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города Великобритании

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Смоленский колледж телекоммуникаций (филиал) федерального
государственного бюджетного образовательного учреждения высшего
образования «Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет
телекоммуникаций им. проф. М.А. Бонч-Бруевича».
Презентация по теме:
«Города Великобритании»
Работу выполнила:
Хохлова Ирина Владимировна
Группа ПКС9516, 1 курс
«Программирование в
компьютерных системах»
Бортовик Юлия Владимировна
Presentation plan
1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Bath
4. Cambridge
5. Oxford
6. Stratford-upon-Avon
7. York
8. Inverness
9. St. Andrews
10. Liverpool
London has a diverse range of
people and cultures, and more
than 300 languages are
spoken in the region.London
contains four World Heritage
Sites: the Tower of London;
Kew Gardens; the site
comprising the Palace of
Westminster, Westminster
Abbey, and St Margaret's
Church; and the historic
settlement of Greenwich.
Recognised as the capital of
Scotland since at least the 15th
century, Edinburgh is home to
the Scottish Parliament and the
seat of the monarchy in
Scotland. The city is also the
annual venue of the General
Assembly of the Church of
Scotland and home to national
institutions such as the National
Museum of Scotland, the
National Library of Scotland and
the Scottish National Gallery.
Bath is a city in the
ceremonial county of
Somerset, England, known for
its Roman-built baths. The city
became a World Heritage Site
in 1987.The city has software,
publishing and serviceoriented industries. Theatres,
museums, and other cultural
and sporting venues have
helped make it a major centre
for tourism with more than one
million staying visitors and 3.8
million day visitors to the city
each year.
Cambridge is a university
city and the county town of
Cambridgeshire, England,
on the River Cam. The
University of Cambridge,
founded in 1209, is one of
the top five universities in
the world. Cambridge is at
the heart of the hightechnology Silicon Fen with
industries such as software
and bioscience and many
start-up companies spun out
of the university.
The city is known worldwide as
the home of the University of
Oxford, the oldest university in
the English-speaking world.
Oxford is known as the "city of
dreaming spires", a term coined
by poet Matthew Arnold. Its
industries include motor
manufacturing, education,
publishing and a large number
of information technology and
science-based businesses,
some being academic
Stratford was originally
inhabited by Anglo-Saxons
and remained a village before
lord of the manor, John of
Coutances, set out plans to
develop it into a town in 1196.
The town is a popular tourist
destination owing to its status
as birthplace of English
playwright and poet William
Shakespeare, and receives
approximately 2.5 million
visitors a year. The Royal
Shakespeare Company
resides in Stratford's Royal
Shakespeare Theatre.
The city offers a wealth of
historic attractions, of which
York Minster is the most
prominent, and a variety of
cultural and sporting activities
making it a popular tourist
destination for millions. The
University of York and health
services have become major
employers, whilst tourism has
become an important element
of the local economy.
Inverness is a city in the
Scottish Highlands.
Inverness College is the
main campus for the
University of the Highlands
and Islands. With around
8,500 students, Inverness
College hosts around a
quarter of all the University of
the Highlands and Islands'
students, and 30% of those
studying to degree level.
Inverness as the happiest
place in Scotland and the
second happiest in the UK.
The town is named after
Saint Andrew the Apostle.
St Andrews is also known
worldwide as the "home of
golf". Visitors travel to St
Andrews in great numbers
for several courses ranked
amongst the finest in the
world, as well as for the
sandy beaches.The
Martyrs Memorial, erected
to the honour of Patrick
Hamilton, George Wishart,
and other martyrs of the
Reformation epoch.
Several areas of Liverpool
city centre were granted
World Heritage Site status
by UNESCO in 2004.
Tourism forms a significant
part of the city's economy.
Liverpool is also the home
of two Premier League
football clubs, Liverpool and
Everton. The city is also
home to the oldest Black
African community in the
country and the oldest
Chinese community in
Great Britain is a unique country
with the rich culture and many
interesting traditions. Nowadays,
the country is famous for its
special political system, for its
symbols and features.
Great Britain has many places of
interest, that is why the country
attracts a big number of tourists.
I would like to say that Great
Britain is really a great and
interesting country with its
traditions, customs, and amazing
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