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Тема презентации "Британские писатели и их истории". В ней коротко рассказывается о некоторых писателях, которые внесли свой вклад в развитие мировой литературы и популярны во всем мире.
Написанное слово в веках живет…
Британские писатели и их истории.
Выполнила: Филиппова Екатерина
ГБПОУ СО Серовский политехнический
техникум, группа ТС 207, 2 курс
Руководитель: Нефёдова Светлана
2.Robert Louis Stevenson
3.Charles Dickens
4.Oscar Wilde
5.Jerome К. Jerome
6.Agatha Christie
From childhood, we all are familiar with Russian literature. It
goes with us from the birth. Each of us knows at least one
Russian writer. Reading develops a person, but the youth of
today neglects this. Thinking of a project I understood that I
know very little about English writers. So I decided to expand
my knowledge.
Robert Louis Stevenson
The man who dreamed…
He was born in 1850 in
Edinburgh, Scotland.
He was sick from childhood.
He read a lot of books. Only
in summer Robert could
travel with his father to
Scotland. He was impressed
by storms at sea. He
described them in his stories
in details.
Father wanted Robert to become an engineer, writing poems and
stories was just his son’s hobby, he thought.
Stevenson studied at Andyborsa University, and later traveled to
different countries.
In 1883 was published his book Treasure Island and in 1886
Hobby became his profession. But the writer was very ill, and
Stevenson died in 1894.
Charles Dickens
The man who aimed to the best
He was born in 1812. He was
very smart, but poor. Charles
loved to read. But his father got
into debt and was imprisoned. At
ten the boy began to work. It was
the beginning of a hard life. He
worked in London in a small
factory. Later he worked as a
reporter and began to write.
At first the world famous The Pickwick Papers .
Then he published novels one after another - Oliver Twist,
Dombey and son, David Copperfield.
In his books described about the hard life of poor people in
England of those times. He wrote about himself and the people
he worked together at the factory.
One of the greatest novelists in English literature died in 1870.
Oscar Wilde
The mysteriuos man
He was born in Dublin,
Ireland, in 1854.
Oscar Wilde was educated
at Trinity College in Dublin
and Magdalen College in
Oxford. After graduation, he
published his first collection
of poems "Patience".
The most famous "The
Picture of Dorian Gray"
Oscar Wilde married Constance Lloyd in 1884, and they had two
Later, fairy tales were published under the title "Happy Prince
and Other Stories". Two years later he began to write novels.
He was accused of immoral behavior and was imprisoned.
Leaving prison in 1897, he left for France.
Staying in prison affected Wilde's health, and in 1900 he died.
Inimitable humorist
He was born in England on
May 2, 1859.
He is well known as writer
and humorist. Jerome's
childhood was poor. He didn’t
finish school because his
father died in 1871 and the
boy had to start working.
At first he worked as a clerk.
Later, he engaged in
teaching, journalism and
In his spare time, Jerome tried to write plays, stories and articles,
but nothing was published.
The first success brought him a comedy, which was staged at the
London Globe Theater in 1886.
In 1889, he published the best book "Three Men in a Boat"
brought the author fame.
Agatha Christie
Woman detective
She was born on 15
September 1890 in Torquay,
Agatha Christie's parents
were rich. She was the
youngest daughter in the
family. During the World
War, Agatha worked as a
nurse. Her husband,
Archibald Christie was an
army officer.
In 1920, The Mysterious Affair at Styles was published.
Agatha's husband fell in love in other woman, She was very
worried about divorce and in 1930 Agatha went to Iraq.
There she married the archaeologist Max. They traveled together.
In 1971, her health became worse.
Agatha Christie died on January 12, 1976.
She published more than 60 detectives, 6 psychological and 19
of stories.
Finding information for the presentation,I realized that there
are many famous British writers.Before I was not interested
in them,but familiarizing myself with some of them ,I learned
a lot and it is inspired to find out more about the writers and
their works.
In the future I plan to learn more about British literature.
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