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University of Oxford

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This presentatin is about the University of Oxford in Great Britain.
Петров Сергей Валерьевич
ГАПОУ «Межрегиональный центр компетенций –
Чебоксарский электромеханический колледж» Министерства
образования и молодежной политики
Чувашской Республики»
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Федорова Татьяна Владимировна
1. Introduction
2. University structure
3. Chancellor
4. System of education
5. Terms of study
6. Bodleian library
7. Museums
8. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin
9. Student’s life
10. Sports
11. Famous people of Oxford
12. Conclusion
13. Sources
The University of Oxford is one of the oldest English-speaking
universities in the world.
The University was founded in the 12th century. It was the first
university in the United Kingdom.
University structure
Oxford is a university with a centuries-old history. During this time there
developed a clear hierarchy and an orthodox model of learning. Oxford is an
independent and self-governing institution. Today it consists of 39 colleges
and 6 Permanent Private Halls.
Since 2003 Lord Francis Pattern
is the Chancellor of the
University of Oxford.
System of education
The University of Oxford has a unique tutorial system of education.
Every student has a tutor who plans his work. Each week some students
come to see him. They discuss different questions connected with their
terms of study
The university has flexible training programs. The term of study for a
bachelor on average is 3-4 years. For some specializations it stretches to
5 years. The master's program has a duration of one academic year. The
master's degree, classified as a research category, involves a period of 2
Bodleian library
The Bodleian Library is the University’s main research library. It is more
than 400 years old and is acknowledged to be one of the greatest libraries
in the world.
Oxford maintains a number of museums and galleries, open for free to
the public. The Ashmolean Museum was founded in 1683. It is the
oldest museum in the UK, and the oldest university museum in the
world. It holds significant collections of art and archaeology.
Pitt Rivers holds one of the world’s finest collections of anthropology and
archaeology. There are the objects from every continent and from
throughout human history.
The church of St. Mary the virgin
The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin is an Oxford church. In the
early days of Oxford University, the church was adopted as the first building
of the university. It was also the seat of university government and was used
for lectures and the award of degrees.
Student’S life
The students of the University of Oxford have a lot of opportunities to
spend their leisure time. The university offers over 300 interest groups.
Special attention in Oxford is given to sports. There are a lot of kinds of
sport at university, such as academic boating, basketball, cricket, golf,
horse-rising and etc. Each College has their own sports teams. Every year
different competitions are held there.
Famous people of oxford
Oxford has educated many famous people. Among them are more than
28 Nobel prize winners, 27 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, and
many heads of state and government around the world .
There are a lot of opportunities for young people today. And we have to
work hard to get everything what we want. Now I study at college and
try to do it well. Who knows maybe some when I will be an Oxford
student and continue to study information technologies.
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