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Студент: Омельчук Евгений
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Очное отделение, третий курс,
специальность «Компьютерные
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Марина Сергеевна
3 -6 Climate and Relief
7-9 Rivers and lakes
10-13 Flora and fauna
14- 16 Reserves and nature protection
The climate in the UK is
changeable. The most
beautiful time of the year
is spring. Hundreds of
tourists come to see the
rhododendrons and the
flowering of tulips. It is
during this period that
most of the weekends
pass in the country.
The summer is characterized by considerable monsoons and
rains. But the inhabitants of England during this period
leave for the city, and large cities are filled with tourists.
Autumn is not as bright as in Russia. The whole country is
covered in fogs and damp.
White cliffs of Dover
Winter more like Russian autumn. Temperature rarely
falls below zero, and frost is a rare concept. Therefore,
the British do not even know what is ice fishing or even
skating on the lake. And if the snow falls at least a
couple of centimeters, the whole country stops:
nothing works, transportation costs, people are in
The country's relief is
half-flat, with some
hills and hills. Closer to
the north of the
country, it becomes
slightly mountainous.
There are small
mountains up to 1.3
The largest lake in the country is Loch Ness. Other
large areas are in Scotland and Ireland. In England and
Wales there are several lakes. The Bala Lake in Wales,
as well as Windermere in England, is characterized by
insipid beauty.
The most beautiful
river in Great
Britain - Severn.
Еbeautiful is its
view from the
plane. The country
also has small
rivers that are
located right in the
cities and give
them a special
The economic
importance of the rivers
of England increased after
the deepening of the
bottom of some of them
and the construction of
connecting canals. А
network of inland
waterways was
established on a vast
territory from the
Thames and Severn in
the south to Mercy and
Trent in the north
 Previously, the country's forest cover was much higher,
but with the development of forestry development
there are fewer and fewer oaks and birches. Antique you can even say the ancient - oaks are protected by
law and are preserved in the ancient royal forests.
The fauna of Great
Britain is represented
mainly by raccoons,
foxes, otters. They live
where the least number
of people. There are a
lot of rabbits and
rabbits in the country..
There are about 200
species of birds. The
country's rivers are full
of salmon, trout, perch
and grayling.
In Scotland, there are mostly
deer and roe deer, and also
rabbits and rabbits can meet.
There are also many partridges
and wild ducks. The rivers and
lakes of Scotland are rich in
salmon, trout. Coastal inputs
are saturated with herring
Amphibians in the UK are almost gone: only three
species of newts and five species of toads and frogs.
And from reptiles it is possible to distinguish only
three kinds of snakes, and only the viper is considered
poisonous, as well as several species of lizards. In
Northern Ireland, snakes are not found at all.
After 1945, the government encourages the preservation
of public and private forest belts. Throughout the
country there are more than 130 parks in the territory
of which the created research centers for nature
Now the government's activities aimed at creating social
awareness of the need to protect are environment, as
well as raise the level of education of the population in
order to achieve this goal.
A unique landmark of Great Britain is the Bempton
Cliffs Nature Reserve, specializing in the breeding of
seabirds. It stretches for 10 kilometers in the coastal
zone of eastern Yorkshire, and in some places reaches
more than 100 meters in height. Великобритания: природа, климат.
Растительность и животный мир
2. Природа
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