular universities in England.
Wide Choice of Universities
Nowadays graduates
have a wide choice of
universities to obtain highquality professional
education. Everyone can
choose the profession of
his dream.
England offers the
universities with high level
of education: the
University of Oxford, the
University of Cambridge,
the University of
Edinburgh, the University
of Manchester, the
University of Westminster.
History of the University
This University is situated
in Oxford, England. It
consists of 38 colleges and
uses in learning a unique
system of tutoring.
The University of Oxford
is the most famous and
prestigious in Britain. It
occupies a leading position
in the prestigious rankings of
world universities.
The First Officially Open University
The University of
Oxford is the first officially
open university! The exact
date of establishment is
unknown. There are
suggestions that teaching
began earlier of the XI
Architecture of the University of Oxford
The University of Oxford
has beautiful buildings,
chapels and libraries.
Libraries are full of priceless
books and paintings. The
most famous is the 400-yearold library, which has about
five million books.
The National Emblem
Also it's not only the
university, but the largest
research center. It has over
100 largest luxurious libraries,
museums and a publishing
The University of Oxford
has a national emblem.
Besides. the national emblem
of Oxford has its own motto:
«The Lord is my light».
The Chancellor
Christopher Francis Patten
was elected Chancellor of the
University of Oxford in 2003.
He was born 12
May 1944. At Oxford he
studied history. During his
study he played comic roles in
student‘s theater and wrote
reviews to the performances.
In 1966 Patten began his
career in the Conservative
The University has more
than 50 specialties. The most
popular of them are physicalmathematical, humanitarian,
medical, social sciences. In
the period from early October
to late November commission
accepts documents from
university entrants.
Education is chargeable,
the cost depends on the
chosen specialty of study.
Dedication to the Students
Each student must pass a
rite of matriculation and
release process, which
consists in pronouncing the
vows of a student in front of
the chancellor of the
University and getting a new
mantle. The solemn
ceremony takes place in the
Sheldonian Theatre.
Free Time for Students
At the University are
excellent conditions for
students to spend their free
time. The University offers
over 300 interest groups.
Traditionally great attention
at the University of Oxford is
paid to sport as useful
There are many beautiful
gardens, where students
can relax in the summer
Dream for everybody
The University of
Oxford is a dream of each
applicant. All try to gain
knowledge and skills for
future profession here.
Not only a high level of
education, but also
fascinating architecture
attracts students to the
University of Oxford, for
example Christ Church
College where «Harry
Potter» was filmed.
Famous Graduates
Over centuries Oxford has
graduates who has become
famous in fields of culture and
For example, these are
philosopher Thomas More,
architect Christopher Wren, writer
Oscar Wilde, physicist Stephen
Hawking, 6 British kings, 25 Prime
Ministers, among them Margaret
Thatcher and David Cameron and
also Russian writers Akhmatova,
Turgenev, Brodsky.
Interesting Facts
In a lab of the University
of Oxford is an electric bell,
which has been ringing
continuously since 1840.
The University of
Oxford influenced the
culture. Everybody knows
famous dark blue uniform
for students. It is so-called
Oxford “bags“.
A Leading Position in the World
The University of Oxford holds a leading position in the
ranking of the best universities in the world.
Every year millions of tourists come to Oxford to see the
traditional May day , to see Christ Church College and enjoy
the unique medieval atmosphere of the ancient University.
About 27% of
students of the
University of Oxford are
foreign students,
including students from
I'd also like to attend
development courses at
the University of Oxford.
In future I will visit
Oxford, its University,
monuments and parks. I
will return to the role of
a student.
I think I could be good in the sphere of telecommunications due
to experience gained during my study at the college and practice.
And I am sure that the University of Oxford will help me to
improve my career and practical skills.
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