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English Universities

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English Universities
1. Oxford University
2. Cambridge University
3. Similarities between Oxford and Cambridge
4. Differences between Oxford and Cambridge
5. Birmingham University
6. Manchester University
Oxford University
The oldest university in England is Oxford University. The University is located
in town called Oxford and has the largest university library in England.
In addition, the University has its own publishing house and museums. Sport
in the life of this university occupies an important place.
Oxford University
The number of faculties at the University – about 60. Students are offered the
faculties like mathematical, the Humanities, Physics, Social science,
environment, nature, etc.
Museums of Oxford are also diverse: natural history Museum & nature,
Ethnography Museum, musical instrument Collection, Art gallery at the College
of Christ Church, etc.
Cambridge University
The University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in England. Cambridge
and Oxford Universities together constitute the Union of the oldest British
universities called “Oxbridge”.
Cambridge University
Cambridge University teaches scientific specialties: Veterinary medicine, Natural sciences,
Medicine, Mathematics, Industrial engineering, Engineering, Computer science and Chemical
The Humanities University of Cambridge include: religion and theology, social and political
Sciences, philosophy, Eastern culture, music, modern and medieval languages, linguistics, law,
land economy, history of art, history, etc.
Similarities between Oxford and Cambridge
Institutions and Facilities.
Oxford and Cambridge both have:
Publishing houses
Botanical gardens
Legal deposit libraries
Debating societies
Business schools
Science parks
Theatrical groups
Similarities between Oxford and Cambridge
Collegiate Structure
Oxford and Cambridge also share a common collegiate structure: each university has
more than 30 semi-autonomous residential colleges, which provide the environments
in which students live, work and sleep.
Colleges within each university regularly compete with each other in a variety of
sporting and other events.
Differences between Oxford and
The cities
The city of Oxford is larger and has historically been more urban and industrial, whilst
Cambridge more closely resembles an agricultural market town.
Oxford is associated with the motor industry, whereas the area surrounding Cambridge
is known as Silicon Fen. One of the most important technology centers in Europe.
Differences between Oxford and
Admission of Women
For most of their story, only men were permitted to study at and receive degrees from
Oxford and Cambridge. Starting in the late 19th century, both universities saw the
establishment of residential colleges exclusively for women students.
Girton College, Cambridge, was founded in 1896, and Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, in 1878.
Birmingham University
The University of Birmingham is one of the most popular in England. It is the only
education institution with its own train station. Birmingham University was the first in
England, where all students were accepted as equal, regardless of their social status and
Birmingham University
Students can study with the help of many programs, and each of them has a clear
professional orientation. All of them focused on the activity of certain spheres. In
addition, they all have a base of practical training.
The reputation of Birmingham University is unusually high, and especially in such areas as:
Theatrical art, Music, Pedagogy, Media, Design, Health care.
Manchester University
The University is located in town called Manchester. During the training, the employment
service at the university helps students find a job that can be combined with studies.
The Manchester Museum is one of the UK's largest University museums. This Museum contains
over 4 million exhibits.
Manchester University
Manchester University also has several sports centers that give students the opportunity to
engage in a variety of sports. So, there is an aquatic centre, boat station and a sports town.
Here is the training in the faculties: engineering and physical Sciences, Humanities, Medicine
and the Sciences of man.
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